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    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in 24p is outdated   
    (When you watch documentaries... Right. I get your point but)
    are you sure of the remainder part? ; )
    I was there the first time I watched this piece, a year later, same screening room, with the filmmaker himself, talking to him (in English : D) through a physical human translator : P... perhaps *cough cough* the greatest name of the documentary cinema since Dziga Vertov:
    About his work and contribution, experts are used to produce content of more than 1-hour only to talk about his bigger than life "visions" of real ; )
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    Emanuel reacted to Jedi Master in 24p is outdated   
    Nice one!
    Autofocus capabilities are increasing with every new generation of cameras. It’s getting faster and more accurate, and camera manufacturers are using AI to detect faces and eyes and to track motion. It’s come a long way since the earliest efforts back in the 1980s. What will it be like in a decade or two? Who knows, but it will be faster and more capable than what we have now, that’s for sure. Will Hollywood use it then? Probably not, but it is, and will increasingly be, helpful for people who don’t have a full crew of operators, 1st ACs, and 2nd ACs—in other words, about 90% of the users of video cameras.
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    Emanuel reacted to Jedi Master in 24p is outdated   
    Indeed. That’s why the political situation in this country is in the state it’s in now.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in 24p is outdated   
    It's a subtle thing - shooting 24p won't make something instantly cinematic or larger than life.  The 'recipe' for making something look cinematic or larger than life (or any of the other dozens of ways to describe it) is that you need to do everything in a way to emphasise that experience.
    Everything from the writing to the acting to the lighting to the framing to the production design to the editing to the colour grading to the sound design to the mastering to the way that the finished product is viewed.  They all matter, otherwise the studios would simply not pay for them.
    The cinematic look is a feeling you create inside the viewer by making 1000 small decisions about every aspect of the whole process.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in 24p is outdated   
    Are you sure?  I'm going to have to think about that for a couple of weeks and I'll get back to you then.
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    Emanuel reacted to ghostwind in 24p is outdated   
    Do you know what else is outdated? Manual focus. It's so slow, man, it drives me nuts! This is 2023, not 1923! My iPhone can focus faster than any ALEXA, so what's up with that? Autofocus is true cinema and anyone telling you otherwise is just trying to keep their job as a focus puller or living in the past. Engineers are with me, let's go!
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    Emanuel got a reaction from kye in 24p is outdated   
    I guess everyone (if not, they should ; ) appreciate @kye's entries. And I still really think (not idle words) you're being unfair with the remaining ones who have contributed along this thread. No, I don't beg for a distinct input nor become upset for your remarks on your unpleasant impression on my own. The same way I find not productive at all coming here with this level of judgment on ones over the others. It's not nice and it's not the only one case readers can read it through these pages.
    Japanese have a curious way to say thanks to an author than saying they've appreciated the work.
    To be a filmmaker, good one included, doesn't mean to entitle whoever to be an authority on aesthetics.
    The same to those who look like to gather camera technology expertise.
    The same way a thread is not a campus :- )
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in 24p is outdated   
    A few points..
    I have no idea how much is spent, but it's enough for them to shoot everything in 1000fps if they wanted to, but they don't The thread is literally titled "24p is outdated", so translating that to be "old" and "wrong" isn't too far a stretch The firestorm is likely a reaction to the increasing popularity of 30p and 60p video, which just looks awful to many of us...  perhaps a good parallel was if restaurants all over the world all started cooking every dish with Kale (or some other ingredient that many people hate) - lots of people who don't mind Kale would just say "eat somewhere else" but it would really be a bad outcome.  and then the Kale Lovers Association starts a thread on their cooking forums saying that everything except Kale is crap...   that is the response here. The thread didn't "degenerate" into a discussion about art, it actually elevated because creativity and art is the whole point of film-making, which is a point you seem completely impervious to hearing Yes, the goal of the industry is to make money, but in case you didn't notice, emotion is what drives sales.  Newspaper headlines, clickbait video titles, social media feuds, etc - these all generate the most sales and clicks because they stimulate the human emotional system.  You can think what you like about rationality and realism, but it's not how the vast majority of humans work.  A great movie is one where the reaction is "I laughed, I cried", not "I found it to be sensible and factual".  Movies make us feel to generate sales. To make money, movies make us feel.  To make us feel, movies have to be emotive.  To be emotive, they use all the tricks.. one of which, out of literally hundreds that are in use, is 24p.
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    Emanuel reacted to Thpriest in 2024 - A "No Gear" Year   
    Fcpx. I know it’s ram as the computer tells me I’m out of ram! It’s true that I mainly edit 4K and 6K 10bit Movs. I can’t run Chrome or anything else if I want to edit with no hiccups. I’m finding this to be very tedious. If you are doing serious editing I’d go for 32gb minimum 
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    Emanuel reacted to Thpriest in 2024 - A "No Gear" Year   
    I’d like to call a halt to buying gear but I’m seriously thinking about selling my Lumix S5 and getting an S5X to go with my S5Mk2. The user experience with the Mk2 is so much better than the Mk1. It would only mean spending 1000€. That and a Sigma 16-28 f2.8 and the Rode Wireless Pro. 
    Oh, and sell my Macbook Pro 16” M1 Pro with 16gb ram as I made a big mistake there. 16gb ram is totally inadequate. I need 32gb at least. Expensive mistake.
    So…fuck. That’s a lot of money😵‍💫
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    Emanuel reacted to John Matthews in 2024 - A "No Gear" Year   
    Many in France believe that too.
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    Emanuel reacted to Ty Harper in Thoughts on Nikon Z9/Z8 vs. Canon R3/R5(c)?   
    Random test between R5C and FX3 that just popped up in my feed: 
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    Emanuel reacted to Jedi Master in 24p is outdated   
    I have read the book you referenced and agree with the critics. Kaku is a physicist and doesn’t appear to know much about quantum computing based on what he says in this book.
    Whenever someone makes a positive claim, such as the existence of the paranormal, or of gods, the burden of proof falls on them to provide objectively verifiable evidence for their claim. Lacking that, we have no reason to believe their assertion (because without evidence, that’s all it is—an assertion).
    Carl Sagan said that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Some claims are mundane and don’t require much evidence, but others do. For example, if I told you I got a new pet dog, that wouldn’t require much, if any, evidence for you to believe me because dogs are common pets, and many people have one, perhaps including yourself. But if I told you that I got a new pet fire breathing dragon, you shouldn’t believe me without more evidence because fire breathing dragons are the stuff of myths and legends, not everyday reality. I would posit that the existence of the paranormal and of gods are extraordinary claims, and, hence, require extraordinary evidence.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in 24p is outdated   
    You're entitled to believe what you want but as man of computers you are, give this book a try:
    By https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michio_Kaku
    Take a look on the criticism over that work in specific... This is the problem of many people, they think they understand every other fields of the human knowledge ; )
    «Some theorize that the universe itself acts as a vast quantum computer, “processing” the activity of its countless particles and forces from one end of reality to another. If so, as computers begin to more directly imitate nature’s own computations, new insights may open into physics, chemistry, and biology—even the architecture of the brain itself.
    Yet mankind has not proven the best steward of such knowledge. On our path to learning more about how God’s remarkable creation works, we inevitably come to various crossroads regarding how we choose to use what we learn. Understanding God’s design of matter and energy has allowed us to harness the power of the atom—both to power our cities and to destroy them.
    Understanding the strange, counterintuitive world of quantum mechanics will bring us to a similar crossroads. What decisions will we have to face when quantum computing is fully ours to wield however we wish? Will we have the character to properly apply what we learn from this aspect of God’s creation?»
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    Emanuel reacted to mercer in 24p is outdated   
    Hahahaha... this is so stupid.
    @zlfan you are the one that claims 24p is outdated, yet you are the one demanding that the majority prove you wrong with scientific evidence that 24p is more cinematic than 60p...
    Sorry to tell you, but it's your claim, so the burden of proof lies with you to prove us wrong with scientific evidence.
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    Emanuel reacted to PannySVHS in 24p is outdated   
    Roger Deakins is a legendary dp of dps, a gentleman, craftsman, artist and scholar of cinematography. To insult him on a Dslm cinematography forum is a final unappetizing antic.
    I suggest you enjoy some fresh air and calm down. Watch T1 and 2, if you want to witness 80ies and 90ies scifi greatness. Instead you watched the lame follow ups and many youtube camera recommendation videos. You then come to our forum as an unfamiliar guest with a familiar depreciative sound of writing, suggesting nonsense, implying to consume our earth to its vital limits.
    I am not even interested in the question, if you have ever done anything in the field of cinematography or small passion projects or anything at all. I dont care. Please just stop your disgrace or leave like you came, this year of 2023.
    You are a naked keyboard user after all.
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    Emanuel reacted to BTM_Pix in 24p is outdated   
    When the UK was in the EU, it used 25p too.
    Following the overwhelming 4% landslide will of the people advisory vote to leave the shackles of the worlds largest trading bloc that also happens to be under 30 miles away, the sovereign UK was able to make its own rules.
    Following Brexit, the pound devalued greatly against the dollar and Euro so that 25p was now only worth 23p.
    Free from the Brussels overlords and WEF puppet masters  and defying economic reality, the UK therefore adopted 23p as its new standard.
    However, there is a strong movement to exert the virtues of Brexit by exceeding anything that those banana straightened obsessives in the EU can do by going past their paltry 25p by a further 20%.
    This movement is championed by an MP called Lee Anderson, deputy chairman of the Tory party, who is so identified with the quest that he is now known nationally as “30p Lee”.
    You should google 30p Lee as he’s a big fan of alternative facts as well.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in 24p is outdated   
    Like @mercer has said, this is ridiculous.
    There's two people in this thread who are making post after post about how 24p is old and wrong etc, and then there's the entire industry spending trillions of dollars a year shooting films and who have access to any camera they want and could shoot in any frame rate they liked, and yet they select 24p.
    So, who is right?  Two internet keyboard warriors, or the entire worlds entertainment industry?
    We did a survey, and you didn't win this "debate".
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    Emanuel got a reaction from Katrikura in Another Christmas greeting   
    Clever ; ) Loved the sausages part! LOL : ) This is what a real production means as conforming creative choices to the stuff we have in hands... Well done again in this yearly tradition of yours, it will surely be appreciated by the local community :- )
    ¡Felices fiestas de Navidad!
    - EAG
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    Emanuel reacted to mercer in Thoughts on Nikon Z9/Z8 vs. Canon R3/R5(c)?   
    I saw this video on YouTube a few weeks ago that could be useful for some of you guys to think about...
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    Emanuel reacted to ghostwind in Thoughts on Nikon Z9/Z8 vs. Canon R3/R5(c)?   
    @Django & @MrSMW - I can't recommend the Z9 high enough. I've had mine for over a week, and I have zero regrets and am just loving it. 
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    Emanuel reacted to Django in Thoughts on Nikon Z9/Z8 vs. Canon R3/R5(c)?   
    90% of my Canon glass are EF primes and none of them have lens IS. 
    IBIS is just great for getting rid of micro jitters and what not. Its a solid feature. Digital IS not only crops but can also introduce other issues. And of course IBIS isn't immune to that either with infamous wobble issues on wide angle lenses.
    The beautiful thing about Z8/Z9 is that you can actually lock the IBIS. So it can be on or off depending on lens/situation.
    Having options is always better than not having them!
    That said, within Canon ecosystem, I would definitely choose the R5C over the R5 even though it doesn't have IBIS.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in Thoughts on Nikon Z9/Z8 vs. Canon R3/R5(c)?   
    The key difference is that OIS and IBIS will stabilise during the exposure, and digital IS stabilises afterwards.
    I did a test some time ago to show what this looks like.  This test is deliberately with a long lens, so is somewhat exaggerated, but should be indicative of the issue.  If you are using very short shutter speeds then it doesn't matter, it's only when using a 45-360 degree shutter angle that these effects would be visible.
    Once you know how to recognise it, you see it in YT content every so often, so it does happen in real-life.  The combination of action-camera and low-light is particularly succeptible.
    Digital IS is a great tool, and for some people it's sufficient.  Use whatever works for you 🙂 
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    Emanuel reacted to Grimor in Another Christmas greeting   
    Poor man / DIY from Grimor industries 🤣🤣
    It's a gardener Stilh Harness (with 90° aluminum tube)  and a cheap rope ratchet with upgraded cord. 
    I buy all the parts for under 100 euros and you can adjust rope length with just one hand. 
    Never use the real easyrig thing, but I think the main difference is  mine has no suspension mechanism. 

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    Emanuel reacted to Grimor in Another Christmas greeting   
    A little BTS of the short film:
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