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0 2013 – 10 things which have impressed me – and some that haven’t!

Psst… I’m having an end of year clear out Where would we be without the end of the year and the impending doom that is Christmas? Enjoying summer? Revelling in the most fruitful year for filmmakers and camera geeks on record? I’d much rather 2013 just carried on! Alas the year is starting to wind down now for the Holidays and this seems like a good moment to look back at the…

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0 Nikon V1 – shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200

Above – the compressed 2.4k version of 4K raw from the Nikon V1 (download the original at Vimeo) by Javier Sobremazas The Nikon V1 is $220 (body) or $300 (kit) on eBay – get it whilst you still can There’s a dark horse in our midst which very few know about, a camera which can shoot 4K raw at 60fps for $200.

121 Nikon J1 and V1 image quality first look

More Nikon 1 images at (French website) In an interview with Imaging-Resource, Nikon general manager of R&D said that image quality (not size) was the number one priority for the Nikon 1 series and that the camera has been in development for 4 years, a process which began even before Panasonic’s work on Micro Four Thirds. Has it been worth it? You are about to find out.

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25 Nikon ‘don’t fear a Canon mirrorless’

In a soundbite session with Amateur Photographer today Ken Kusakari, product planning manager at Nikon UK has said the company ‘does not fear a Canon mirrorless’. Of course it would be foolish for Nikon to admit that other manufacturers have better prospects… Not least because it is true.

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31 The Nikon 1 system – will it succeed?

Photo by Rob Galbraith Soon the single lens reflex design will be obsolete. Mirrorless technology is the next evolution of the DSLR into a fully electronic camera. An electronic shutter, OLED EVF, better AF and improved video modes all come from mirrorless technology production. So with this in mind it is clear to me the folly of the Nikon 1. Nikon have gimped their future to prop up the past.

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20 Nikon V1 and J1 specs – Nikon 1 system officially launched

Some video samples here at ImagingResource Live at the launch with – hands-on and future lenses Nikon have just launched their mirrorless camera. Video samples seem pretty crisp and detailed although bitrate is to be confirmed. I’ll update the site later after the dust has settled. Until then, here is what we know: