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  1. Depends which lenses I'm swapping from and too, but yes I have to do it occasionally. Takes 5 seconds though
  2. I've built a Canon FD set with 20/2.8, 28/2, 35/2, 50/1.4, 85/1.2 and 135/2 that I use for all my professional shoots which are mid-tier commercials mostly. If I can get away with the characteristics I keep them wide open and if I need sharpness I stop down to an F4 or so. Long-term plan is to have them re-housed to PL by P+S Technik. I like the look and they cover FF to follow the camera trend. Edit: ...with focusgears from followfocusgears.com and fronts from Simmod to make them somewhat usable in a professional setting. Only downside is the fiddly process of swapping lenses ?
  3. I mentioned this in my other thread, but in short the GH4/5 are known for HDMI delay, however I get way more delay into Ninja V than with other monitors. And until we get SDI on mirrorless bodies HDMI is the boss the short delay I saw on the Z6 setup the other day would work great for my use-case, where the GH5+Ninja V is unusable for anything than static shots really.
  4. Hey forumers! I posted a thread some time ago about the signal delay between my GH5 and Ninja V is too pronounced to be usable. Atomos have yet to recognize the fault is theirs and accept a return, so I'm looking at investing in an S1 or S1R to supplement my GH5. The interest was sparked the other day when I was shooting a food event and another videographer turned up with a Nikon Z6 with Ninja V attached which had a much lower delay and it just looked so lovely with the FF and low delay monitoring with the Ninja V. Now, those of you that own an S1/S1R and Ninja V, how are you experi
  5. Got links for the "true working sound men"? No sass, just curious
  6. Yeah, both the GH5 and GH5S (and GH4 for that matter) have a very apparent and distracting delay over HDMI which I've come to terms with in pairing with my older monitors. The added delay of the Atomos, however, is just too much. I'll have to wait and see what Atomos final word will be, but it puts me in a situation of either ditching the GH5 or ditching the Ninja V either way. Ugh! Do you have any source(s) for these numbers? I'm curious to learn more
  7. Hey shooters! I received my Ninja V about a week ago or so and set it up for testing. To my eye the delay is way too much to be usable in a shooting scenario involving anything but static shots or very slow movements. I compared it to an Aputure monitor and a SmallHD monitor we had laying around and the delay to those monitors are about 1/10th of the delay I get into the Ninja V. To give more context of the tests (I don't have the camera infront of me right now so some phrases might be off): I've tried all system frequency modes and a variety of framerates, concluding that th
  8. The Swedish price is... higher ? As for scrubbing it depends on codec and what you're throwing on the footage, as you know. Just some sort of reference is that my current MSI GS63VR (4C/8T, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060) can handle 4K 25p XAVC-I from the FS7 and 4K 25p ALL-I from the GH5 without exploding. I almost never shoot Long-GOP codecs so idk how it would feel about that. I'm looking to replace my MSI as it's going to someone else in the company. Both the Blade and MSI:s GS-series of laptops are slim and light for the power they pack. Performance-wise I can find similar specs for same/l
  9. I'm looking at the Razer Blade 2018. Costs a pretty penny when maxed out, but makes sense for editing on the go. Things that make me look at it: better cooling than previous models, the tests I've seen show little to no throttling, small power adapter, best windows touchpad (and big) available, decent panel, 6core/12thread, easily upgraded to 32GB RAM, GTX 1070, 512GB SSD
  10. I agree with you, especially considering FS RAW which I'm not very fond of myself (Alister Chapmans write-up http://www.xdcam-user.com/tag/fs7-12-bit/). However, I was surprised when they mentioned XAVC-I (and a7SII XAVC-S) was used instead of some high end flavor of DNxHD or ProRes - or raw in such a VFX and grade heavy production point being that Crazy P really curated the cinematography to fit within their technical limitations. and I believe this is the indie doc you're referring to https://www.cinema5d.com/sea-gypsies-a-feature-documentary-shot-on-the-canon-5d3-and-magic-lantern-raw
  11. Well hello there! Have to say again, great work I remember Hannes sending out some numbers during the SSC day which were kind of mind-boggling. Amount of shooting days, VFX shots and days with rain - I forgot the numbers but as I recall it's very much a third forum-friendly "WHAT?!"-factor. Do you have those top of mind? And now that this marvelous opportunity has presented itself, I have three questions for you: 1. One thing I found very intriguing was the non-Swedish-movie factor of your film. With this I'm referring to script, compositions, audio, sfx, vfx, camera movements,
  12. (No spoilers ahead) I went to see this as it premiered last Wednesday and was blown awat by what they're pulling off compared to typical Swedish feature film productions. I also went to an event the week before with FSF (SSC - Swedish Society of Cinematographers) and heard the DP Hannes <insert last name> talk about the movie together with the colorist Ola Bäccman about the process of making the film. An additional "WHAT?!" factor, on top of the lens choices, is that they shot the entire thing in FS7:s internal XAVC-I codec except for some green/blue screen work where they went with
  13. Lil spot for a FIFA tournament we have at work every year. Shot in 4hrs, edit/grade/audio in about 8hrs. Since everyone here loves tech, it was shot with FS7, 35mm+100mm Lomo anamorphics, Easyrig. And a longer commercial for a modular house construction company that went along with a less-corporate look'n'feel with poetry as VO (in Swedish, though. Sorry non-Scandinavians) rather than corporate mumbojumbo Shot on FS7 in FS-RAW, Cooke S2/S3 Panchros, combination of dolly moves and Easyrig stuff. Gaffer mostly used M18 and accented with smth like an Aladdin Flexlite on a boo
  14. Hey! I bought these and just briefly popped them on some footage I'm working with atm, liking the results in most cases. I plan on taking some time to test this out in a controlled environment, what are people interested in seeing? Taking requests with no guarantee they will be fulfilled @Sage a tiny feedback; in the e-mail I received two days ago with the updated versions, the names of the .cube's were different than those files they are meant to replace. Got me confused there for a bit and had me looking through each folder four times like "where dem files at?!"
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