Sony drop a bombshell with 4K raw, 180fps and global shutter – here are the Sony F5 and F55!

Sony F5 / F55

Sony are set to shake up the digital cinema market with a specs war, at less than half the price of the Epic and also at the C300 price point of $15k.

The Sony F5 (priced to compete with the Canon C300) takes the compact form of the FS100 / FS700 but adds a Red-style modularity and the more logical control layout of the Alexa. The F55 has the same ergonomic design but even more importantly the more expensive camera features an utterly ground-breaking new sensor with a global shutter for the first time on a digital cinema camera.

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Interview with Canon’s Mike Burnhill on the Canon 1D C 4K DSLR

Canon 1D C at Photokina 2012

The EOS 1D C is a $15,000 DSLR which is heavily based on the $6000 1D X but has extra recording modes for 4K/24p and 1080/50/60p. Canon’s product manager at Photokina (not a hired hand or a sales rep) to my surprise told me the main difference to the 1D X was just firmware and that the hardware was identical other than a slightly different selection of connectivity ports. Canon contacted me a couple of weeks ago to expand on and correct this from their side – there are other subtle hardware changes to enable 4K video, other than just firmware.

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Full 1080p high bitrate GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition footage now available for download

Download the video here (Vimeo Plus members only)

As well as having the coolest name for a camera ever conceived, this is a camera that kind of makes you wonder what the Japanese camera manufacturers have been up to all this time. Although the 720/120fps mode is shared by Panasonic, the GoPro team have smashed a number of barriers here in terms of 4K / 2.7K resolution and processing power in such a small camera, for a frankly unbelievable $400.

EOSHD takes a look at the new HERO3 camera.

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