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  1. It is so nice to feel supported by Fujifilm! Anybody had problems with v.3.0??
  2. Hi end lenses are about NOT having character, which in fact are defaults.
  3. On post you can tweak the effect to your liking too, so if you have the time, go ahead!
  4. For low-mid level works, the more you do on camera, the more money you make. For high-end, it probably makes more sense to do it in post.
  5. In the first video is incredible how different skin colors are.
  6. I didn't knew, I have Thunderbolt 2 and use it as video output. It's not good news then Thunderbolt 3 performance is finicky...
  7. Shooting 8K and delivering DVDs!!!
  8. Why would you suspect your Thunderbolt doesn't work?? If in doubt, buy your RAID in a place where you can return it.
  9. I am fighting with the red and it's not very nice. I will try yellow!
  10. Mine worked perfectly with LX100 4K h264 25p, but either HVEC or 10 bit or 50p killed it. I haven't started any serious project, but I foresee proxy/Prores creation as a necessary step.
  11. I have an i7 MBP with GeForce 750M from 2013 and the combination of 10bit/HEVC brings it to it's knees. I haven't developed a workflow yet, but I will need to start to use proxys. It made a lot of difference in FCP X if the output was 4K (it worked better) or if it was less than 4K (it worked worse, probably having to resize the image sucks some CPU/GPU crunch).
  12. The f****ing folder where if you move or change anything, you couldn't get anything out of it?? Who misses it??
  13. I have a 128Gb and a 64Gb and they both seem to work. I tried to find a difference between 400mbps and 200mbps and couldn't find it yet!
  14. My Macbook fighted with h264 4K25p 100mbps 8 bit files OK. It's on its knees with h265 4K50p 10 bit files. 8K it's the last thing I need from a camera for the next ten years!
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