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5 underrated cinematic images from “forgotten” cameras

January 5, 2016 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Comment on the forum Some of my favourite images are from cinema cameras and DSLRs from which attention has long since drifted elsewhere! Rest assured some of the older cameras on this list are better than any of the latest and greatest (if not in terms of usability then in terms of having an analogue film-like feel that screams “cinema” and not “digital”). Here are my top 5.

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Nikon Hacker enables raw video

May 2, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

(Thanks to A1ex for the tip off). Developer “leegong” of Nikon Hacker has made enormous progress in getting raw video from the live view function of the Nikon D5100. Early builds of the patch output raw frames to the card and A1ex of Magic Lantern has written a prototype / test DNG converter.

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Magic Lantern now working on Canon 70D (both versions)

April 22, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Update: here’s a quick test from me confirming Dual Pixel CMOS AF works during raw recording. Check the Vimeo description for more details / workflow. The convenience of Dual Pixel CMOS AF is now coming to raw video, with Magic Lantern now available for all 70D owners. Previously the software only worked on a very select few 70D bodies and not the earlier serial numbers, which had a slightly different firmware revision.


KineMAX Review Part 1 – Adventures in 6K Raw and 110fps Slow-mo

April 10, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Camera provided by Kinefinity and HDVideoShop. Final hardware but pre-release firmware with some modes such as “Golden 3K” for 16-stop dynamic range not yet enabled. The Kinefinity KineMAX is a serious piece of kit. It is possibly the best image I have ever shot with. The 6K Super 35mm sensor delivers an absolutely incredible raw image, internally recorded and also a CineForm Proxy for quick editing.