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  1. I don't think 35mm is good for cinematography, at least 28mm on super 35mm. Anyway for f2.8 you'll be fine price wise. I use and like the Nikons...
  2. The amount of posts here everyday is just another proof of how well this camera will sell. If only Nikon would wake up and set up a video division they could destroy these crippled DSLRs.
  3. Don't wanna be offensive but are people still hoping Canon will release the good non crippled hybrid DSLR? Didn't we learn many years ago they will Never release one intentionally to protect their videocameras line? funny thing is that no matter this they will never stop since this will be the best selling dslr, for video as well
  4. Wasn't the a6000 even better in low light?
  5. You're right I'm probably spoiled by the fact that the nx1 is so advanced but yet fails on these "basic" things.
  6. Yesterday I shoot some clips at 6400 ISO and I'm seriously confused on how Samsung managed to get this bad image on the NX1. It doesn't even seem a NR thing just the sensor/HW that are bad designed. I'm considering getting A6300 for night shots B camera for little money if i'll ever need it. A6300 seems clean up to 12800. It probably didn't help that I was shooting at 60P.
  7. It already does with Skylake.
  8. Knowing Canon I wonder how bad 120p will look like.
  9. Just curious. With this sensor that basically see in the dark does it remove the need of any fast lens? The kit lens is good for everything.
  10. I thought that bitrate was stable for 120p.
  11. Yup... wasn't aware a6300 is so much better in details than others...
  12. a6300 4K is sharper than NX1's 4K. Is that right? https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr29_0=sony_a6300&attr29_1=samsung_nx1&attr72_0=4k&attr72_1=4k&normalization=full&widget=383&x=0.24528761715853103&y=0.6463206190739753
  13. sandro


    The new Nikon E lenses with "electronic aperture" means they don't have an aperture lever so useless on dump adapters? If yes is Nikon going the Canon way?
  14. Does DIS reduce resolution?
  15. sandro


    It just has a little bit of ghosting wide open
  16. I seriously don't get what you're talking about. Just because this art is food for you and not for me doesn't mean $400 for a lens just becomes cheap for me. I'll leave this thread since I'm so disrespectful.
  17. sandro


    My dear Nikkor 35mm F2 AI-S on the NX1
  18. Could you post some comparison? -15 contrast sounds really extreme. Anyway can't you just go back to 0-255 in premiere even if shot at 16-235?
  19. I'm an hobbyist at the moment so yeah it's expensive
  20. OK so I tried to understand, if I set 150Mbit for "4K Pro" it applies to all 4K and FHD framerates. Is that correct?
  21. I'm trying the BT hack. So basically when you set a bitrate the "current bitrate" this will applied to all the resolutions? Will it stick through reboots? I would like to set a bitrate for 4k and one for 60p and 120p, seems like "HD PRO" is for both fps?
  22. Is there a limit for YT for bitrate? The video I posted before I just noticed it has dropped frames and decoding errors. It's full of "jumps" from here https://youtu.be/emhe9MzVOcE?t=190
  23. I bet quite expensive though, mitakon i guess would make one cheaper?
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