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  1. What camera are you using? I use my GH3's grid lines as a level for alignment. I shine a light into my lens and see if those flares match with the grid. It's worked for me every time.
  2. Just came across a lens called "Manon Anamorphic-8" on eBay and couldn't find anything else about the lens. It has a 1.5x squeeze though, which got me intrigued. Anyone know anything about that lens? Looks like it can't focus closer than 5 feet but I may be wrong.
  3. This is awesome. Very unique!
  4. Are you going to do stock GH2 as well as hacked GH2?
  5. Borrowlenses.com also has a good rental selection.
  6. You'll have more options for lenses for that cinematic look with the GH3 or even GH2. Mirrorless allows you to adapt anything to it, as opposed to the 5D III which is limited. But as voyagervideo said, it's not just the camera, but the other aspects you use to create your look, like lenses, lighting, etc.
  7. Holy crap those flares. Want.
  8. Is that Delft Vistascope lens any good? I've seen it around but am not too familiar with it. I'm just wondering how it would mount on a lens. Also vignetting issues.
  9. I agree with everything you pointed out. Found myself in the same boat when shooting with it. Canon needs to step it up!
  10. I hope Keanu told the people he was interviewing "I know kung fu" when they didn't cooperate.
  11. Lightcraft Workshop makes some great variable ND filters. Not too expensive and they use a larger front polarizing filter to reduce vignetting.
  12. Didn't see anything as far as a new M43 camera with cine production in mind. Kind of a bummer.
  13. Hey guys, After finally having the time to shoot and edit something with my GH3, here's the finished project! Shot this for my friend's band.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMfJANcv0Uk
  14. Mondo

    GH3 short film

    Looks great! Digging the editing as well.
  15. Rent each and test em out. http://www.borrowlenses.com/AdvancedSearch.do?searchString=glidecam
  16. Very happy with my GH3 but I've been thinking the same things. Time for them to take a huge chunk out of Canon's market. I'll be at NAB so I'll be on the lookout for you!
  17. Hopefully that working model really will be at NAB. I'll be there and I wanna try it out!
  18. Mondo

    GH3 ISO Increment

    Found this out as well. Don't know they didn't just implement this as default from the start in video mode.
  19. You guys are everywhere! I've seen posts on 43rumors as well as NoFilmSchool about your lenses. Awesome!
  20. Go for audio first. Your lenses cover a good range so you should be fine with that for what you're shooting. Audio can make or break anything so that should be your first priority. 
  21. I don't think those fast lenses would even work wide open due to the nature of that anamorphic. From what I've read it doesn't allow you to shoot wide open. You have to be stopped down to 4 for the lens to look sharp. And you would need something longer than 50 anyways to get rid of the vignette since it's a 2x lens.
  22. That black finish is amazing. Probably looking into one of those bad boys. I agree with Julian. Price?!
  23. In the Motion tab of each clip just adjust the frame according to your 3:1:1 aspect ratio using either 3360x1080 or 1920x617. You should get Andrew's anamorphic book. Very helpful.
  24. Just did a shoot with the D5200 last night and I was very impressed. Used it along side my GH3. Footage cuts nicely together so far and if I didn't know which camera was which, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Very close.
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