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    Emanuel reacted to theSUBVERSIVE in Panasonic GH5: Multi-Aspect Sensor   
    I wrote 5 articles speculating about the GH5, talking about possible codecs, what else can we expect but the most intriguing part is obviously the Photo 6K.
    Actually, from Photo 6K you can speculate about the sensor as well. In summary my conclusion is that it will be a multi-aspect sensor.
    Panasonic GH5: the Sensor has to be multi-aspect!
    My best guess is a 22+MP multi-aspect sensor, possibly based on DCI (1.8x crop) instead of 16:9 (1.85x crop*) for a bit more than 5760px wide and a Micro4/3 area of 20MP, possibly the same pixels size and count than Olympus E-M1 MK II.
    *we usually say 1.86x crop but if you do the math, it's much closer to 1.85x, but let's not get lost in technicalities because that's not the point and nor that important
    If Photo 4K has that name based on UHD at 3840 x 2160, then we could expect Photo 6K to be something around the 6K version of 16:9, so 5760 x 3240px.
    On Panasonic's press release, it says that Photo 6K is 18MP (6000 x 3000px) still grabs from video footage - which is a generic way to say it will have a video-like aspect ratio. But they also mention that the source of the video can either be 4:3 or 3:2, which is quite weird. Why wouldn't Panasonic even mention 3:2 as the video source? This is a clearly indication of full sensor readout, but why 3:2?
    The 16:9 multi-aspect sensor used in the GH1 and GH2 are almost 3:2 and a DCI based multi-aspect is 3:2, for me, this is another argument that it might be multi-aspect, otherwise, I don't understand why being a 4/3 sensor Panasonic would mention 3:2 aspect ratio as a full readout video source for Photo 6K.
    But why did they mention 4:3 then? Simply because they didn't want to confirm multi-aspect sensor, wouldn't people start asking themselves why a video from a 3:2? There is a possibility of Panasonic using a 4:3 of 25MP to 28MP? Of course there is, it's just very unlikely.
    More importantly, there were rumors saying it was going to be multi-aspect and also rumors saying 20MP. But why 20MP? Because the Micro4/3 portion of the sensor is 20MP, just like the GH2 was called a 16MP camera, when in fact it had more than that for the whole sensor. Plus, because part of the sensor is outside the image circle, the max resolution you get with the GH2 is indeed 16MP in 4:3, 15MP in 3:2, 14MP in 16:9 and 11MP in 1:1, therefore a 16MP camera.
    I said that the 20MP portion could have exact same pixel count as Olympus because I suspect they were developed together, the same way the E-M5 and GH3 had the same sensor, E-M1 and GH4 and also GX8 and Pen-F. It makes sense for the E-M1 MK II and GH5 to be based on the same sensor tech, plus, there were also rumors about Panasonic and Olympus sharing technology and even LSI components. Having the same pixel count and size, it's possible to share the sensor wafer, micro lens, color filter, etc. it saves you production cost money because you can both use the same parts, just different sized sensors.
    The greatest thing of multi-aspect sensors is that for lenses, nothing changes since it's all within the same image circle, so you can either use native lenses or focal reducers like Speed Booster without worrying about the extra FOV of the multi-aspect sensor. So yeah, when using the 0.64x Speed Booster, you could get less than 1.2x crop, even closer to 1.15x crop with the Speed Booster and multi-aspect sensor combo. I would still prefer less crop to use APS-C lenses like the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 and 50-100mm f/1.8, even more with IBIS, but for those wanting the 1.33 extra stop of light and closer to FF, then the 0.64x will get you pretty close to FF.
    Again, this is my best guess:
    22+MP multi-aspect sensor DCI based (approx. 1.8x crop) or 16:9 based (approx. 1.85x crop) at least 5760px wide, probably a few pixels more to accommodate DCI 4K and Photo 6K the Micro4/3 portion and max resolution of the camera will be 20+MP, so the GH5 will be a "20+MP camera" 20+MP will be possibly the same pixel count and size as the E-M1 II I also wrote about other possibilities including other resolutions like 6114px or even the scenarios of not choosing a multi-aspect sensor. Just like I also countered the idea of Panasonic straight out deceiving consumers with nothing like 6K in Photo 6K but just 18MP, which I find kind of odd since there is no need to Panasonic to deceive consumers and they haven't done anything like that ever before. Photo 6K is not the main feat of the GH5, it's 10-bit 422 and 4K 60fps, why mention 6000 x 3000px if they were simply going for 30fps full sensor burst?
    There is always that possibility, but logically speaking that has to be less likely than going back to the GH line up roots of multi-aspect sensor. I mean, this line up was developed with multi-aspect in mind from the get go. But sure, this is still just speculation, but I like the odds of a multi-aspect sensor.
    If anyone is interesting in getting more in-depth about this, you can read the other articles.
    I think that the article about codecs or ProRes/DNxHR is also pretty interesting, even more for those wanting those codecs. My conclusion is that it's better to buy a proper 4K recorder with SSD than buying expensive high-speed UHS-II cards for such high bit rate, I don't think Panasonic would leave their trump card for just a few people that can afford that - the high-speed UHS-II would cost more than the GH5 or several GH5s).
    Panasonic GH5: Overheating and IBIS rant (part1)
    Panasonic GH5: Codecs and AF improvements speculation (Part2)
    Panasonic GH5: Mysterious Photo 6K and Sensor (Part3)
    Panasonic GH5: Slow Motion and ProRes/DNxHR (Part 4)
    It's worth noting that the E-M1 II full announcement is quite imminent and giving that the E-M1 II will have the same 200mbps Full HD All-I codec as Panasonic already use, the full specs of the E-M1 might gives a few hints about whether or not Panasonic and Olympus are really partnering up or how deep they are sharing and developing technology, and of course, hints about the GH5 as well.
    Anyway, this topic is about those wanting to really get in-depth about the speculation and possibilities of the upcoming GH5.
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    Emanuel reacted to JazzBox in Buying a GH4 toward the end of 2016 pointless?   
    G7 would be perfect (I own it one that I use next to GH4), the only thing I don't like is the 28 mbps 1080, the focus peaking (the one one GH4 is far better, at least on the camera I have), the HDMI out... for the rest is an awesome 4K camera, the 4K codec is indistinguishable from the GH4's one. 
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
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    Emanuel got a reaction from nffclml2ppl in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    My perspective as well :-)
    This one seems legit too:
    BTW, here's already accessories offer:
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    Emanuel reacted to JazzBox in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    Very good quality!
    I only see some jerky movements here and there with slow motion, especially when the camera is pointed down (but maybe it is the compression from youtube) and some strange reflections when backlight, for the rest it is really impressive!
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    Emanuel reacted to BasiliskFilm in Sony Will Announce the A6500   
    I was assuming that I would need a gimbal for use with an A6300, now the sensor stabilised A6500 has come out I might hold off a bit. The good thing is a small camera can work with a cheaper, more compact gimbal. I fully acknowledge that RS and overheating are serious problems for some shooting styles, but the quality of the 4K image out of these cameras, and the potential for a speed boosted full frame image, makes it worth considering work arounds for the limitations surely?
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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in Drone - the current choice...   
    This test seems to show that the Mav is more stable in wind compared to the P4:
    In my opinion Mavic platform was meant to be the new Phantom series and planned for 2017 ca. 1 year after P4 then Karma came a long and they decided to bring it earlier and for not pissing off the ones that just brought the P4 they continue to sell them.... once Mavic ships in quantity I bet we will see big discounts on P series or a new P with the X5 that would be a key differentiation with the Mav.
    I really see no reason to have a P4 instead of a Mavic from what I saw... but you could simply wait for the first batches reaching the marked and the bugs to be ironed out to be sure...
    Camera quality seems quite similar between the two, but best would be a controlled test by somebody that really knows how to compare camera... like sharpening settings, in D-Log and not, etc...
    I prefer the less sharpened version of the Mavic but without knowing the exact settings I refrain to judge.
    Anyway if you want real camera quality is either an Inspire with X5 Raw (X5 quality is crippled by the low 60 mbits bitrate) or a Freely ALTA or DJI M600 with a real camera but the price, complexity and risks are from another planet.
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    Emanuel reacted to Dimitris Stasinos in Drone - the current choice...   
    The mavic's video is unfocused. This was mentioned many many times on every other forum and YT video. And no the mavic has NOT smaller sensor. It is the exact same size as P4's. Where did you read this?
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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in Drone - the current choice...   
    You see you proved my point that you need to compare it yourself or from somebody that know how you do camera comparisons and not jump to conclusion based on a single source of guy that the sole interest is to have views and is not removing or posting a corrected version....As a early reviewer the minimum that he should have done was to contact DJI and ask for an explanation... 
    I think DJI will learn the lesson not to handout test device to those vloggers that test everything from fridges to hotel rooms:-) without any supervision....
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    Emanuel got a reaction from jonpais in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    Mio caro, exactly my POV! We both share the same cinematic perspective on motion pictures, let it alone the aerial footage. Unfortunately, people are too uneducated with their small displays. We live in a sad age where artifacts are the king. Sawtooth borders (when not aliasing) are taken for sharp content... What else can we say? *Phew*
    To me, this is the first small drone to focus my attention on it. For the same reasons you mention.
    Still from the European press presentation in Lisbon (I know very well those locations and how curious is to me to see them to be shot like that with so tiny capture device -- DJI should/could/can slash the GoPro business with that toy/cam beyond the drone industry) take a look from 3:48 minute on:
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    Emanuel reacted to The Chris in Sony RX100 V - official topic   
    If you're looking for a pocketable compact it's not superior in any way. It's a completely different class of camera, and it's dead.
    So why bring it up in yet another thread that has nothing to do with it?
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    Emanuel reacted to JazzBox in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    To me it is pretty good! The shot on the roof shows that moire is not too severe... so it is already a good point in my opinion.
    Two days ago I shot a music video and there was also an operator with his Phantom 3 Pro, it seems more "digital" to me from the shots I have from it.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    Seems legit: 
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    It is legit :-)
    Here are other links with interesting and useful info on topic:
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    Take a look on this cinematic outcome... To whom comes from film realm, such called 'softness' (when not missing focus) is a bless :-)
    Thanks for the compliments on 'I Cento Passi' (dal cuore : ) Speaking of missing links... our memory is, though, full of team work worries, past today. Such as two weeks of shooting to be repeated only because of a DAT tape lost and recording sound irremediably missing, respectively; missing parts to still be credited; €300 to remain as credit card limit in the main method of payment for (shooting) expenses such as mere flight tickets (main cast); the female lead character to be completely erased from the script made with so much love fulfilled by many only a few months before in order to cut off the budget and tighten up efforts or there wouldn't be feature film to show up in the end + the whole participation of a co-production team and checks to sign at one time and follow accordingly, go figure... 
    Finally, all this became multiple awarded in Venice since a decade and a half ago, oh well, crazy craft this industry is *Phew*
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    Again from my native country, where DJI has invited a few reps of the 'Internet press' to the European presentation in the sunny Portuguese soil. Here's another sample of the Mavic Pro look. But, that plastic cover shouldn't be there to cover the camera lens when the bird is flying for sure...
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
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    Emanuel got a reaction from shooter in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    As already said, I don't see it in that way. I've never interested myself for any of these toys based in so small size sensors. Always refused to sign GoPro or Phantom-like signature. Actually, I've always planned to use something from 4/3" format to begin with, when not S35 as much as possible.
    This is the first cinematic outcome I've seen from such tiny category of drones.
    Really promising to my eyes. Able to shoot wherever a bigger bird won't fly.
    Without such ridiculous oversharpened lines to scream the use of cheap gear every time you go with aerial shots in your material. 
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    Emanuel got a reaction from JazzBox in Affordable and light weight slider!   
    Nice DIY setup!
    Be careful mate, you're still Mattias B., that guy who's used to post those pretty nice reviews : ) But, don't forget you're just the second-most reputable poster of this forum now once Ebrahim is out of the game! ;-)
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    Emanuel reacted to Mattias Burling in Affordable and light weight slider!   
    People shouldn't pay attention to forum points. Thats why they got ripped of. I wasnt even aware that there was a point system until someone said I was on the list. I dont even know what triggers the points
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    Emanuel reacted to Xavier Plagaro Mussard in Sony Will Announce the A6500   
    The a6500 will put stress on Panasonic to do an incredible GH5!!!
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