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  1. Wow, thank you guys so much for your suggestions! Based on what you have told me, I have put in an order for a Rode shotgun mic (based on some reviews, it seems to be a pretty good deal), I like the idea for the lanterns for some soft indoor lighting, I will definitely be stealing it from you  :P, I have also invested in a tripod, and will be renting a wide angle lens (tokina 12-24) and a Samyang 35 1.4.   I like your idea for the love story as well, so I'll be making 2 videos now... 1 of the older students, where I will stick to the present story line, and 1 of the kids having (supervised) fun in the Canadian wilderness, eating interesting food, and kayaking. I'm going to make the latter video into a sort of video journal, filming everything and including the best parts. The former will be more scripted and acted out with a storyline.    I promise to post any of the work I do on this site so you can ridicule my noobness :D 
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post to the forum.   I have been contracted by the school that I work for (as an English teacher) to create a short film (7-10 mins) about 20 Mexican students that will be studying with us for the better part of a month. The idea I have is: - student walks into a coffee shop and tries to order a coffee, but the barrista can't understand him. - student goes to the school, and a montage of studying, field trips and dramatic music starts. - montage ends and the student is back at the coffee shop ordering a complicated drink like a pro. - next there will be some comments by the students about their adventure to Canada.   1. What do you think of this story line? 2. I currently have a t3i + kit lens +50mm 1.4 +  40mm 2.8. I don't have any microphones aside from the one in the camera. Also, I am thinking of purchasing a Tonika 11-16 to aide with the shots,  or some quality lighting equipment. I have a budget of about $700 so I can't get all 3. Do you think it would be the most beneficial for this project to buy a nice shotgun/ stereo mike or the wide angle lens or some pro lighting? Which choice would really pump up the quality of the video to resemble something that is nice for the students and their parents? 3. Has anyone had experience with a DIY stedicam? can you point me in the direction of one that worked for you?   Although I the school won't be using the video for marketing purposes, it is intended to be a passive form of marketing, where if it turns out well, the students will show their friends and it will be passed around that way.   Thanks so much for your time!
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