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  1. We're lucky to have one then I just wish I could have afforded the 16-50 and 50-150m S lenses. And now that they should be sold for peanuts they're completely gone and the ones used for sale are more expensive than when they came out!
  2. Not on the kit lens (pancake) it's all electronic and there's no switch. Every time you stop recording it goes back to AF... that's why I asked.
  3. I was just wondering... Samsung dropped the camera business because of low sales... what about brands like Fujifilm, Leica and Olympus do they really sell more cameras than Samsung used to? Since the digital era I haven't seen anyone using those digital cameras.
  4. Any hack supporting full time manual focus in video for Samsung lenses?
  5. I actually meant that range 24-150 (not 35 mm equivalent). The 18-200 is the only lens available close to that and with AF.
  6. I don't know if this is connected but I'm getting micro exposure changes when I zoom in and out with the kit lens. If doesn't really make sense, is this normal? I set the aperture to f/5.6, shutter speed 1/60 and manual focus. How do you explain this change in exposure while zooming? If the lens maximum aperture is 5.6 why and how does it get darker/brighter? IIRC it also happens with the 18-200, is this a "bug" of electronically controlled lenses? Edit: it doesn't happen in still mode so it's a software issue...
  7. I don't know if Amazon UK has magical power but they're able to restock some lenses on demand. The S series completely disappeared anyway.
  8. It misses continuously even out in the sun... if an adapter with AF comes out I would gladly sell this shitty lens! Problem is that you if you need that range=24-150 that lens is the only way
  9. If they made more S lenses it would have been great. They're not even available anymore... that's why I said it's not a good system for pics also. Anyway back to the topic I'm also interested in knowing that happens to the quality.
  10. I'm not talking about quality and the sensor. As you may know I worked on ski slopes for a season and it was an absolute nightmare. I needed a versatile lens so the 18-200mm was the only choice too bad the glass is just below average, it misses the focus so often that it makes you wanna smash the camera. Sometimes it won't even find a point to focus! And this happens with kit lens as well, so this mirrorless system it's not ready for photography (used this way). My 550D even in low light it just focus the NX1 don't even know what to look for. Change lens? No one ever produced lenses for the NX systems with AF so... I love it for video and stills but for that kind of work (sports) it's absolutely not the right system. Also because the native and third party lenses selection is poor and now non existent. But yeah if you do any other kind of photography nothing to complain. The thing is when I see "professional work" (not that the result is anything professional, as GOOD) they all rely on AF and speed, the NX1 just can't keep up.
  11. That was great for being in the kit lens really. ISO?
  12. Honestly if you're a still shooter Samsung NX system is the wrong choice...
  13. I just realized that if an electronic adapter could be made this will open the NX mount to all lenses made for Canon and Niknon with AF as well (maybe even OIS?). For video a speed booster is more exciting though.
  14. Is it being controlled electronically? Aperture seems to change? Focused manually?
  15. If I use +15 MBL is it possible to recover a less gray image in post?
  16. sandro


    Which alternative to the Samsung 16-50 S? Maybe a 17-50 f2.8?
  17. Samsung Italy chat support finally admitted that Samsung stopped making cameras
  18. Seems like Amazon USA is the only left still selling the NX1? https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Wireless-Mirrorless-Digital-16-50mm/dp/B00NFDZS10/ref=sr_1_28?ie=UTF8&qid=1470008141&sr=8-28&keywords=samsung+lens
  19. In this picture it's pretty clear. This is ISO 6400.
  20. sandro


    The Samsung 16-50 s seems impossible to find now. Am i right?
  21. So about the issue I now have time to sent it to warranty. Do you confirm this sensor is defective? I bumped the blue level to make it more relevant. It's always at the bottom left. In homogeneous dark scenes you can you clearly see they are too lines.
  22. Do you need to buy the premiere plugin to use the profile? Which are the Ricardo's settings?
  23. Why are you guys mainly interested in electronic control (af and is) of canon lenses and not Nikon's?
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