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  1. The main reason for thinking of switching was the persistant bugs in Premiere. There are now some horrible bugs that I've been using workarounds for since years and years ago. They've been reported endlessly. Fixing these bugs is always ignored in favour of new flashy features. It makes me sad that they take in hundreds of millions a year and yet don't focus on solidifying core products, but instead spend fortunes on creating frivolous mobile apps and so on, which no one really uses outside of ukelele-soundtracked Instagram adverts.
  2. Here's a screenshot taken today in CC2017. Mercury is alive and kicking if you have a PC with an Nvidia card. Of course it's not gonna work on a new MacBook "Pro" because they are toys for people who like to sit in Starbucks pretending to work... *LOLLES TO SELF AND DIVES UNDER TROLL BRIDGE* FCPX is very streamlined though, that's the benefit of coding to limited hardware, but I think they're really pushin it with the sort of "toy" specs in their new so-called Pro line. I was actually considering switching to FCPX and Mac before they announced the new line...
  3. Since I'm not a US resident I feel quite positive about a Trump presidency. I hope it improves US/Russian relations and the situation in Syria. I'm sure Hilary would have been another four years of war with escaltion, her obsession with a Syrian no-fly zone would have lead to serious escaltion and maybe a new hot war rather than cold one. Perhaps if I lived in the US I'd feel differently, but I don't. If one ignores the hysteria and rhetoric coming from every direction, then from an international perspective it doesn't seem like a bad outcome. It will proabbly be more peaceful than the alternative. That's my two pounds.
  4. It all depends on your business. In the last 6 years of pro video work I've never once delivered at 4k. For most work 1080p is still around.
  5. This tripod's pretty good, carbon Sachtler specced for a lot more weight than i had on it, the issues was i think it was knocked, a leg went down as it wasn't tight enough, or a cable got pulled... If I'd weighed it down though, it may have survived! You live and learn. The 18-35 clearly has a key weak point wehere the slim plastic joing the two metal parts (the main lens and the mount), I have a feeling if it were metal too it may have survived
  6. This one was a smaller Sachtler model, quite nice but can get top heavy. I think the spreader could have done with being wider. It was either a trailing cable or a loose leg probably... a sand bag on the base likely would have stopped a tumble
  7. A warning to others! Turn your back for a moment and things can go south pretty fast! This is a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 in two bits! It seems it broke at the weakest point: THE PLASTIC The mount ring is metal, the lens body is metal, but the bit inbetween that houses the circuitboards is plastic and just snapped when it hit the ground, taking out the PCB too. Luckily all the glass is fine, looks like it nees a new plastic rear casing, some ribbons and a PCB. Still, always best to double check your support gear.
  8. Yeah I'd love to see the whole of Camera Raw plus Lumetri all mashed up into one massive realtime colour tool. That'd be ace
  9. Just a question really... I noticed it wasn't updated to 2017 edition. Personally I've mainly switched to Premiere's Lumetri, so never use it any more, perhaps that's why... Just looking for any more info if you have it. Cheers!
  10. I enjoyed the guys delivery and attitude! As nice as the piece and idea is, the title's a bit misleading in a way. It isn't a comparison of 8-bit and 10-bit abstractly, it's just a comparison of two Sonys. Take some 10-bit ProRes out of an Arri Amira for example, I've run that up against 16-bit Red Raw from an MX sensor and the Arri is better and grades far more nicely in real-world situation (IE not purposefully smashing it to get banding). Or indeed 8-bit AVCHD from a C100 vs 8-bit anything else! The C100 has an amazing compression pipeline. But dip-depth is just one piece of the puzzle. There's bitrate and chroma subsampling too. Plus the sensor, AD conversion, gain stages, colour response and profiles, gamuts.... blah blah... I like that he talks about not transcoding 8-bit stuff. I've been saying it a lot, people waste masses of hard disk, thinking that transcoding 8-bit stuff to huge files is worth it. For my two cents, I also I grade things non stop as part of my living, and I hate most Slog and Sony cam colour with a passion. I wish I didn't though, as the cameras are cheap and high-spec.
  11. hmm... a little disappointing, the 240fps is a massive quality drop, and those highlights clip super hard? Resolution is great in general though. Does the little thing have Slog2 or similar for bending those highlights down? Not that it doesn't come with its own warnings of course...
  12. That's It looks nice, but it's SD by the looks of it, just scaled up. Also there's heavy aliasing in the colour drops in places. But yeah it's great that it's usable.
  13. Usually i don't correct it, sometimes it's all part of the character, it's not often that i find it bothersome. If i do correct it i use the Premiere plugin, but it's extremely slow and needs rendering even in the timeline.
  14. So far I've not been too annoyed with it, but yes I've noticed this ghosting. Actually today is the first time it properly annoyed me on an edit, and someone else said "what's that weird stuff" A bit of a shame, since stabilisation is a big part of the point of the camera
  15. jgharding

    A7sii quirks

    Every time i get tempted to a Sony again, another one of these threads pops up... maybe one day. Good luck OP!
  16. I really like the MX sensor. It's often kinda magenta, but if you control that it's a great look.
  17. I notice the grain used on the alexa footage isn't heavy enough to really match the film in the first shot, and later the grain is too sharp and harsh. It's odd, but when starting with digital, people are really reticent to actually make it look like film by blurring, blooming highlights and adding a lot of grain! Even fast blur in Premiere does a lot for emulation. I think we're all so conditioned to digital cleanliness now, it's hard for us to remember film is imprefect, in a beautiful way. It's like the difference between a catalogue model and someone you find truly beautiful. The latter always fells more like a real emotion than just an abstract judgement.
  18. LOLLE enjoyed that. you sold it to me, I'll get one.
  19. Also, the fellow I work with uses Bose active noise cancelling on-ears. It's the other good option for monitoring I think. Noise-cancelling (either active or passive ear-filling) is paramount, or you can't hear the difference between captured and real-world sound so well.
  20. I've never yet done thatbut I'd be interested to know! I've usually had someone with an umbrella
  21. Just checking in on the vapourcam. Yup, still doesn't exist. Back to another year of shooting with Canons!
  22. proper down-the-ear earbuds give proper isolation without needing active circuitry. I have a couple of 15-20£ sets that i use, and they're fine
  23. after the XC10 being actually good despite the spec sheet (standard Canon) I'm actually quite interested in this... If the stabilisation is good and works with any lens, it could be brilliant. Shame about the 4K though.
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