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  1. What exactly did you criticize on their forum?
  2. Hey! Yeah, I have nothing against GoPro. It's just that for my needs a new GoPro is out of my budget. Also I read everywhere that the Hero7B is seriously bugged where you can lose footage too often. That's not cool :)
  3. Since we're here, is it possible to set a manual shutter speed with automatic ISO?
  4. I read GoPro with their monopoly position are just crippling and releasing "new" cameras with an awful software full of bugs. I don't like that.
  5. I would be interested, where do you sell it?
  6. Is this a particular reason why you linked this? I mean did you try it? Seems worse than the Brave 6 Plus. That is more expensive than GoPro
  7. Hello I'm not sure if you guys have any experience with these cameras (I don't!) but I would like to record "relaxing" videos of my bicycle rides and I was wondering if there's something cheaper than GoPro/DJI for this kind of content. Something similar to this guy My requirements: - good 1080p30/60 or 4k30p - awesome IS, I want to put it on the handlebar - possibility to add an ext stereo mic Size is not that important, I won't be using on my chest or to record extreme bike rides. Just relaxing slow rides on asphalt or trails. The only cheap camera that I found
  8. Why failure? Too bad it doesn't ship outside Switzerland... Can anyone summarize what's all thing with Nikon being a failure, prices falling and stuff? I'm confused.
  9. what are the disadvantages of the z6 for video compared to its main competitor the a7iii? is it a monster for low light? i would guess with the z adapater the lenses is a bit contained compared to sony?
  10. I'm on the same boat though I'm not that focused on the AF. I don't remember that nx1 being so special for the AF capabilities.
  11. Is it good move to cost even more than the Sony a73?
  12. I think it was this. Sorry it was the z7
  13. Hi can you show samples at very high ISO?
  14. So the rumor is that the sony a7s3 will have more MP then the non-S version? it doesn't make sense...
  15. do we know already if the ztf adapter will work even for third party lenses like Tamrons for vr, aperture and focus?
  16. seems like the details is there, that's the thing
  17. for video from your experiences what is the maximum ISO you would use? I remember the xt2 had nice grain up to 12800.
  18. I saw a comparison between a73 and z6 and noticed the sony wins hands down in low light performance. I wonder what sony does differently considering they're both full frame and have the same MP.
  19. is there a good low light comparison with other cameras?
  20. Is it a windows machine? if you have a i7 7xxx series you have hardware acceleration for playback, for 10 bit only with the 8xxx series.
  21. If it has the same grainy look I'm ok with that... will have to wait for more comparisons!
  22. I will, do you own the x-t2? What do you think it's the maximum ISO you can go and still get an usable image?
  23. Do we have any comparison for high ISO in video mode? Maybe to other cameras and the XT2 (to see how much of a "downgrade" that is looking at pictures)?
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