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  1. I like the look of the footage I've seen so far. A sort of Alexa meets Canon warmth... It's nice to have the option of this look. It's just a shame they've not developed compressed raw. Red have had it forever, Sony have just developed a version but still require an external box... Canon want you to put a box on the back and have raw uncompressed! Arri's dual-gain sensor tech and high-rate ProRes is so good you don't really need it. That's a real shame for the C700, as are the usual Canon caveats: "if you want 444 it has to a be 2k, and 4k ProRes is capped at 30fps". But why? Bolt on the stupid box and you get 4K raw at 120fps. It's like the abject stupidity of the Canon-only rule "if you want high speed it's got to be 720p". Just laughable, there's pulling wool here, we've seen high speed from compacts at 4k 120fps. I just don't get this intentional data-rate throttling... it made sense with Epic and Scarlet as a cut down Epic... but this is supposed to be Canon's flagship. They should have allowed the highes rate 4444 ProRes at 12-bit. They did it with the C500 and they've done it again. How do you expect to truly compete in this sector with Red, who give you 4 or 5 or 6 or 8k RAW compressed at even 10:1 looking great, or Arri and the Amira, which can in some versions give you ProRes 4444 to a Cfast, with so much detail it out-resolves most 4K cams and a huge clean dynamic range. Looking at the C700 spec sheet I see no reason not to hire an Amira really, or an Epic or Weapon if I want a ton of data for compositing. The image is nice as usual, but this sin't supposed to be mid-range... it's supposed to be a pro tool that delivers and lets you spec for your job.
  2. Can't wait to shoot with this in 720p120fps in 2035! LEL.
  3. jgharding

    Canon XC15

    It says "audio" on the cover, so I guess it's a breakout like on the C100, with a multipin connector that carries audio from a top handle. That's a good thing, though I don't think I'll upgrade for it.
  4. Pelicases are the way. Just spend the cash, they're great.
  5. I would enjoy a 1.6crop 4K Canon body I think. I just want it to have the XC10 codec TBH. I think it's very likely it wont have peaking and so on either, or log or other video specific things.
  6. Why not use the MXF codec from the XC10 for 4K? seems odd... 500mbits is bonkers.
  7. jgharding


    Let's do a PM thread and I can fill you in!
  8. jgharding


    Don't suppose you're interested in a 1970s 35mm one are you? Complete with EF adapter!
  9. MX Cameras are getting cheap to own and it's great stuff for the price. If I'm hiring, I just go Arri. not a Dragon fan really. You can get Amira hire for same as Dragon in UK
  10. Posting to confirm this was discussed by all moderators and was chosen as the best solution to both allow the problem to be solved by all parties involved, and minimise the negative impact on the wider EOSHD community. Please take extra care when trading privately online. Stay safe and keep making this the best camera forum around! Peace out x
  11. Competition forces change and Canon have none... Before i start ducking the tomatoes I mean COLOUR. Red and Arri can top Canon but in 8-bit littlecam land Canon rule. You can spot a modern pro/am Sony shot a mile off most of the time, especially if it has people in it, because the colour is so thin and anaemic. Sony can release a 4K 120fps full-frame if they like, but as long as it's their "I love blue, except when it clips, ooh let's have some magenta faces" sensor/ADC architecture and processing squeezed into 8-bits I'm not touching it. Also the Sony menus and build quality are a pain and they depreciate quicker than Pokemon cards. The RX10 ii lost a third of it's value in a few months, long enough for me to realise it took ages to match to Canon, still didn't look as nice and I couldn't bring myself to put the shots in an edit. I got an XC10 instead.
  12. jgharding

    EOSHD Community

    On the situiation between Ed adn ES: hopefully it will be resolved in that thread and not dominate the forum forever more! A lesson remains: never use western union to send money for private purchases. The risk is too high. I wasn't involved in banning Zach, and had plenty of decent chats with him, though he does come across as unstable. That meant that every single thread he waded into was derailed onto the T2i even when it was completely irrelevant. It started to negatively affect the forum as lots of threads went way off-topic and turned into arguments. I think there were enough fair warnings there TBH across a lot of topics and messages. He's actually not deleted but he is post-blocked for getting two warnings, so you can read messages. These blocks can be revoked too. As for the community here, I think it's excellent. I've known Andrew a long, time, though we don't see a huge amount of one another I do know he's kept his passion for being an advert-free independant voice. In fact I've been here since i had a T2i (first serious camera i had) and have learned a lot and taught some others. Compared to many communities, I feel we have a good balance and fair moderation standards. There's no atrocious ban-hammer, but there's a sensible limit set on bad behaviour. Here's to many more years of learning and lolz
  13. Yeah +1 Clog responds to sharpening really well
  14. no, the Wide-DR picture style doesn't work on mine. Picture styles are sperate from 4K or 1080p settings. Mine is stil V1 firmware though, need to update. so the Wide-DR could be fixed.
  15. options: 4K at 25p 205mbps or 305mbps 1080p at 50p/50mbps 50i/35mbps and 25p/35mbps Doesn't seem to be a "world cam" so I only get PAL here. Clog available in all modes
  16. 4K fills up cards quickly as bitrate is very high, 1080p25 is 35mbps and 4K can be 10-times that, so you won't get as much 4K footage as you will 1080p. I use similar luts on C100 and XC10 Clog. XC10 is well built. I'm happy it's more robust than similar Sony cameras. The slowing of the lens at the long end is a slight niggle, but all in all it's a good B-cam for bigger C siblings. I hope for a V2 with a faster lens and higher frame rates, as the faster 720p footage is a bit too noisy. I'd share some 4K now, but my card reader has gone missing! :/
  17. Clog is great on XC10, it's like a baby C100, excpet with 50p1080 and 4K. Wide DR is broken on mine though. loads of FPN and noise. This only seems to affect Wide DR.
  18. 35 pages is a bit much for me, I have films to finish! Suffice to say, never send money through Western Union for a purchase. Just don't do it. Do not reason with yourself that it "may be OK" and so on. Private transaction are always conducted at some risk... but... DO NOT SEND MONEY VIA WESTERN UNION FOR INTERNET PURCHASES Even if this all ends up fine, the lesson must be learned. With regard to moderator action, I'm not best placed to catch up with this at the moment I'm afraid due to workload. I trust another moderator will be shortly. For now though, since this thread (bizarre as it is) includes an admission of guilt, it should not be deleted until the financial aspects are resolved satisfactoraly.
  19. jgharding

    Resolve 12.5 Is Out

    That's brilliant! Thanks for the info guys. If everything is a lot slicker I'm gonna give it another shot. I absolutely loved the grading experience, I just hated the slow process to get going and so on. You may convert me yet
  20. jgharding

    Resolve 12.5 Is Out

    Is that a question or a statement? I've not used in a while so my knowledge could be out of date... What I mean is: you had to manage projects and users in a very arbitrary way. I'd like to just bang open a project and start throwing stuff in. The last time I used it, the whole thing was needlessly complicated for my use: define a user, log in as a user, start a project, all the folders had to be manually defined and so on, it all felt slow and clunkiy. The whole thing didn't seem as friewndly and fast as just opening a project, dragging stuff in and going. If this is no longer true though, I'll happily give it another try, in fact I hope I'm entirely worng, as the grading interface is exceptional
  21. jgharding

    Resolve 12.5 Is Out

    I'd love to use it, but the whole system of defining mediia pools and project directories and so on is very irritating coming from Premiere, where I just manage all my media and folders myself and drag and drop. They could do with making it more friendly like that in V13
  22. Apparently Macs can use Cuda, my mistake, I'd only ever tried Premiere ones that use Open CL only that's why I thought otherwise. Open CL isn't an equivalent, it's much slower on the same machine if you switch between it and CUDA. I work with a fellow who uses FCP X on MacBook Pro, the only way he can get close to my playback speed of R3D files is by cheating and transcoding it all, or "creating optimised media". So in this particular case the speed of Premiere on my Win10 machine doesn't "approach anywher near" FCP X, it far surpasses it. He has a quicker CPU too! :O
  23. Just use FCP X. I use Premiere, if I used a Mac I'd use FCP X for simplicity. A better grading system like Resolve is good if you like grading though. Premiere just works better on Windows than it does on OS X, as CUDA acceleration from Nvidia is available for Windows, not for OS X.
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