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  1. Thanks yall. I will check out those threads and I know what your saying about the zoom lens. I just really want to stick with prime because of the look... Would the 14mm or 16mm be a good all around lens?
  2. I don't have a lens right now. My dad has the gh2 with the kit lens but broke the kit lens, so I am going to buy a lens or two so I use the camera. I want it for video, so if I get the 20mm pancake, would that be wide enough if its not a wide angle lens? Should I go with something like a nikon 14mm instead for primary?
  3. thanks yall, is that true about the mm doubling with an old prime lens on a gh2 type camera? My dad could just be an idiot, but he said that the 50mm canon fd will really be 100mm
  4. I have been using my dad's panasonic 2, im pretty sure its a gh2. He says with an adapter, you can put almost any lens on it. But then he told me something how if you get a 50mm lens it really is a 100mm lens on a gh2, or something like that. Would the canon fd 50mm be ok as my primary lens on a gh2?
  5. Thank you! I'm going to order the canon fd 50mm when I can afford it, do you think this will be ok as my only lens? If not, any advice on which wide angle lens I should pick up (prime) thats not too expensive? Maybe couple hundred dollars?
  6. If i get an old prime lens from canon say 50mm and then pick up a 14mm rokinon or something of the sort, are my shots going to look totally different because of the different make? What im trying to say, if I have one camera that I use different lenses on, and I go back from a canon lens to a rokinon or something else, will the quality look a lot different? Should I stick with one brand? Or does the brand not affect the look?
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