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  1. Your wife looks scared :)   I'm not a big fan of the ML Raw, but indeed 50D pushes very good images. Anyway i like the G6 most (but shadows looks a bit too crunchy to me), easy and fast workflow, and very amazing results. What lens did you use?
  2. I dont get the point about complaining for the lack of "artistic" shots. It's a batch of TEST shots, and it's meant to show off the technical aspects of the camera, not the ability of the director. I like em, that's what i need from test shots, you can focus on things like DR, moirè/aliasing, and something like that, without too much eye-candy effects. Pure and simple.
  3. Thanks SuRu, it's a good way to start.   To Hans Punk: I got your point, but Stereo will be my main content, and 2DtoStereo is very different from "native-shooting" 3D, workflow and pipeline wise. Maybe i will start hiring and trying to build up a more consistent budget for the tasks.   Anyway thanks again :)
  4. Hello everybody,   First i would like to thanks this forum and Andrew Reid for the quality of the reviews. It really helped me a lot in learning photography, so i will not thank you enough for this.   Regarding my topic, I'm a Visual Effect Artist starting a career in the industry in London. My main skills are in 3D (stereoscopic) post-production, and I'm establishing a new small studio for this particular tasks.   Our budget is approx 10k-15k $, so i would like to ask to you guys, what do you think it will be the best buy for this kind of range?  We need to buy at
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