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    Emanuel reacted to newfoundmass in What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?   
    Granted they're a retailer, but another test. Starting to think Panny (or Sigma) did something to make them work so well. 
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    Emanuel reacted to HockeyFan12 in What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?   
    The HEVC codec is pretty good. Take a look at ProRes raw footage from the S5/S1(H) and compare it with HEVC. It's got less texture (less noise), but it's not really a world apart. 
    But then compare with clips from the P4K and P6K. Black Magic has color in a better starting place. Maybe it's because Black Magic has the luxury of making Resolve. Maybe it is the codec after all. But the P6K is the first camera where I can take a braw clip, bring it into Nuke, run it through ACES, render and not know if it was shot on an Alexa or P6K.
    (And with highlight recovery, the dynamic range is even pretty comparable.)
    ProRes should be a big step up on the S5IIX. But I don't need it. HEVC is pretty good. The bigger problem I have is I'm just not in love with the S1's color.
    I also don't HATE the S1's color. And I don't LOVE the A7SIII's color (too much red in the skin) or even Canon's (too much magenta in the skin). Of course everyone is biased toward what they're used to. But the Alexa, Venice, and P6K look great. (And have greener skin tones.)
    The A9II looks great to me too? Starting to get the impression that sensors have an inherent look. The Varicam35 had great color, too. So did the C300 Mk1 for that matter. 😕 
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    Emanuel reacted to PPNS in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    did another short with this camera, feel like showing off some stills again. the short itself is not yet finished. 

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    Emanuel got a reaction from ntblowz in Apple Unveils M2 Pro & M2 Max Chips in Updated MacBook Pro & Mac mini   
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    Emanuel reacted to TomTheDP in What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?   
    The GH6 needs PDAF. 
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    Emanuel reacted to hyalinejim in What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?   
    I'm just on the way home now and look what I've got in my bag 🙂

    For me, the clincher was that phase AF works with my old EF lenses with the MC21
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    Emanuel reacted to ade towell in What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?   
    Wex in the UK has stock for S5ii next day delivery, unfortunately for me it is still showing as pre-order for the kit with the 2 lenses - has anyone got their hands on one yet?
    Am interested to see how good the internal audio is - 96khz 24 bit and line level in with supposedly decent pre-amps should hopefully make recording seperate audio a thing of the past, at least for me. Pairing the Canon R6 with my Sound Devices Mix pre-d was quite disappointing and poor quality compared with the mix pre into Sony PCM M10 audio recorder. Panasonic seem to take audio a bit more seriously in their mirrorless cameras so fingers crossed their pre amps will be more comparable to the audio recorder.
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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in Canon EOS R5C   
    R5c does NOT have a slower AF vs R5. If you set both for maximum speed and reaction they are both the same speed tested with the same lens (70-200 and 100-500) going from infinity, mfd, middle back and forth  on the same subjects with the same light.
    R5 is quite faster in AF while NOT recording as it seems to use the photo and not video AF but as soon as you are recording they are basically the same. As I have both I feel the R5c AF more sticky than the R5 in video.
    R5c AF has less options so you don't have animal, cars AF and the AF "zones" are more limited but you gain face only (I believe R3 and R7 now has that too but R5 not). The biggest drawback imo is that in 4k 100/120 there is no face AF. I hope they will add in a firmware update as the C70 just got it, but in contrast you can record audio at 4k 100/120 and it has a bit better quality on the R5c so I end up using more the R5c for 4k 120 than the R5.

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    Emanuel reacted to TomTheDP in Apple Unveils M2 Pro & M2 Max Chips in Updated MacBook Pro & Mac mini   
    I have seen amazing deals on used M1 Macs. You can often save 75% sometimes even 50%. Tech devalues so fast it is crazy. 
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    Emanuel reacted to newfoundmass in What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?   
    Not really. It's pretty much out of their hands at this point. They COULD release firmware updates for lenses, but it'd be pointless and they'd never actually do it. Why bother when hardly anyone would actually install the updates? At this point the only thing that'll impact compatibility is the adapters and cameras themselves. 
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    Emanuel reacted to newfoundmass in Top 5 mirrorless for video IBIS?   
    Olympus/OMD might technically have the best IBIS but lacks the video features of the others. The GH6 and the S5ii both are probably at the top of the pack. Really, no one else other than Olympus comes close. 
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    Emanuel reacted to hyalinejim in Top 5 mirrorless for video IBIS?   
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    Emanuel reacted to Attila Bakos in Fuji X-H2S   
    To anyone who is interested in recording ProRes RAW with the X-H2s, I just got confirmation from Fuji that they convert X-Trans to Bayer in the camera, as I suspected. Because the two patterns are different, you have to calculate what's not there. So let's say at a given pixel X-Trans stores red but for Bayer we need blue. I asked Fuji if they interpolate this blue using the surrounding blue values in the X-Trans pattern or they just copy the value of a blue neighboring pixel. The latter is faster but more prone to artifacts. Unfortunately I received an one-liner that this is proprietary info.
    I'll know more when I test this out myself, I'll receive a Ninja V+ in the following days.
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    Emanuel reacted to herein2020 in Canon EOS R5C   
    I am with you on the S5II, fantastic in every way, but too late for me. Once you buy that first RF lens you are locked in way more vs an adaptable EF lens. Not sure if it matters to you, but one big thing the R5 is lacking vs the R6II and R7 is the hybrid hotshoe for audio. 
    I think I got my quirks worked out with that final EVF setting that was added as an option in one of the FW updates. Also, it is winter here in FL so I have been using the R5 more for video. I just completed a commercial shoot and used the R5 as a B cam to the C70 instead of the R7, mainly because the R5 already had the 70-200mm on it and I needed that lens for the shoot.
    The R5's IBIS is definitely amazing, I can easily handhold the R5 with the RF 70-200mm at 200mm and it looks like its on a tripod; not for long periods but enough to get the 30s or so that I typically need. In fact, the only camera that I've ever shot with that has even better IBIS ironically is the R7 (not counting GoPros). The R7 is the first camera I've ever shot with that I can walk for brief periods and it looks like I am using a gimbal when paired with the Canon EF 24-105mm F4 IS L lens.  For the commercial shoot the only lens I used on the R5 was the RF 70-200mm and it was all handheld, no problems getting the tripod like stability I needed for all of the shots.
    As far as vertical shooting goes, I really dislike small cameras and I shoot vertical (for photography) about 90% of the time since I am mostly filming people, so the battery grip for the R5 really fixes everything for me (makes it bigger, adds battery life, adds vertical shooting buttons). 
    IMO, I would definitely pick the R5 over the R3 any day, and just add a battery grip to it (which is exactly what I did). Another feature that I really like for photography with the R5 is that those 45MP files when using cRAW are actually smaller than the 32MP files that used to be produced by my 5DIV. 
    To me the R3 is just too focused on sports/action and you pay a lot for that. It does have some great video side benefits and of course I've never heard anything about overheating with the R3. I'm still not 100% convinced it is fixed in the R5 for Florida summer heat.
    Its kind of funny, I have kept the R5 in 4K HQ mode since I got it (which disables and hides all of the 8K options in the menu), so I never bothered looking at the 8K options, I thought it only shot 8K RAW, but somewhere mixed in with all of those FW updates it now has RAW, RAW Light, ALL-I, IPB, and compressed IPB for 8K.  Unless you have an M1 Mac,  you would definitely need proxies for the compressed 8K files. 8K RAW though I can edit with no problems in DR.
    Below were the available recording times with a 51GB CFExpress card in the R5 when set to 8K-D (8192x4320) @ 29.97FPS or 8K-U (7680x4320) @29.97FPS:
    8K RAW - 24m 19s 
    8K RAW Light - 37m 15s
    8K ALL-I - 49m 55s
    8K IPB - 1h 35m 32s
    8K Compressed IPB - 3h 11m 11s
    The 8K compressed IPB almost looks small enough to be useable to me, I might have to try it out one day on a shoot.
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    Emanuel reacted to Marcio Kabke Pinheiro in IBIS, OIS, DIS, motion-sensing gyro...   
    Completely agree with you about the Fuji, specially in slow pans, is jumpy as hell. Never used the Canons, but the footages that I saw looks good.

    And Olympus was always the best for me, had the E-M5 MK II and was superb. Even the E-M10 MK III, which in theory had in inferior IBIS, was better than Fuji, and on par with my GX9 when I had both. Dunno if they changed something.
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    Emanuel reacted to SMGJohn in IBIS, OIS, DIS, motion-sensing gyro...   
    IBIS + OIS are always better than some digital motion sensor which always ruins the image in one way or another with artefacting, there just no way around this, maybe in the year 2050 we will have AI capable of reconstructing an image perfectly.
    There some wobble on the S5 with a wide angle lens, but if you have a wide angle lens with OIS/OSS should the wobble issues not be removed? Considering Panasonic uses the same method as Sony for IBIS + OIS, the sensor only does X - Y axis with roll and lens does pitch and yaw.

    Canon IBIS is pretty mediocre, I would say Sony newer cameras does a better job with IBIS + digital IS in video mode than Canon does, Canon have the same issues as Olympus and Fuji in that they are solely made for photography use, they all seem to suffer when you start panning or doing walks they go all over the place, whereas Panasonic and later Sony cameras seem to really refined their IBIS for video, Sony A7IV does not suffer from these panning issues.
    Honestly, Canon is just making excuses with R5C, it should have IBIS LOL, you could always just make it lock itself in place like some cameras do when you do not use it however there is an argument for not using IBIS, it makes the camera 100g lighter, it makes the camera a lot more sturdy, IBIS systems break REALLY easily on impact, but if Canon worried about breaking and the sensor floating around when the IBIS is not in use, I do not understand why they could not just invent in a locking system that locks it in centre.
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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in Canon EOS R5C   
    @Django both are very good cameras with each some drawbacks.

    For video my A cam is the R5c and B cam is the R5. Any framerate above 30fps the R5c is sharper and 120 you can record audio on an SD. So for my usage is better as I shot a lot in 8k 50 and slow mo.
    XAVC, S35 RAW, Waveform, Peeking during AF, and face only AF, unlimited recording, being the other keys advantage of the R5c
    On IBIS, in my experience it is super valuable between 30mm and 100mm but not good below 30mm and not really useful and sometime bad above 100mm. Here is the catch, as you cannot disable IBIS and keep IS on, the R5c with a wide angle IS lens is better than the R5 no wobble but you get IS. As I already posted with the 100-500, that I use a lot handled for video, I get better results in the R5c than the R5 as on the R5 sometime in fast pans it jumps and I think it is the IBIS.
    I use quite a bit a gimbal for tracking shoot and there having IS but no IBIS at 24mm it creates a more stable picture, no wobble but yet IS helps with the small jitters.
    Bottomline if you use a lot 35, 50, 85 primes then the R5 IBIS is super valuable for the reset especially with IS lenses in my experience is counterproductive.
    This scene would not work with IBIS due to wobble, but IS helps on the gimbal with the vibrations, so R5c wins in this situations:

    This one is handled with 100-500 on the R5c so only IS:
    Battery is the biggest issue of the R5c, the grip solves it but is expensive and no support of 8k RAW 50/60, the alternative also expensive is half or full cage, smallrig small v mount plate and FXLION Nano One + kondorblue dummy battery (I use the USB-C cable when I do 8K RAW 50/60). But it makes the overall setup bulky and cumbersome the only good thing is that with two battery you basically go all day. So yes R5c battery sucks big time
    Due to this the TCO of the R5c is more expensive than R5 and you really cannot use just 1 internal battery…

    On the lag I really don’t see the problem, here a sequence of photos at 20fps all perfectly sharp and I could follow the player easily on the EVF, on my 1DX III I was not getting a 100% ratio in a sequence like this and less frames too: 
    On the R3 I think is overpriced for what it is and I’m not going back to 20-24 mpix, I so much easy to be a bel to crop a bit so I can leave some safety room.
    Why not buying a used R5 you can use it for a few months and see if it is perfect for your usage or not. If not you probably sell it for just a few euro less of what you paid? R5c used are quite rare....
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    Emanuel reacted to MoonCannon in Fuji X-H2S   
    Just to follow up, in case anyone is reading.
    Turns out it was definitely more my settings (which I had jiggered oddly to work around the old firmware). Setting everything back to stock then selecting continuous, area, sensitivity at 0, and speed at -4 and I'm quite happy with the results for moving images. Nice update!
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    Emanuel reacted to MoonCannon in Fuji X-H2S   
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or my settings worked around the old firmware and need to change, but I find the 3.0 update to be a huge step backwards in the AF...
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    Emanuel reacted to Maxbrand in How we shot a 30-minute film for under $3000 while still maintaining high production value, a producer & cinematographer's perspective - Part 1   
    Thank you!
    I might get into this, I could do a post about the setup we used. My first posts will not talk about this though since I think too much focus is put on what equipment is used than what's necessary.
    To me whether it's Alexa, Sony or Canon it will have a minor effect on the end result compared to how big of an effect changing the lighting, camera movement and placement has. 
    But since two of you have already asked a quick breakdown of the gear, most of which I was able to borrow:
    Alexa mini LF (In super35 mode)
    DZOFilm Pictor zooms
    This scene has barely any lighting in it except for unplugging some of the ceiling lights, a later post will get in to scenes where we used Titan Tubes, tungsten lights, ultrabounce, litepanels and more..
    I'm glad to answer any of your questions, so just ask away if you're wondering about anything!
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    Emanuel reacted to Maxbrand in How we shot a 30-minute film for under $3000 while still maintaining high production value, a producer & cinematographer's perspective - Part 1   
    Yeah, I understand that it sounds ridiculous to say $3000 when we had an Alexa and lighting equipment borrowed. But it's always going to be a big part of the low budget producing to secure the gear for a low cost. 
    We rented the lenses but the rest of the camera package we could borrow specifically because we planned the shoot in June when 90 percent of the film market in Sweden is on vacation. 
    It's all part of the producer's job to get as much as possible with as little money as possible.
    Additionally I'm certain we could get almost the same result with a pocket cinema camera and cheap lights. There is so much more to filmmaking than just camera and lighting gear. 
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    Emanuel reacted to ade towell in Fx30 or a7IV for Hybrid w/ 1 lens?   
    Well I've actually pre-ordered but pretty much know what I'll get with Panny - over the years have had the DVX100, AF100, GH2 (still got), GH3 and more recently the S1 which I loved for the IBIS and the DR. Panasonic are probably my favourite of the Japanese camera companies for trying to give you solid, well built decent spec and normally are best value for money. Not as heavy with the cripple hammer as some and good for firmware updates to give you the best camera they can 
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    Emanuel reacted to ade towell in Fx30 or a7IV for Hybrid w/ 1 lens?   
    I think the only reason Panasonic now has PDAF is because Sony finally decided they would sell them a sensor with it functioning. It seems Sony has made another generational AF leap with their new AI assisted AF system and so threw Panasonic a bone. 
    Sony seem to have taken a lead on AF these days with Canon and now Panasonic close behind but definitely both trailing in 2nd place.
    Colour definitely is subjective - I prefer Panasonic colours with vlog over Fuji and then Canon for me. All have a really lovely image so to me it is then the features which make Panasonic S5ii the stand out, it ticks every box I have and has no real weakness. From great DR, full HDMI, class leading IBIS, up to 10 loadable luts and all kinds of connectivity with monitor and still being able to use touchscreen it is such an upgrade from the Canon R6 and also beats out the R6ii. All at a much cheaper price. Be nice to play around with some anamorphic too, has been a while 
    Another big plus for me - audio was always something Panasonic seemed to take a little more seriously on their mirrorless cameras than others, and sounds like the S5ii takes that up another level. Apparently with pretty clean pre amps it's capable of recording 4 audio tracks 96khz 24 bit and takes Line level in (unusual for mirrorless) and can connect my Sound Devices Mix pre-d when needed.
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    Emanuel reacted to D Verco in Fuji X-H2S   
    Fresh firmware just dropped. Apparently huge AF improvements.
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    Emanuel reacted to PannySVHS in Fuji X-H2S   
    Would love to hear your opinion about the GH6! @Attila Bakos
    External recording with the Fuji is fine though? Thanks for your findings and contributions!
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