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  1. I've played in bands where this has happened haha. Couldn't agree more.
  2. You'd probably want something with IS if run and gun is what you're looking into,especially with those focal lengths you're suggesting. Those Panasonic zooms are looking like your best option, but well above your price point.
  3. Curious to know what picture settings are capturing your eye most right now?
  4. Looks great! The footage has some unique characteristics to it. Can't wait to get mine in a few weeks!
  5. Check this article out. very helpful Or you could import with 5DtoRGB. Info on that program below as well. http://www.eoshd.com/content/8612/mac-avchd-gamma-issues-the-fix http://www.eoshd.com/content/8076/how-mac-osx-still-screws-your-gh2-fs100-nex-footage-a-must-read
  6. [quote name='sanveer' timestamp='1353361850' post='21956'] Variable neutral density filter? [/quote] I use those all the time, but changing the filter for each lens is a small annoyance, and I'm not made of money so I can't put a variable ND on every lens I own haha.
  7. I'd buy them all. That'd be amazing.
  8. Doesn't look too bad to me! I just want to get my hands on it.
  9. I'd just go LightCraft Workshop for Vari NDs. The cheaper ones often cast a slight green haze on the image, which is what you don't want. At least that's what I remember. I've had mine for over a year and I love it.
  10. You're probably thinking of a neutral density filter. You'll definitely need one if you're shooting in daylight and want to maintain shallow depth of field at faster apertures, like the Nokton lens. For the 12mm, there's a 58/77mm hood that comes with it, meaning to avoid vignetting you'll want a 77mm sized filter. Variable would be your best bet since you can put it on all your lenses with step down rings. Hope that helps!
  11. It's just a matter of how you hold it. For handheld I cup my camera and focus underhand when using that lens rather than go for an overhand motion using my thumb and index finger. It just takes practice really.
  12. What camera are you shooting on? And good wide angles are going to run you a little bit more than a couple hundred dollars.
  13. Just trying to see if anyone has their eye on any gear that's yet to be released or is brand new! I'm sure we're all gear nerds in here.
  14. The GH2 can get much higher quality video thanks to the hack. You also have tons of more lens options (maybe not native) since you can mount anything to Micro Four Thirds with the proper adapter. With the Alpha mount you're a bit restricted as far as lens options go. I don't necessarily use auto focus for video so features like that don't really swing me towards any specific camera. But again, I only use my GH2 for video. If I'm going to shoot photos I'm going to pick something else haha. Also from what I've skimmed it appears that the codec for the A57 is not as strong as the GH2. Again, just from skimming.
  15. Those would be good lenses to go with. Again, it's subjective based on the look. Have you looked into Nikon lenses? Those are also often recommended. Those lenses would also not be wide angle. They would be more of a telephoto length based on the GH2's 2X crop. Or you might be able to make it work based on camera placement. I shot with a 35mm (70mm in m43) at a further distance and was very happy with the results. Very cinematic look.
  16. I'd go for GH2, a good patch, and some old SLR primes any day. It has more resolution than the 60D and more options for lenses as opposed to the 60D. You'll be saving money and having more options for the future. Looks like the GH2 isn't going anywhere. There are lots of good articles on here about the GH2 and how to hack it so read up on those for some good information.
  17. Here's a video I shot a few months back in the San Francisco Bay Area. Used the Vanilla patch and some Zeiss ZE lenses as well as some Canon FD glass. Check it! [media]http://vimeo.com/42302306[/media]
  18. Shot this little doc promoting my band's upcoming release. Shot on my GH2 with the EOSHD Unified hack, mostly at 6400-12800 ISO. Internet compression kills me, but I still like how it came out. Check it! [media]http://vimeo.com/47487936[/media]
  19. I step away for a few hours and I receive so much good advice! I've been watching these boards for a few months so I'm glad everyone could chime in! I shoot on a GH2. I'm aware of the 2X cropped lenses working best with the 4:3 mode, but as stated above, 30p is not something I want for shooting anamorphic. I'll just have to keep digging until I find something that is within my budget. As far as post, can't I crop the 3:55:1 image anyways to the aspect ratio I prefer? If I am shooting with a 2X lens while in 16:9 that is.
  20. I've also bought the anamorphic guide but did not save it to my computer...Bummer.
  21. I'm bidding on a Sankor 16C right now as well as a Proskar 16B, but those have a few days left and I'm sure someone will snag em =P Apart from the Isco, what do you recommend? I've been reading up a lot on crop factors and what not and I don't mind stretching (or squeezing?) in post so any solid anamorphic recommendations would be appreciated.
  22. Any video samples, Andy? And what's the crop on this lens?
  23. Also, if anyone is local to the San Francisco Bay Area that would be awesome.
  24. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any anamorphic lenses for sale? Really trying to get in the swing of anamorphic shooting. I'm bidding on a few lenses on eBay, but I'd like to see what everyone else has to offer if those fall through. Nothing that will break the bank either (which is hard to say considering most lens prices). Thanks!
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