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  1. Hmm, seems like I have to run the files through Compressor and compress them to ProRes that way rather than 5DtoRGB, THEN the files work in Cinema Tools. I don't like that.
  2. It's also 1080p, if that makes a difference from 720p.
  3. Hey guys, So I'm running into a problem when trying to conform my 60p, 50Mbps footage, to 24p in Cinema Tools 4.5.1. Might be because of my version of the software, but has anyone else run into this issue? I have a shoot coming up and I really don't want to use AVCHD. Thanks. Any help is appreciated.     Also, Cinema Tools keeps saying that my files have temporal compression. Not sure what that is. I ran the .mov files through 5DtoRGB first before importing into Cinema Tools. 
  4. This is incredible. Love the look of the Minolta lenses as well. Been looking into getting a few of those and this may have swayed me! Amazing VFX work as well. Mad props.
  5. These look great! Wondering when I'd be able to get my hands on them.
  6. Good stuff! Your thoroughness of the BMCC is something I really appreciate since I haven't had the chance to shoot with one yet.
  7. Rokinon has a 14mm T 3.1 Cine Lens in Nikon mount. The Nikon equivalent is $1,500 so....haha.
  8. Looking back at some footage from a past shoot it definitely interfered with a few seconds of footage that I needed. Really hope they fix this as well as keeping the on screen data on the display while shooting.
  9. I've noticed that as well. Hasn't been a huge issue for me yet but it's rather annoying.
  10. Tokina 11-16 with Novoflex Nikon mount adapter. Allows you to control the aperture.
  11. Would this problem be the same for the Kowa 16-S too?
  12. Are you finding this lens to be usable with your taking lens being wide open?
  13. Mondo


    Just got mine and I wouldn't get anything else. Amazing quality. Got to me in California faster than I thought from the UK as well.
  14. Mondo

    Lens Support

    My thoughts exactly! I'll probably be ordering one today.
  15. Mondo

    Lens Support

    I was looking into that one as well as the D Support. I just need that extra point to hold everything up.
  16. Mondo

    Lens Support

    Hey guys, Just got my anamorphic rig set up and was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for lens support? When I have my Kowa 16-S on my Canon 50mm f/1.4 and pull focus, it looks a little wobbly. I'd like to have something to support the set up in between both lenses. I have RedStan clamps. Thanks!
  17. The punch in on the GH3 is working fine for me. I love how you can move around the punch in screen as well. Very handy. I'd be fine without those features.
  18. I have this lens as well! Waiting for some clamps to get here then I'll be doing my own tests.
  19. It's preference, really. Both are great lenses. Depends on what focal length you think you'd need.
  20. I'll have to start trying 1/40. Always down to experiment.
  21. Mine is coming on Wednesday! Stoked. Glad to see people finally getting their hands on them.
  22. Maybe they get larger shipments at one time than the other retailers so that's why the're often backordered? Not too sure, but that might make sense.
  23. MY PRE-ORDER IS FINALLY IN AT B&H. Checked my order status and it's in stock and should be shipping soon.
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