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  1. I couldn't find exact info about the crop per resolution/fps on the Sonys, is it really x2 crop? Answer did you try the xt20?
  2. Thank you everyone. I think I'm going with a used NX1, still not 100% sure though. I'm baffled cause I'm tempted with the sony a6300 but overheating thus losing shots is kinda unacceptable! Also you talk about a bad rolling shutter problem. Does the a6500 fix any problems? Like overheating and less crop? Also the XT20 seems tempting but I would lose 120p I read it doesn't crop like the XT2 does but probably will have a lower quality? Also I thought a used NX1 would cost less instead on eBay it's around €800-900
  3. GH5 could be an option but If there's no advantage in low light there's no reason for me to add money for the switch and "downgrade" to m4/3. Fujitsu is interesting, what model and kind of money are we talking about? Weak points? The refund is €1350 (body only) and it's in Milan right now.
  4. Well the options are two: - get the refund and buy a used one, like getting a half refund for the trouble - get the refund and switch model, but to what? The only one that comes close (in terms of price of course) is the sony a6300 but i will lose the ergonmics, problem with overheating (still happening?) and weird colours. In return I get an exceptional low light performance which I hated about the nx1... I wouod finally be able to shoot above 1600 and beyond without worrying about getting a point and shoot look And also of course a system still alive! Very confused...
  5. Well guys no good news, kinda. The service center just called me and said they can't repair the sensor cause they don't know if they'll ever get the part or a new NX1 to give me as a replacement. So they offered me a full refund. Problem is if I accept it I'm out of options since I can't get a new one (not being sold anymore) and I can't find a valid substitute for the same money. Basically either i keep the defective product or I lose it. What would you do? They screwed me!
  6. I'm still trying to make it boot without crash... Windows 10.
  7. What's wrong with the rendering? Does it support proxy editing like premiere pro?
  8. sandro

    Adobe Rant

    I just tried to install Resolve 14 beta free and when I launch it it crashes good start
  9. sandro

    Adobe Rant

    Since the NX1 came out I used proxies, then Adobe added H.265 support but where you actually able to work with 4K H.265 files? Me never, so proxies are still needed. So what is so horrible in the meantime for GH5 to use proxies? They will add support for sure. Is resolve actually good on Windows?
  10. Hi, can someone recommend a good website where you can get free decent music (instrumental) to use as soundtrack for a documentary or educational projects? I found some but the songs are embarrassing to use :D I can of course credit the composer.
  11. I brought the camera to warranty, I wonder if they'll able to replace the sensor all considering...
  12. http://m.theinvestor.co.kr/view.php?ud=20170407000537 what else is new?
  13. For under $1000 I remember the Nikon D5300 wasn't that bad at high ISO.
  14. I also want that lens for €375, how?
  15. Someone mentioned the canon fd 35-70 f4.
  16. Isn't this news coming out every year for various manufacturers?
  17. Definitely something wrong with the frame rate.
  18. Does 1.74x crop mean also a lower DR, less than classic APS-C?
  19. At least the 4K footage looks reasonably sharp although the shutter speed used is atrocious.
  20. At this point the problem is not Canon but people that keep buying it.
  21. Great work and I really like the song!
  22. Nikon mirrorless is dead as well? http://www.ubergizmo.com/2016/08/nikon-1-possibly-discontinued/
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