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8 Now available – EOSHD Picture Profiles brings C-LOG to all Canon DSLRs including 1D X Mark II and 5D Mark IV

Download now for just $19.99 ($29.99 usual price) The EOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles Pack is now available and works in both video and stills mode – on all Canon DSLRs. Crafted using my Canon 1D C as a development camera, the EOSHD Film Profiles pack installs “Canon LOG” to cameras previously without it, plus a range of film simulation modes to DSLRs such as the 5D Mark IV, 5D Mark III, 1D X Mark II…

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0 Nikon D500 with cropped 4K video (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Unfortunately the D500 uses a heavy crop of the sensor to readout 4K video. More about this below. As well as the Nikon D5, we have a surprise. Although the Nikon D5 can only record 4K for up to 3 minutes at a time, the D500 can go for a full 30 minutes in one continuous take. The D500 also comes in much cheaper than the larger FX pro body.

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0 EOSHD opinion: smartphones are not killing DSLRs, apps and online services are

It’s well known that DSLR sales are sliding now, following the worrying trajectory of compact cameras. Then I read with great interest Vincent Laforet’s prediction that the era of stand-alone cameras is coming to an abrupt end for the mass market. There was a very key chart in that blog post which you can see above. I believe it speaks volumes about why the mass market is migrating from hardware…

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0 Pictures of two new Canon 750D and 760D ‘rebels’

Canon’s next step on the entry level Rebel / XXXD series is about to arrive and it will be interesting to see the video specs now Panasonic are doing sub-$1000 entry level 4K with the LX100 and FZ1000. This time Canon are releasing two models – the 750D and a 760D, with the difference seeming to be the addition of a 70D-like top LCD panel on the 760D.

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0 Canon Hong Kong officially lower 1D C price to $7000?

Is this a sign of things to come? The 1D C is currently sold for $12,000 in the US, however Canon in Hong Kong have just lowered the list price, according to one Canon rep to “put it in-line with the Sony FS700”. Converted to US dollars the Hong Kong street price now works out at just $7000.

0 Market for DSLRs shrinking dramatically and why Canon / Nikon are to blame

Data from CIPA, via Personal-View For years on EOSHD I’ve said that if Canon and Nikon don’t innovate with their DSLRs and transition to high end mirrorless technology they risk jeopardising their business. This advice has been met with an arrogance built on a decade of increasing sales. Now in an era of falling shipments both companies have blamed smartphones and the world economy. For me this is unacceptable, it’s all…

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0 25 ways the Sony A7S trumps the Canon 1D C

This began as a 10 point list. It grew… I am huge fan of the 1D C’s image but not the camera itself and especially not the price. The 1D C when it was introduced offered an absolutely lovely image and still does but now the playing field is rapidly changing. Exactly how does the Sony A7S compare on paper to the 1D C?

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0 What would happen if we took all the best features and put them in ONE camera…

What’s the ultimate cross-breed camera of 2014? If we take all the strong points of the manufacturers and put them in one camera, what do we get? Full frame sensor from the Sony A7S 4K internal codec from the Panasonic GH4 Big EVF from Fuji and their lovely X-T1 5 axis in-body stabilisation from Olympus (working for video with any lens) Cine lenses by Sigma – their 35mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.4 are…

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0 Consumer DSLRs “dead in 5 years”

Engaging the uninterested general public with dedicated cameras was never going to be sustainable – not with smartphones around. But I think the decline of consumer DSLRs will actually be the best thing to happen to photography and video in the digital era. Finally companies will have to get innovative, putting more weight behind enthusiast and pro orientated camera line-ups.

Creative Filmmaking
0 The EOSHD 5D Mark III Raw Shooter’s Guide – available now!

Dispelling the myths – optimising performance – never read another endless forum post again! [wp_eStore_buy_now:product_id:3:end] Payment via PayPal, just $19.99 (usual price $29.99) My third book launches today. It is available to download immediately and for the first week you can get 33% off the usual price making it just $19.99. It is an enormous 12 chapters and 106 pages.

0 The Canon 1D C review

[vimeo][/vimeo] Iscorama anamorphic on the 1D C and my test footage at Vimeo I shot with the Canon 1D C and Canon C100 Cinema EOS cameras recently with SlashCam in Berlin. The 1D C is the most Jekyll and Hyde camera I’ve ever used and a difficult camera to review. The 1D C is a marriage of beautiful 4K images and an unwilling partner who hasn’t shifted an inch to accommodate it.

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0 Will we see a new professional Panasonic GH-series camera at NAB?

The Panasonic GH3 was a big update over the legendary GH2 and I am putting the final touches to my review (and a lot of other future material). I’ve been shooting a lot with it alongside by cinema cameras, the FS100 and Blackmagic Cinema camera. Where are the Panasonic pro cameras? Well the GH3 is $1300 and that leaves quite a large space above it for a high spec ‘DSLR-type’…

0 Switronix TorchLED BOLT variable temperature LED light review

See the full specs of the Switronix TorchLED BOLT and accessories here LEDs are in my opinion the future of cinema lighting. Until now though I’ve not been too satisfied with the throw of light they produce. Too short, too directional and the character of the light isn’t the most flattering. The BOLT has been designed with input from filmmakers and contains two sets of LEDs of different temperatures and…

0 Nikon D5200 review

[vimeo][/vimeo] UPDATE: The HDMI output on this camera is uncompressed 4:2:2, for a leap in image quality over the internal 24Mbit codec! Check the forum for my ProRes noise grain sample shots The Nikon D5200 is the best mid-range Nikon yet for video. What is more of a surprise is the relish in which it takes on the much more expensive 5D Mark III, Panasonic GH3 and Nikon’s own flagship…

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0 Interview with Canon’s Mike Burnhill on the Canon 1D C 4K DSLR

The EOS 1D C is a $15,000 DSLR which is heavily based on the $6000 1D X but has extra recording modes for 4K/24p and 1080/50/60p. Canon’s product manager at Photokina (not a hired hand or a sales rep) to my surprise told me the main difference to the 1D X was just firmware and that the hardware was identical other than a slightly different selection of connectivity ports. Canon contacted…

0 Panasonic GH3 hands-on report

Panasonic’s Philipp Wolf showed me the inner-workings of the new GH3 at Photokina today. I was then let loose with the camera to shoot some test footage in 1080/25p ALL-I and 50Mbit 1080/50p mode. This camera was running firmware version v0.4 and so by no means final yet. What I found impressed me.

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0 Canon 6D officially announced – a more compact and affordable 5D Mark III

The full frame Canon 6D has just been formally unveiled as Photokina opens for the press. A competitor to the Nikon D600 (also to be unveiled today) this is a near identical camera to the 5D Mark III in many respects especially video it seems. But like the 60D compared to the 7D, it is cheaper and smaller. It features a new 20MP sensor but a similar (if not identical) DIGIC…

Creative Filmmaking
0 Light for free using natural light sources

Imagine if every photo was lit using a flash gun, well the same goes for cinematic scenes. Often some of the most interesting and varied light is already right in front of you. Not everything has to be studio light rig based. I don’t think of ‘lighting a scene’ as always directly controlled, often it is wild. Lighting you can control is only half of the cinematographer’s job and so…

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0 Top sources say Sony developing full frame A99 as hybrid GH2-like DSLR targeting professional filmmakers

Above: Sony’s previous foray into full frame, the A900 With Canon this year failing to capitalise in my view, on their huge gains in the video market following the successful 5D Mark II, I have long wondered when one of the big 3 would get it right and give us what we need – a full frame DSLR with equal emphasis on pro video and stills. My friend Sony Alpha…

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0 Canon EOS-M mirrorless unveiled – Return of the EF-M system

Canon last had an EF-M camera and lenses in 1991 (inset, LCD screen pic) The Canon EOS M mirrorless camera with new EF-M mount and lenses is due to be officially announced on Monday. The EOS M seems to be closest to the Sony NEX C3. The lack of physical controls hint that it is too basic to compete with the NEX 5N or NEX 7. Because it is designed…

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0 Canon mirrorless to feature APS-C sensor according to sources

So far there’s been a lot of speculation about the Canon mirrorless camera, which is due this month, having the same sensor as the G1X. This would be pretty disappointing as the sensor in that camera is based on 3 year old technology with a slow readout so the video mode was rather poor. Now the word on the street according to Canon Watch is that Canon are (sensibly in my…

0 EOSHD at DPReview – final summary of 5D Mark III’s video abilities

Read the full comprehensive Canon 5D Mark III review at DPReview DPReview have now delivered their verdict on the 5D Mark III, with a contribution to the video section (as an independent voice) by myself, Andrew Reid. I felt it necessary to be frank over the shortcomings, as it is only right you are aware of them on a $3500 DSLR body. But do keep in mind that the 5D…

0 Nikon D3200 and Samsung NX20 – hands on with two new budget video DSLRs

There are two new cameras are on the DSLR video radar. The new NX20 is Samsung’s answer to the GH2 and similar in many ways (though crucially not one, as we’ll see in a moment). A nice surprise is that it has a 1920×810 2.35:1 anamorphic cinemascope mode. It is also interesting in that it’s one of the first ‘smart DSLR’ style cameras with features that make the iPhone and…

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0 Audience reaction to Revenge Of The Great Camera Shootout puts GH2 in 3rd place behind Alexa and F65

The Revenge Of The Great Camera Shootout is Zacuto’s antidote to pixel peeping camera tests. It airs June 15th online, but preview showings have been taking part around the world. It aims to show how any camera from the very top (Alexa, Sony F65) down (to the iPhone) are viable filmmaking tools. Whilst I agree with Steve that creativity is overlooked too often and gear gets all the attention, I…

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0 Nikon say “we will make our stills cameras for videographers”

Above: Marketing ploy alert! RedRock Micro’s new ‘Nikon gold’ branded rig for shooting video on the D800 In an interview with the British Journal of Photography, Nikon are really talking sense. It has taken a few years! Let’s listen to what Nikon group marketing manager for the UK, Jeremy Gilbert has to say about the company’s direction with their DSLRs and video.

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0 HOT! Canon developing 4K RAW video format

Canon are developing their own RAW codec for 2K and 4K video. In a patent filed in July 2010 and published yesterday, Canon describe a codec which stores raw sensor data from a 12bit high resolution RGB sensor with Bayer colour filter array.

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0 Zeiss – “We’re Back in the Anamorphic Lens Business” and new Compact Zooms “for HDSLRs”

Zeiss are to release a set of new 2x T1.5 anamorphic lenses according to the Film & Digial Times via Hot Rod Camera’s Illya Friedman on the EOSHD Forum From the magazine: “Christian Bannert took great pleasure in asking me to guess the third surprise coming from Carl Zeiss. An 1800 mm T1.3 lens perhaps?…I had no clue. “We’re back in the Anamorphic Lens business,” he said.

2 The secrets of anamorphic Blade Runner

Ridley Scott will direct the sequel to Blade Runner soon and a screenplay is currently being prepared. Find out what Scott and cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth were thinking when they shot the incredible original with anamorphic lenses.

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13 Hell and Back Again is Oscars 2011 listed for Best Documentary Feature

[vimeo][/vimeo] I have always believed a film shot on a DSLR would one day win an Oscar. Shot in Afghanistan on the 5D Mark II by Danfung Dennis – Hell and Back Again – seems to be going all the way. It is one of just 15 documentaries which will advance to the final shortlist vote for the Oscars 2011. The feature length documentary has long been known by us…

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