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  1. Wish they also made a cheap 1.4 option.
  2. Is anyone using DIS with vintage lenses? I tried and when I pan even slowly i see some weird jello effect making it basically useless...
  3. https://wirednot.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/the-curious-case-of-bogus-amazon-sellers/
  4. You just color corrected manually?
  5. Sorry to quote this old post but I just love this look, it's my favorite. It's incredible this has no MBL! Do you have any particular color correction setting "saved" for this look?
  6. these scammers are doing the same on Amazon marketplace so be aware
  7. sandro


    Fastest and affordable lens below 45mm with nice focusing ring? And Nikon F if possible! I'm thinking about the sigma 30mm 1.4. Maybe Samyang line?
  8. What if you can't predict where your subject will be and it also passes by at high speed? I would love to use manual lenses whatever the system but seriously why create problems if you there's something already there and working? AF won't make a bad photographer
  9. I already explained and discussed with you and others in details here and in other threads what the problem was and you compared the shots you took in manual compared to skiers when you a tight plane of focus which is a complete different thing. I shoot manual focus since 12y and I know what I'm talking about. The NX lens lineup is limited and will never be expanded and the lens available are not as assicurate as DSRL and probably impossible to buy. What is there more to say? I said I personally wouldn't use this system for stills only if planning to use on a variety of situations. Le'ts just drop this topic, I'm just tired.
  10. You probably didn't work for the of sport of worked for. Yes it is POSSIBLE but would you use whatever lens adapted on the NX1 and get 90% of shots out of focus just because the NX1 sensor is awesome? Come on... i
  11. I'm sorry but in sports manual focus is impossible.
  12. Not because of the sensor but because of the native/AF lenses...I explained it before.
  13. This is my first attempt with ricardo's settings. However I didn't use delut cause I wasn't able to make it work, instead I used Premiere's SL GOLD RUSH LDR with personal tweaks (no input LUT). I'm satisfied with the result expect for sky banding present on the original footage. Maybe a higher bitrate would been useful. I used the stock 80Mbit 120p. Anyway I'm impressed by the amount of details this sensor deliver at 1080p from 28MP at 120fps. Samsung really made a beast. I could only imagine what a NX2 could have been like!
  14. Really like it. What bitrate did you use? Anyway with the latest version what bitrate can you push to get a stable 120p footage?
  15. Hi is there a way to shoot a timelapse (basically Interval Capture) while keeping the screen off to save battery or at least switch to EVF while still shooting to use less battery than the big screen? If not I suggest this as a feature request for the hack(s)
  16. I just tried and you're right. Thanks I didn't know about this behavior.
  17. Anyway something is not right here. There should be zero difference between live view in still and video mode. Still mode previews the picture "as is" (shooting mode or whatever it's called is off) so the aperture is what you see, it's locked. UNLESS the aperture is set to maximum and exposure preview is done via software which i doubt. I'll have to recheck this because I'm not convinced.
  18. Will they also make it non cinema? To save money.... nevermind yes. How will the photo version cost? Edit: EUR 499
  19. I guess those scenes are well lit.
  20. I meant I don't see in still live view. It's almost unbelievable that even the $1500 S lenses basically make zooming during video useless due to these shifts.
  21. Try enabling half stop ISO and see if you see a jump from 2000 to 2500. I believe the jump is there exactly. Seems completely software though... It seems like the jump also affects exposure.
  22. OK it would have been fun to see a cheap Tamron for the NX :D You're right no super zoom is steller but no one is ad bad as the 18-200mm...
  23. Even here they noticed there's a strange jump in noise form 1600 and 3200 (@ 17:40), I actually noticed it from 2000 to 2500 but I guess it's the same thing using half stop ISO. I don't really agree with line skipping, I'm positive something is hardcoded to jump the NR above ISO 2000.
  24. Other systems have third party lenses, Samsung never allowed any to develop. I'm not changing system anytime soon...
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