Re-wrap AVCHD clips to Quicktime in no-time

AVCHD HX9v badge

Above snap taken with SLRMagic E-mount 28mm with SLRMagic macro extension tube on Sony NEX. Click here to buy the lens on eBay. Full review soon!

Premiere Pro CS5 aside, support for AVCHD has been poor to date on PCs and Macs. Are you tired of having to wait for media to transcode in Final Cut Pro? Can’t edit HX9v 1080/60p in Final Cut Pro X? Having trouble previewing AVCHD clips in Quicktime Player on a Mac? No thumbnail of AVCHD clips in the Finder?

Finally a solution is at hand.

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The fallacy of pixel peeping! Red Tails trailer partially shot by Philip Bloom on a Canon 5DMkII and 7D

Here’s our first glimpse of Red Tails in action, the Lucasfilm picture that Philip Bloom was a camera operator on with the Canon 7D and 5DMkII.

According to Philip Bloom on Twitter there are at least 5 shots in the trailer from a DSLR, and you just can’t really tell them apart from the Sony F35 CineAlta A-cam shots. Check out more BTS and photos here and download the HD version of the trailer here.

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Zacuto EVF Flip Review

Zacuto EVF Flip on the Canon 600D

Buy the Zacuto EVF Flip through this link and support!

The Zacuto EVF is the first new generation DSLR accessory that is truly killer. It benefits DSLR ergonomics so much and monitoring is a different world with it. Peaking, zebras, anamorphic, you name it. Also with the latest firmware it has audio monitoring via the HDMI loop through and on-screen levels. That is good news for the future (at the moment DSLRs don’t output audio whilst recording) and it means any absence of a headphone jack on future DSLRs won’t even matter.

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GH2 AVCHD vs MJPEG – which is best?

AVCHD ISO 3200 - click to enlarge

1. AVCHD 42Mbit ISO 3200

MJPEG ISO 3200 crop - click to enlarge

2. MJPEG LPowell Low Light Patch

Disclaimer: things change fast in the hack world. What may be true today may not be true tomorrow. Always check the latest developments.

Ever since the GH1 was hacked, countless people have been shooting MJPEG when they’d get better results with AVCHD. It is really a shame to see all these projects shot in 720/30p with moire and noise, then they could be done in lovely true 1080/24p at 40+Mbit with a well resolved image.

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