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  1. >reads post about rubber and condoms >thinks 3 self >wouldn't silicon be a better choice 5 steadicam too? >sit back and LELs
  2. One wonders if Light Iron have got involved in the analogue gain and AD stages of the sensor too, in order to make this sensor somewhat bespoke. AFAIK Arri hold a patent on the dual-gain sensor readout (can someone confirm?), which is the technology responsible for Alexa and family still having the cleanest shadows on the market. But perhaps there are ways around it? Colour science needn't just be a digital thing!
  3. I can fully understand people wanting to use Macs, as you don't have to do much to make them work. FCP X is a great system, though of course it's not really native a lot of the time, but hat doesn't matter in practive. It's very fast for AVCHD now. The only issues is you'll probably need to upgrade Mac sooner it becomes underpowered more quickly. I'm using an Alienware R15 2 laptop, and it's docked to a Graphics Amplifier with a Titan X when I'm at home. It has two M.2 SSDs and a hard disk in it. The five macro keys are bound to editing shortcuts I use regularly. They really are great editing machines, I happily edit Red Raw native with a grade on it. With such a machine you're approaching the price of a Mac, but it is really bloody fast. OS X is undeniably a nicer OS, but Win10 is also very good now. I would use a Mac, but to get the kind of power listed I'd need to spend a vast amount of cash. Are you in Premiere? Do you see much benefit from SLI at all compare to a single 960? Have you tested? Just curious to see how SLI improves playback. SLI isn't an option for me, but I am interested.
  4. Yes that's just stills. The XC10 is a video camera that allows you to take 4K JPEGS as an extra. It's not strictly speaking a hybrid like the RX10. This is a video site, so stills aren't really the focus. If you like to take stills too, maybe this will affect your decision. I sold an RX100 ii to buy an XC10 and and very glad I did. It's so much easier to use and the results just work, no hours of fixing colour in post.
  5. Amazing! I'm sure I'll never touch one, but it's nice to see Red licensing that amazing codec. I wonder if they'll license to others? 8K is crazy when you thing about a TV, but it's a smart bet when you consider VR production. That'll be at 4K per eye or more in a generation or so. Resolution is no longer about panels across the room, but stereoscopic screens right next to your eyes behind fresnel lenses. In this location, even 8k might not be enough...
  6. At risk of derailing, the new Panasonic Varicam remains the high-end cam I've not tried. It's just not as common as the others, but the image from all tests I've seen is spectacular. Hopefully as much of this can trickle down into the consumer Panasonic models as possible.
  7. Amira is like a lighter, simpler Alexa. Amira is just a beautiful, even the 200fps looks amazing from it, and you can get upscaled 4k that looks better than some native 4K. here's an unused shot from a shoot on Amira. This is 1080p i beleive 200fps 422HQ in log. Try it out! This link will work in about an hour. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9922139/A002C001_160503_R4SJ.mov You can move colour all over the place, the latitude is incredible. It's pretty heavy though so not suitable for everything, but in pure image terms I'd give it the number-one spot.
  8. jgharding

    5D mk4 Spec

    Yeah I use Canon too as they're great to use and the footage looks brilliant. Indeed I sold an RX10 ii and got an XC10 precisely because of what you describe. The comparison is more a specific comparison of the behaviour of the odd "fanboys" who will say that a negative is actually a positive, and will try to turn something that's clearly a minus into a plus, than it is a comparison of the products themselves.
  9. I have exactly this setup. The Mir has masses of distortion and vignetting but can look cool. The rest work well, though colour varies a lot between them.
  10. jgharding

    5D mk4 Spec

    It seems 4K is guaranteed by the trusted sources. Lack of Clog is pretty much guaranteed too, but other nice profiles will be available. TBH I've shot c-log in anger once in the years I've had C100s and that was with external recorder, as long as there's as something like VisionColor it'll have nice options. The biggest issue is the lack of usability software, like peaking and zebras and so on. If it doesn't have these basics, it'll be a pretty poor choice for many video situations. Buying it because you hope Magic Lantern will hack it is not good for anyone. It tells Canon it's fine to not bother adding essential features and it leaves the purchaser with a half functioning camera and fingers crossed. Canon apologists are becoming a bit like Apple fanboys, who throw themselves on the altar everytime they're given a kick in the nuts and tell everyone how "it's actually a good thing it has no ports and has half the power of a PC and cost me twice as much". I can hear it now "I actually like not having peakeing, I can work hard to focus, I don't need proper video controls, this frees my creativity to think about the image". You're not fooling anyone, theoretical strawman fanboy I just invented. Buying a camera is not the time to turn the other, already rather sore, cheek.
  11. +1 on for sale sub forum. on other topics it can indeed fracture the community, but for gear sale a single post per sale item makes sense. Works well over at reduser lenses has an argument for it too, as it's just such a big topic.
  12. Oh yeah I've been ranting at people ad nauseum, in the end I just say "look, come over when I have mine, and when you get home, you'll be working out how to get one" You talk about it and it sounds cool, but when you experience it you realise the world isn't going to be the same once it's caught on. Everywhere from remote military control, to surgeons, to entertainment... the list is endless.
  13. I had about an hour on it and then ordered it. VR will completely change the world of work and entertainment, it's so exciting after the drab 3DTV malarket was DOA. I never got into that, it was just obviously not going to happen, but this... well you use it and then everything has just changed. EDIT: Malarket! an accident but i like it: malarkey + market = malarket.
  14. Haha happy to help! This drove me mad once a few years ago, took me a while to crack what was happening!
  15. I have a Vive on preorder on the way soon, so will definitely try this out!
  16. Reds are plenty sharp enough for me. There's no sharpening applied to the raw, you can select sharpening in standard red debayer which isn't great, or apply your own. Consumer cams use a ton in camera and compress the shit out of the data. Sharpening is part of trying to get detail back from a bayer array. Here's a short test. I was going for Emmanuel Lubezski plus cats LOLOLOL!!!1one!!1! 1st shot 4K 25fps, 2nd shot 2K 50fps. So yes the second shot is cropped in. It's not that noisy, certainly not unmanagable at ISO800 here. I think it was 60mm Macro
  17. If the old file path is still visible it likes to go back there. Rename the old folder while delinking to the new location.
  18. I'm no technician but do have experience. red goes earlier on Canon, Blue goes out horribly on Sony... (Try a blue LED) And guess what, those are the tones each is known for. I'm not sure which part of the analogue or digital pipeline is responsible for this, but do know it's what happens. A bit of a WB tweak or a saturation drop can help. On Canon the WideDR profile is nice. Sony I don't know as I sold mine. Because it all looked blue.
  19. Hmm interesting topic, I'll follow it Perhaps the enclosure translates between sata and USB3 poorly, and you could find a better enclosure with different controller chip? Must be a tech review site somewhere...
  20. M Carter makes a good point there: I got one for a film project, as in feature, as it's cheaper than hiring when you include all the testing etc. So do consider why you want a cinema cam. They are brilliant images and the fact that you can now own them is quite amazing. They are also rather temperamental things that were designed to be used in a professional environment where they can be serviced and so on. Be sure to think it all thorugh! Scarlet is less likely to go wrong IMHO, but you will need more stuff. At least a v-lovk or goldmount battery plate and batteries, as redvolts won't last, and some more media, which are very very expensive. One should remember though: only Red have Redcode, and that's still the best for 4K footage. MANAGABLE FILE SIZE RAW MAYHEM!
  21. Well it's not just supposed to be... It is the same sensor!
  22. haha yeah TBH I'm not a scientist, so it's all second hand info, i just know it looks better!
  23. Scarlet is nicer to use, but you'll need to add more kit to that package. It can do 60fps in 2k crop. 4k tops out at 30fps. The One package is very complete, can do higher speeds (120fps 2K crop) but is obviously even older and bigger. Both are sill very much relevant. The image still knocks seven shades out of most consumer gear, we're talking 4k raw here. But of course they're big and bulky and not very friendly to the wallet once you start adding bits. you'll have to make the call. I went Scarlet despite the lack of high speed, just because it's smaller and easier to use. A handheld setup in a cage can vary from 5-7kg though so know what you're getting in to! Good luck!
  24. I'm fine with perople having access TBH, I think it's poor content that doesn't do a format justice, and that can be created by productions with vast budgets. but I agree that half the adverts shot on anamorphic at the moment look silly. It's really distracting and totally out of context, looks like the DOP is indulging a lens fantasy rather than shooting appropriately for the content. Domestic situation with mum opening crisps IN 65MM ANAMORPHIC!!!!11one!!1
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