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  1. So, given the 40% off price difference - would you recommend the NEX 5N or stick with the GH2?
  2. BTW: I've checked, and there are seems to be convertors from any type of lens to a SONY mount.. See here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=canon+fd+adapter+sony+nex&_sacat=0&_from=R40 Am I missing something? Amazon is now selling the NEX 5N for $479 which is $300 cheaper than the GH2.. No external mic, volume level of EVF but a much better LCD, APS-C, compact (although not sure how comfortable it will be with my big hands) Moshe
  3. Hi folks, Thanks for the enlightening comments. I'm going GH2 and I will start now to see how I can get one (as they are running out of stock quickly..) Moshe
  4. Hi, I'm new to DSLR and HD DSLR photo shooting. Up until now I've being taking HD video with a Sanyo (now Panasonic) HD-2000 - a Full HD camcorder which allegedly can do stills (not good ones..). At the time I had a hard time choosing between the Sharp and the Canon 550D but the fact that I was interested primarily in Video I chose the Sanyo. Over time I accessorized it and even built a DOF adapter for NIKON lens. Now it's time to move on and I feel it's time to revisit the DSLR scene.. (you know DOF, movie style).. I've read a lot of reviews and I pretty muc
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