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  1. 800mbps Sorry, I just feel that needed shouting! That's incredibly inefficient! MJPEG is not the smartest way to be encoding 4k. It must be becuase they're using passive cooling and the same ol' processor, but that's gonna hog your hard disks. With Redcode raw at 50fps 10:1 it's about 800mbps at an estimate or so but you get 16-bit raw, not 8-bit baked-in. Then again the media are like 5 times the price. LOL. and I suppose it's not fair to compare to Redcode since no-one else has made such a codec. but it makes you think. there's a quality about cinema glass that's hard to pin down. I think it's the old adage of the last 10% of the work being 90% of the result, or something equally business cheese speak. I feel a lot of it simply has to do with the sheers surface area of the glass too, same with microphones, a large diaphragm sound just can't physically emulate a small-diaphragm sound because of what physically happens with the latter. It seems you can't really ape the look of a massive lens with a small one, because it ain't drinking the same amount of light. I feel I may have gone a bit hippy ther, but perhaps you get me?
  2. Sounds like you use the same main kit as me C100, 18-35 1.8, and an XC10. Can't complain at all! As such I'll have a look at this lens, since on a two-cam interview that's both your angles covered.
  3. I use PF25. DR is the same in all modes as far as I can see, but your shutter speed may be altering when you switch, changing exposure and giving an illusion of altered DR. If shooting PF25, be sure to interpret the footage in your DAW as progressive (remove field order) or you'll halve your vetical resolution
  4. They're in the sin bin for me! I bought an RX10 ii, hated using it (thumbs in knots) disliked the image and by the time I went to sell it on it had lost 35% of its value in a few months and they'd announced the sequel. i can't throw money at that kind of depreciation, so they'll only be 2nd hand purchases from now on! If they're purchased at all that is. good luck to em though, great innovation.... Just need to sort the colour and menus and not try and squeeze people for an upgrade every 8 months
  5. I think resolve relies on GPU for playback, so you may struggle with an Intel GPU. I'm not a Resolve user at the moment though, download the free version and try it!
  6. 1m is a long min focus... I'd be tempoted to go with a 100mm macro and a 50mm 1.4 instead! Quite a vintage milky look there in the bokeh too, not totally smooth but not crazy vintage jitters. a strange one by the looks of it... not quite the essential lens-bag winner that is the 18-35 1.8, but still unique. But hey, I've not used it
  7. To speed up file reading use USB3 or thunderbolt ssd maybe... I doubt that's your bottleneck unless you're running very big file sizes. If you want high spec for a low price try a Windows tower with a good Geforce GPU and Adobe suite. If you want to stay in FCP-X you'll need to upgrade your mac at some point. I can't help much more because I moved away from Mac for this reason, perhaps others can give some more advice. I think FCP-X is very nice so I can understand the desire to stay Mac. Hate to break it to you though, but the sad reality of Apple is that you gotta buy a new one to stay in the race. They have a vested interest in selling new computers. You can't just swap out parts and stay on top like you can with a PC tower :/ I hope you find a solution!
  8. High end alienware laptops have 4k touchscreens and geforce 980 gpus for best of both worlds. tablets aren't really there yet. Plus you can upgrade the storage and get 3tb of ssd in there, more in the future, and 32gb RAM and you can add an external GPU for more power. Gaming and video editing have a lot in common computer wise.
  9. this obsession with 8-bit will be the death of them... MARKEST MINE WORDSES
  10. There is another thing they'll definitely listen to... not buying it! If it's not fit for purpose don't purchase it, all companies listen to sales stats. I'm not beeing a superdick, that's what I do if the product is clearly missing a key feature, I'll let them know that's why I didn't give them money and went to a competitor.
  11. When I think warehouse I think of those greenish fluro tubes or old-school sodium vapour lamps. When I think interrogation i think bright white blasted at face or into lens. I'd start with the atmosphere you want to create and the feel you want it to have and work from there. Also talk to your hire house, they'll be happy to meet with you and discuss options if you want to go through a scene and don't have the current knowledge to know off hand what to do. They want your custom, they'll help you to give it to them. The more they help and the more experienced you become the more likely you are to become a loyal customer. Also think about if your practicals will be useful, sometimes they are lifesavers, sometimes useless.
  12. LEL x∞ m9!!!!1 do not WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT
  13. It's difficult to talk about budgets abstractly without the real-life client context, as these are so variable. But if you're interested in building a cost relatong to hire rates, there's nothing to stop you making enquieries of specialist 360 shooters/post-persons about a theoretical production.
  14. I totally missed this idea! 10pts!
  15. From a marketing POV it'd be smart of them to nail video. It'd be great if they could get compressed raw in there, though doubtful without some active cooling. The market is niche because as already pointed out, the price point is one where you can buy an entire second-hand cinema setup. So it needs to be people who really want a little high-end product with a historical status attached. Not for me, but I'm sure some fashion people will end up using it.
  16. Another Aputure user here. Great products and good price. agreed though, they are only a lighting Blackmagic in terms of features for price. Other than that the comparison is unflattering :0
  17. It's not for earlier Red cameras, just DSMC2 series, but it's a great thing! A shame it hasn't been added to the old ones.
  18. Plugin in Premiere. Too slow for real-time playback so I switch it off if I want to edit, or just export a LUT and bring it back into Lumetri, then it runs realtime. Then use seperate grain.
  19. Sorry, I just meant C100 iii with 4k it's coming, not it's coming for NAB 2016
  20. I preordered the HTC Vive, but it's more for gaming TBH. I may try making a first-person film for VR though... At the moment clients are 360 video bonkers. It's a bit of a fad though. VR on the other hand is here to stay this time.
  21. I know many are huge fans but the GH line never made me happy. Even those crazy high bitrate hacks on thew GH2 and the GH4 even with log. I just felt there was something baked-in about the shadows that limited how you could manipulate it in post, so after demoing loads of footage I gave then a miss. I've seen decent stuff made with them though, especially using speed boosters, so I'm interested to see what happens with the next model. I hope they don't do a Canon and stangnate specs. I don't think they can really afford to...
  22. That's the main point of frustration isn't it? It's a laudable effort on your part to attempt to fix these things in such great detail, but they could make it all so much easier if they just used level 5.2 high and just cranked it out in 422 10-bit, for example, or used high-level HEVC H265. They are designing some incredibly innovative sensors, and then hobbling them with trashy delivery codecs, the goal seemingly being "how much can we squash it before it's unusable" rather than "how much data can we save and still keep file size reasonable". But then they have a broad sweep of products to protect. Compare their "high" bit codecs to Canon C100 AVCHD for example and most of them are poor. I don't know how they implement this stuff, but it's not really working.
  23. It's really interesting in theory, and the theoretical price is very low. I can't say I'm early adopter these days. The last time I did and was and was happy was Canon 550D release, I kept using that for years. Of course, I just bought it in a shop, I didn't have to pay for an idea. So I shall just wait and see what happens! In the past I had preorders down on various BMD cams and cancelled them, so now I just keep doing what I'm doing until we all know the score. My respect to those who do take the risks! Your service to your... craft... is appreciated. It would be a shame, but not unsurprising, if this the world of cameras end up similar to how everything else has gone recently: people using crowd-funding to give ideas a go, often resulting in real losses for funders. I do like the idea that Jim of Red is behind it, making a spin-off company to target the very lucrative prosumer market. I've a feeling it's not the case though. Red make everything themselves, including sensors, and to be honest I think it would have a very different style to it if it were their spin off. Also, it would have Redcode in it, as that's their trump card. And it's probably be called a Red. Anyway, will watch with interest!
  24. Well I made my decision and can't say I'm unhappy. Made a little noise torture test with Scarlet X, latest firmware, sensor newly calibrated. For those unfamiliar, ISO is set in post with raw, while the exposure meter gives a preview of what your post settings will achive, as well as bars for total noise and clipping so you can see how much lights you're getting into the thing. This is at effective ISO 25600 (12800 is max selection in Premiere, with 1-stop of FLUT push), shot at 10:1 compression (!) Here you see the noise unprocessed, then with Neat Video, then unprocessed again. watch it in 4K a couple of times to get a good idea. The image is far far brighter than real life, it's a little shadowy corner with a tiny amount of natural light. The joy of raw! As I test more I'm working out how best to use ISO to set where your dynamic range lives. In future I'd do all shots intended for high ISO at lowest compression just to get every bit of detail i can. I love that when it pans over to the leaflet you can read it all so clearly. Magic! I knew it would be good but this is just... silly. Don't worry though, I still love my Canons The camera is extremly heavy with an Anton Bauer battery on the back, and with a Redvolt the battery life is abysmal, plus the footage is big and the media are nauseatingly expensive, so it'll never be as convenient as a C100. But god damn, tis pretty. Can't argue with 16-bit colour even when you're attempting to destroy it... Neat Video 4.1 is a great update. It makes full use of powerful GPUs and has brilliant temporal settings that assist with low-frequency noise across time. Great stuff!
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