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    50P vs 60P

    Question 1: I live in PAL region. I recently acquired a camera that can shoot 1080 at both 50p and 60p. I wonder if that 10 frames really make significant or obvious differences in terms of video smoothness (especially for fast action, for example, panning)? Question 2: The reason I asked is because I realized nowadays most of the PC monitor, or iMac for example, running at 60Hz refresh rate by default. I tried to watch both 50p and 60p clip from them. I found the 60p looks silky smooth, while 50p looks a bit, I don’t know what to describe (maybe jerky?), not as smooth as 60p. I wonder if that difference is caused either by the monitor refresh rate, OR that 10 frames? Question 3: I have tons of other footage at 25p/50i from other old cameras. Should I compromise for that 10 frames and shoot all the way at 50p from now on? Question 4: Further to Question 3, if I am going to mix and edit all the footages together in future, will 60P conversion to 50P/50i/25P become nightmares? If yes, I should sacrifices that 10 frame and shoot my master raw as 50P. Many thanks for your comments! Arno
  2. Vesku, I am now in office and will try to see if there is any setting about 50Hz in my iMac at home tonight. ​
  3. Hi Celli, Thanks for your idea. You right, I can never know what shutter speed it uses while filming in auto mode. So as if you suggested the choppy look are due to the high shutter speed, is there any solution (in rendering/processing) to smoothen it in post-production? Thanks. ​
  4. ​Thanks TheRenaissanceMan. My Panasonic Viera LCD TV is TH-L42ET5H. I need to double check if there is any motion enhancement option turned on... But my point is, I just wanna make sure the clip I recorded (1080, 50P, 28Mbps) from GX7 is problem-free. Those are the clips of my kids memory. Because as far as I know the 50P/60P should be smoother than 24P/25P in theory?
  5. ​Many thanks Vesku. I also read your replies in my similar thread at dpreview. Lots of discussion and knowledgeable information that I may take some time to go through and get back to you guys later. In fact I didn't expect there are lots of discussion about it (I thought no one will reply as I couldn't find any related discussion online before). Glad that I can hear from you
  6. Thanks Inazuma. So does it mean the video from GX7 is "not as smooth" as we thought?! You said "TV create frames", that mean the original 50p video is "not enough frame" to show the smoothness on screen? Would you mind explore more on that (as I am a newcomer in movie)? Many many thanks. Are there any opinions from other members? I'd like to take movie as best as it can as those are my kids memory... any thoughts to make the existing videos to playback in better quality?
  7. Hi all, I am using Pana GX7 to shoot AVCHD/MP4 movie at 1080/[email protected] Long story short, if I playback the clip on computer (latest retina iMac with i7 and 24G RAM), it looks a little bit “jump” frame. It happens significantly when the video is panning. It just looks not smooth. Both VLC and Quicktime perform the same. I tried both AVCHD and MP4 format but no difference at all – same problem. However, if I play the same file on my Panasonic Viera TV via USB (direct playback the MTS file), it is silky smooth on the screen, everything just perfect. Has anyone have similar experience? Question: is there some technical issue / differences behind the computer and TV on processing the video clip? Am I missing something on setting? Is it possible to render the video to be playback in computer like the quality in TV? Many thanks for your advices!
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