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    i like the moller 1.5x it is a masterpiece of optical art but that is just my opinion. solid body very good for windy days cheap to for the price even now in the age of the new.
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    Hello everyone,   This is one way to learn to deal with Anamorphic footage in post. Here is a detailed tutorial on working with anamorphic footage in post, from dealing with lens distortion and squeeze factor, moving data between applications and rendering with the proper pixel aspect ratios. I will be updating this tutorial with more info as I move through the process and adding more applications as well. Currently I cover Nuke, After Effects, Video Copilot and Maya. The next one will most likely be Houdini but if you have any suggestions, something is missing or if there is a better way to do something please let me know. I really wanted a place to consolidate all of this info and make it available to anyone who needs it, so let me know if you found this useful.   Thanks Rob B   http://www.robbannister.com/working-with-anamorphic-footage-in-post/    
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    Just because I don't feel the need to post 1000 word jerk off doesn't make the content any less valid mate. And I'm not really too late to the party, I already own a 36 so I'm not planning on buying a toy version any time soon :)
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    It's not really a rebuttal when you are just desperately trying to disparage anyone who differs. we've heard your opinion over and over. Your'e kinda just douching out the thread after every other post at this point.   SLR magic are gonna have to trawl through a page of your ranting for every page of public opinion on what people want from their product.
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    Kinor 16 for the BMPCC?

    Does anyone know how much frame coverage LOMO's 16mm lenses get? Will the Kinor 16 lenses cover the BMPCC's S16 sensor? I ask because Kinor 16 lenses are dirt cheap on ebay, right now I can only find this one but I seem to recall there being a few more options (a 10mm and an 8mm and some longer options maybe?)
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    I'd love it if the next GH camera had internal 4K 10 bit recording!  The GH4K... I like the sound of that.
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    Sold my GH3 yesterday.  
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    Here we go again! The labs are telling us we do and don't like!   I remember this before with stereoscopic 3D. Cos everyone's got a 3D TV now haven't they. :huh: :blink:  And everyone loved how high frame rates made the hobbit look cheap...    *facepalm*
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    Actually they are just doing market research. SLR don't want to do anybody a favour - they are only interested in selling their stuff like Zacuto and all the others too! And for the price of one SLR-Adapter I bought two tiny Möllers and my NonMC Isco 54 which I bought just two or three months ago wasn't more expensive either. And it goes on and on: There are a couple  of Bolex Möllers around right now for less. I saw a 36 for € 250 (Paypal - no SCAM!). (I know of the disadvantages of the Möllers)   Not long ago many people here on the forum were discussing character or the lack of it especially on the Isco 36. Now the new kids on the block are hyped and everything is about flare and bokeh... but where has the demand for character gone? As usual Andrew did a great job but to my eyes it could have also been cropped. There is nothing special about the image. But I am not an expert or pro - just a way to waste time and money but I know a couple of pros and they even don't know Iscoramas.
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      And I'm entitled to the opinion that your opinion makes no sense and everyone just wants what they want.  See, people have an opinion and the right to express themselves and in posting that in a forum they are inviting rebuttal and challenging ideas.  They can either rise to that challenge and offer additional support for their opinion or they can just repeat their opinion because there is no supporting information.  Because they just want what they want.     But under no circumstances does the freedom to express your opinion come with a freedom from commentary, criticism or other rebuttal.  I'm not defending a product so much as challenging ideas that I recognize as emotional and largely impractical or without historic parity.   It's just convenient that my desire for an upgrade to what I already have, something that improves IQ while sacrificing absolutely none of the superior functionality that I enjoy, is perfectly aligned with their evaluation of what product would be most useful to the most amount of potential customers.
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    For me the importance of oval bokeh actually out ways the need for severe horizontal flares. Stretched bokeh is something impossible to do in post and is what truly makes a 'Kubrick-stylie' cinematic image in my opinion. I can't wait for this lens to be released, I have trawled for years looking for a reasonably priced iscorama 36 with no luck!
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    Vid atlantic claim the smaller sensor of the Black magic will make shooting with these adapters easier in comparison to full frame slr's where you will have to shoot with 85mm+  focal lengths to avoid vignetting.   http://vidatlantic.tumblr.com/post/29382687522/small-sensor-fears-blackmagic-camera-with-anamorphic   That article mentions 2x anamorphic adapters whereas the one you listed is 1.33x.    Also the century optics filter your linking too really isn't worth the money, all the test videos are riddled with distortion and it looks cheap. If you want to use anamorphic for a few short films and to play around with get a Sankor 16C, it's 2x so the image is super slim but it's the best looking anamorphic footage for this price range that isn't an iscorama.    The LA700 has been used to good effect with the BMCC however I really don't see the merits of using one. The LA700 creates a bland image and the flares are less than unique. You're better off buying the vid atlantic flare filter than shelling out next to a grand for a pretty useless adapter which you will have to continue spending money on for things such as diopters to really get it to work. It's a pain in the ass you'd rather not have. Just buy a Sankor 16D (cheaper but cooler blue flares) or a Sankor 16C (sharper image), much more reasonably priced and it will allow you to have some anamorphic work on your vimeo/showreel! And the vid atlantic article suggests these 2x lenses will have a better effect due to it's sensor, check em out. We're just enthusiasts not pros so don't blow your money on the LA7200 or century optics. I was once tempted and can safely say I couldn't give a flying f*** now. I'm curious and may purchase a 16C for fun in the hopes of one day buying an iscorama 36.    16D flares:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx1AooxwR3w   16C test:  http://vimeo.com/65590394
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    ..because he bought a Zeiss 8mm T1.3 Ultra lens for 600 quids on ebay:   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ZEISS-8MM-/281109435689?autorefresh=true&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=zpnBXyZsOorV9ZsNm0FuVnWykfw%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc   Retails around 14 grand, usually on ebay above 8.     This would be a dream lens on the Pocket Cam, it's been already discussed on the forum once:   http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/1273-heres-the-best-wide-angle-lens-in-the-world-for-blackmagic-cinema-camera-mft-zeiss-8mm-t13-ultra-prime/   Lucky basterd. I had no money to spend this month, so I was just watching the auction as some sort of a porn.
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    Below are a couple of shorts I made with the BMCC, Canon EO-S 24-150 (approx), and the Kowa 16H.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPgK3u7cr6c   and   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoCIlEFRA2M   Hope you guys enjoy!    
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    The Map: Part I

    Here is a rough cut of a short narrative that I'm working on.    https://vimeo.com/68572361  
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    This edit isn't to focus on flaws, raw ability, image quality/detail, highlights or shadows.  Just a simple Glidecam test along with a few CobraCrane shots.  It's no MoVI but i'll settle for it being that it's about $14k cheaper.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d395j6x4RJg
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    My First Shot With the BMCC

    I just got my BMCC up and running last week and I wanted to see how the camera would perform under conditions that i wouldn't even try with the ol' 5D: Direct bright sunlight.   https://vimeo.com/65017609
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