Discussions ‘on-going’ at Canon about extent of video functionality on DSLRs

I have just arrived in Shanghai and earlier in the week Canon brought their new 1D X to London. I didn’t get a look at it since I was busy travelling but Dan Chung has this excellent look at the camera with Mike Burnhill of Canon Europe discussing its various aspects.

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Robot vision – iPhone 4S video vs iPhone 4


iPhones are not cameras really, they’re more a bunch of computers sent to take over the world. Anyone who has tried to hold a conversation recently will know the feeling. Two rectangle lights invade and before you know it the conversation is dead.

So without further-a-do lets see how robot vision is shaping up in 2011.

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Olympus Four Thirds of the money disappears

Above: Olympus chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa speaking at a press conference to announce the firing of CEO Woodford

Reuters are reporting on an escalation in the Olympus scandal, as the future of the company looks more and more uncertain.┬áThe key figure has emerged as a Wall Street banker (I am not surprised) of Japanese descent named Hajime “Jim” Sagawa, after British ex-CEO Michael Woodford filed a paper trail with the Serious Fraud Office in London this week.

On their recommendation Woodford (above, left-middle) is now seeking police protection from Scotland Yard due to fears for his safety.

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Serious fraud at Olympus alleged, share price plummets 50% as crisis escalates

UPDATE: Olympus have issued this statement in response to the serious fraud accusations filed in the UK (via PhotoRumors)

Olympus recently employed an outsider in their ranks, a British CEO. He had helped to restructure the loss making camera division and was hands-on in going about it. This had begun to upset the conservative management in Tokyo who, in a shock move, decided to fire him unanimously.

Now it appears the true reason for his firing was that he’d uncovered a huge skeleton in the closet.

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Canon 1D X – EOSHD’s Take

Sample movie clip from the 1D X now online

Canon have announced the $6800 Canon 1D X designed for professional news and sports shooters. It is far more a successor to the 1D Mk IV than the 1DS although officially Canon say it represents the merging of the two lines. Really, the 1DS replacement will be the 5D Mark III with a higher megapixel count.

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First video from DIGIC 5 airs

DIGIC 5 is the chip Canon is expected to use in the Canon 5D Mark 3 and the new 1D. It has Canon’s latest noise reduction and video encoding technologies that the R&D division has spent the last few years working on. Unlike many manufacturers Canon have quite a slow refresh cycle on core technology like sensors and image processors so when they do take a step forward it’s a pretty big leap.

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