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  1. They do have previous on this, as DPAF was included some C cameras, not mentioned, but later activated In the face of their competition it's been a serious blunder though
  2. Personally I'd rather DPAF than PDAF, I can't stand those weird lines you get at higher ISO on PDAF sensors Yeah it's good peaking. I can't really focus pull that well on Ninja V due to the high HDMI delay. You need to rehearse pulls so live pulling i HAVE to do on the screen
  3. TBH on the S1H I don't miss the AF now I'm used to it. I went back to a C200 a while back, and I was trusting it was AF, and it was actually slightly out through the whole interview. Now I always do that in MF too.
  4. the S5 will be announced here in not too long https://www.panasonic.com/global/consumer/lumix/s/s5.html
  5. If this model retains at least a decent 10-bit 4K mode of some description, and vlog, well Canon could be a little sore after the R5 debacle https://www.l-rumors.com/confirmed-panasonic-will-soon-announce-the-new-s5-entry-level-full-frame-l-mount-camera I do wonder what this means for a GH6, if there is still one in the works or if full-frame is pretty much the Pana roadmap now... All the S5 needs really is to be a lighter, stabilised run and gun with their solid 150mbps 4k 10-bit and it'll sell a bunch.
  6. well this really is an omnishambles isn't it? It just gets worse with every new article. If they had just called it a stills camera with spare video modes people may not have cared so much. But marketing it as an 8K RAW beast then having it not work properly for too long (either because of heat or because that would make it too good and cannibalise other sales) is a terrible marketing mis-step. I can't imagine the meetings they're having...
  7. It's possible they set the time limits in firmware as an ultra-conservative "make sure it doesn't burn out" cut off, based on a worst case scenario... it's the kind of thing these large corporations do. Quite why you wouldn't just design it well like the A7S iii though, I don't know. I think this is irreparable brand damage for this market sector.
  8. Like most people my age who stared video around the 5D MKii (550D for me) its sad to be waving goodbye, but I’m 100% Panasonic now. Unlike a lot of S1H owners I didn’t consider getting an R5 even off the spec sheet because I knew, not suspected, that something just wouldn’t be right. that’s the end of brand trust right there. When you just any get excited about the product or trust it’ll work. obviously the C300 Mkiii will be great but it’s basically the flagship and a totally different price category.
  9. So I know they were saying "FX9 colour, everything is fine now" but I watched this official video and her skin is doing the "Sony thing", jumping from yellow, to magenta, to magenta blotches in low light. I guess I'll have to try one out and see how it is IRL, but this doesn't fill me with confidence... The initial shot is nice, but the blue light ones she is blue and magenta, in blotches, the tunnel ones she is yellow... I don't know what's at play here, ISO colour shift, how the sensor reacts to different lights (it seems to be having a horrible time with bluer than daylight a
  10. I actually thought the R5 Tilta fan was a meme! Respect to them for doing something, but it’s never gonna be the same as a heat sink that’s actually on the internals.
  11. The S1H, I took it out at the height of a hot day, was shooting bursts (I always shoot bursts) and video for ages, but the fan didn’t even seem to come on if you look at the size difference between the S1 line and the Canon and Sony models, I think that’s the main issue here, just The physics. Cramming Hot things into to tiny sealed bodies makes for poor ventilation. i don’t know why the obsession with shrinking professional tools, for me it’s a lose lose, I prefer the larger ones in use and they don’t boil themselves.
  12. Yeah the sleeping on pro mirrorless was pretty shocking. I always picture steering a company like Canon or Nikon as being like steering an oil tanker using a the committee in Chernobyl. They're all round this table in the bowels of the ship. Someone says "this is what we need to do" and he is hauled of to the gulag. A year later they carry the orders up to the guy at the wheel, and he fills in the requisite 200 forms he has to before he can steer the ship. He then starts turning and they hit an iceberg.
  13. That's interesting to read. Having never done a job like that I never think in those terms. I'm guessing that also the small size and weight of Sony's offerings has something to do with it?
  14. I'd guess the logistics available to a company like Sony may have something to do with it too? Sony is a vast corporation and I guess AP want to be able to get stuff anywhere at any time, and may benefit from the distribution networks and so on? Just a guess, but I'd think for such a large organisation as AP there's a lot to worry about in terms of spares, repairs, availability in far-flung parts of the world etc
  15. And to be clear, if I were JUST a photographer, no I wouldn't buy an S1H. But the R5 headline spec is clearly "8K video", and it's in such a way as to be a bit silly. Yeah the FP definitely needs some firmware updates. That's why I don't own one, I think it needs to mature a little. Yes they definitely have a certain edge for still photography, but TBH I wouldn't buy an S1H if I were just a photographer. I think it still maintains the best balance for a video focused body that is small and does great stills.
  16. I think much weaker is a stretch, it has more than enough megapixels for most tasks, excellent DR and exceptional low light ability. The 50mm 1.4 S lens is as good if not better than the similar Canon offering. It may not be the right camera for "most people", but I stand by stating it's the best hybrid for professional day to day use. The point is the S1H actually does balance the features. That means losing certain things and gaining others. For most of it you get the near to best of both worlds. Most people now are obsessed with spec sheet Top Trumps, but the best cameras I'
  17. I found the Ronin S struggling sometimes with an S11H and a native lens, it's usable with a small old prime and Nucleus Nano... but I think you'd have to rig the Komodo light. Komodo body only is about the same weight as the S1H. One guy on a FB group had burned out two sets of Ronin S motors with an S1H too, so with the Komodo being a similar weight do be careful...
  18. The S1H second hand is a lot cheaper than this, you'll find them for 2700 USD or so. It has an internal fan, all anamorphic modes you could think of, VLOG. External recording for boosted settings, but plenty of good internal ones including a 6K mode for big plates. Excellent colour and DR, it's wonderfully usable. The only down sides are shit autofocus and the battery life could be better. The stills are amazing too. It doesn't yet have raw recording because something is up behind the scenes, but it's designed to work as a pro camera, and is the model of how a hybrid camera shou
  19. for some reason i couldn't. The footage was always kinda mushy looking too... It had a lot of promise but ultimately didn't deliver.
  20. it's great to see an actual film used to showcase a new camera! so often it's just a reel of super sharp over saturated stock shots. That said, I wish they'd finished and uploaded this in 4K! YouTube 1080p is crusty
  21. I had an XC10 for a bit for pro use. But after the torture of trying to get the colours matching to other Canons I sold it. Specs etc looked great but the image always annoyed me.
  22. I think this is gradually happening, from those I know.
  23. jgharding

    Low light

    The S1H basically has nightvision. V2 firmware removes the Vlog ghosting issues if you set NR to -1 Very very good night camera...
  24. Still such a beautiful skintone and the dual-gain sensor is lovely. But ya know, the associated grip and batteries and so on... it'l all massive. TBH if I have a production hwere i can have crew i just hire it. If I don't I'll use the S1H, and turn up with nearly everything in a Peli 1510, it's pretty close in footage looks.
  25. This all seems like the standard modern business plan. Pull people in at one level, trap them, then raise the price/lower the pay. Pretty sad.
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