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  1. Hi SchisM! You need to try and find cameras labeled with "genlock". (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genlock)   Problem is that cameras with genlock are expensive. (ARRI Alexa...) If you buy BMD camera there are workarounds with LANC port, but its too much of an hassle.   Hope this helps!
  2. SuRu

    Selling my lenses!

    Ohhh and i forgot, they have triangular aperature.
  3. SuRu

    Selling my lenses!

    Nope, they cover 35mm.
  4. I am selling my lenses!   1.Set of lenses Zeiss/Oberkochen They give beautifle filmic look!   Zeiss/Oberkochen Distagon T* t/stop=1.2 18mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di    t/stop=2   24mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di T* t/stop=1.2 25mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di T* t/stop=1.2 35mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Pl T* t/stop=1.3 50mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Pl T* t/stop=1.4 85mm   https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lx8m60yxsp0mdq/oberkochen.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/0p4aqie9rizx5bx/IMAG2162.jpg   So how much i can get for them?   2. Totalvision anamorphic    ht
  5. Heres my toughts: Ikonoskop - expensive (worst bang for your buck), small amount of features/big price, heard it has some WB issues Panasonic AF100A - yes its old, better cameras available Red One - its old, many hardware and software issues, any do you remember its Red Digital /Cinema/ Camera Sony FS700 - all around awesome camera (slow mo, upgrade path...) Sony FS100 - still good if you dont have money to spend on FS700 BMCC - not suited for doc work (again Blackmagic /Cinema/ Camera). and to me that camera still looks videoish (dont rage on me, its my opinion) much better than other b
  6. Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qp9dby19o8lee6u/ttAiEQc_St
  7. So, i am selling these lenses! Anybody intrested?
  8. So few days ago i asked about this lens ( http://eoshd.com/comments/topic/2070-can-somebody-help-me-with-this-lens/)   Then i found one more i think its newer version. So there is hard question: How to mount it infront of CP.2 Lenses? Only point that is available for mouting is back throath, because rest of the body is covered by focus ring. Heres picture so you can help me.     Thank you!
  9. SuRu

    Hellios 44-3

    turn some screws, lift some metal, clean glass, put it back!
  10. And yes, does anybody have idea how to mount this on CP.2 lens!   Thank you!
  11. Wow, this looks like my TOTALVISION Serie IV Titres almost the same body only on this one thers bigger front element. As soon as i test my lens i will post, these 2 lenses look identical !
  12. So is D800 or D5200 better option for video?
  13. Thank you guys for reply! This weekend i will run some tests with this lens on ARRI Alexa and CP.2 As soon as i can i will post results. Hope to hear your toughts!   Antonio
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