Nikon D810 does not feature 4K video

Source: Trusted Reviews So far, so predictable. Like the Sony A7R the D810 will feature 1080/60p. And you may as well stop reading now! For all the claim to ‘go after video pros’ after the dramatic improvement we saw with the D800, the new D810 does the absolutely minimum to excite us. I really don’t see the point of buying one, especially with the A7S release next week! I do currently have a Nikon D600 which satisfies my needs for stills and Nikon lenses. Video is terrible on that too. I think Nikon really need to up their game. I don’t …

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Sony RX100 III review

Despite appearances the third RX100 is no incremental update. It is astounding that Sony have managed to put a built in ND, OLED EVF, 120fps and XAVC codec in a compact camera, not to mention the new 24-70mm F1.8 to F2.8 lens. Sharply detailed resolution in video mode round out the spec.

But does the reality of shooting with it live up to the specs on paper?

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