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0 Sony FS7 versus the Canon C300 (and their own cameras too?)

The Sony F55, F5 and FS700 now have a fierce competitor for less money, and it’s not a Canon, nor is it a Red or a Panasonic. It’s one of their own, the Sony FS7. Yet this cannibalisation may be worth it because the potential market for the FS7 is enormous. It’s the fiercest arrow yet fired at Canon’s most popular interchangeable lens video camera for pros, the Cinema EOS…

2 Film is dead – Meet the Sony F65

I don’t usually write about higher end cameras on EOSHD because this site is for aspiring filmmakers and always will be, but I am tech addict and I love it when barriers are broken in the field of engineering. The Sony CineAlta F65 is one such camera.

0 Canon announce 4K cine PL mount lenses

An interesting precursor to a Canon Super35mm 4K cinema camera? Well, they have just announced the lenses for one. Canon have produced two new very high end PL mount cinema zooms for use with PL mount digital cinema cameras like the RED Epic, Arri Alexa and Sony F35. These are Über High End expensive professional movie making zooms.

3 Canon link with Technicolor for new DSLR video features (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I have been in touch with Technicolor and they have clarified “The Technicolor CineStyle profile is going to built into current and future EOS DSLR cameras. We’re going to showcase the new log profile at NAB in the Canon space on a 5D Mark II.” Also it is a downloadable profile not a firmware update. Canon and Technicolor have announced a new feature especially for video shooters: the CineStyle…

0 LOMO OKC1-50-1 T2 – a Zeiss killer

(Links to buy on eBay are at foot of article) It’s easy to forget that Russia used to be a real technological force in the world, with some of the best engineers and scientists on Earth, huge natural raw material resources, massive labour forces…

2 Russia’s answer to Cooke – LOMO Konvas cine primes

Lomo cinema primes were used on Konvas 35mm film cameras during the cold war and beyond, here EOSHD brings them into the digital filmmaking age. LOMO cinema primes on eBay (make sure it is OCT-18 mount, not 19) Get the necessary OCT18 lens to Micro 4/3rds adapter Back when Russia was a technological force, the government had industrial and optical design down to a tee.

0 Lowdown on the Sony F3’s 2K cinema sensor

It appears the Sony F3’s sensor has a few tricks up it’s sleeve relative to the cheaper AF100. Sony Japan say their Super 35mm Exmor CMOS in the upcoming F3 is completely new and has pixels which are 4x the size of typical DSLR CMOS ones. Approximately 12 microns sized versus as little as 3 microns on APS-C DSLRs (according to Sony). The Canon 5D Mark II has a much…

0 London based cinematographer on anamorphic lenses

[SIZE=”5″>”As you know, it is only now because the digital format is sterile that you need the life put back in”[/SIZE] The video above is from ‘Mirror’, a film by Russian master Andrei Tarkovsky shot with USSR Lomo anamorphic glass which is now winding up on eBay. Director Tarkovsky shot the original Solaris with anamorphic lenses and is up there as one of my favourite filmmakers of all time. He…