GH2 hack testing – initial report and how to test

GH2 hack testing

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Thanks to a leaked firmware update and Vitaliy Kiselev we now have a GH2 hack to experiment with. It’s very early days so don’t expect anything drastic yet. The AVCHD encoder is very different to the GH1, so a lot of testing needs to be done before the right parameters and patches are discovered that improve image quality and functionality.

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Canon mirrorless next year / GH2 hack within 1 week

Finally some good news. With today’s leak of new Panasonic GH2 firmware, Vitaliy Kiselev says here that the hack is now due ‘in under a week’. The hack will use the leaked V1.0E firmware as revealed on EOSHD earlier today as its basis. Make sure you download the firmware from the links here before they are taken down. Whilst there is no need to install the new firmware yet do consider getting ready to experiment with PTools. Those with Macs can do so in a virtual environment – I recommend VMWare and an ISO image of Windows XP SP3.

Now some very rare news from Canon…

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New official Panasonic GH2 firmware leaks

UPDATE: firmware is legitimate, and Vitaliy Kiselev is going to use it as basis for next PTools update. So you can try out the firmware if you wish.

Original article follows:

EOSHD just receieved an email from an anonymous source with a new GH2 firmware to download. Version v1.0E ‘improves stability of 3D photo taking’.

And this serves as a timely reminder – Vitaliy Kiselev’s hack is just around the corner and Panasonic will most probably be attempting to change the encryption of the firmware on downloads and camera bodies at some point.

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