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  1. Wow, thank you guys so much for your suggestions! Based on what you have told me, I have put in an order for a Rode shotgun mic (based on some reviews, it seems to be a pretty good deal), I like the idea for the lanterns for some soft indoor lighting, I will definitely be stealing it from you  :P, I have also invested in a tripod, and will be renting a wide angle lens (tokina 12-24) and a Samyang 35 1.4.   I like your idea for the love story as well, so I'll be making 2 videos now... 1 of the older students, where I will stick to the present story line, and 1 of the kids
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post to the forum.   I have been contracted by the school that I work for (as an English teacher) to create a short film (7-10 mins) about 20 Mexican students that will be studying with us for the better part of a month. The idea I have is: - student walks into a coffee shop and tries to order a coffee, but the barrista can't understand him. - student goes to the school, and a montage of studying, field trips and dramatic music starts. - montage ends and the student is back at the coffee shop ordering a complicated drink like a pro. - next there will be
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