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The Sony A7R II and A7S II go medium format

February 22, 2017 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Mattias Burling on the EOSHD Forum is giving us his impressions of the new Kipon / BavEyes medium format focal reducer for Sony’s full frame cameras. If all goes well, this will give the prized medium format look on full frame.

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Now available – EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras including a7S II, a7R II and a6300

November 26, 2016 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Download now for just $14.99 ($29.99 usual price) Introducing EOSHD Pro Color EOSHD Pro Color is a highly optimised in-camera profile for your Sony camera, to deliver punchy Canon-like 4K and 1080p straight out of camera. Dump the default settings and fix a host of colour issues. Apply once. Shoot. These colour correction settings are easy to apply and fundamentally change the image processor’s approach to color and white balance, lending an artists’s eye to the camera and the way it handles ambience and colour separation. The advantages include: Truer, deeper reds Greater separation of green hues for more natural looking foliage and landscapes Greater separation

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All EOSHD Shooter’s Guides are now half price for 7 days

June 28, 2016 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I reduced the price of the Panasonic GH4 Shooter’s Guide last week to just $9.99 and it has sold well, therefore I am extending the half-price sale to the entire range of EOSHD Shooter’s Guides for the next 7 days only. If you’re looking to dive deeper into your camera knowledge or are even just curious about what the books offer – now is the perfect time.

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Gear Sale

November 27, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

I am having a huge sale of nearly all my gear ahead of a possible relocation of EOSHD. So to all you bargain bloodhounds have a sniff through my camera and lens collection…

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Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7R II in low light – Speed Booster Shootout

August 10, 2015 Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

When you have a Need For Speed there are two people you can call – Shane Hurlbut or Metabones. The Metabones Speed Booster adapters give us apertures as fast as F0.64 from the rare Canon EF 50mm F1.0. The XL 0.64x version fits the GH4 and turns the scruffy 2.3x crop 4K into a shiny Super 35mm unicorn. F1.2 becomes F0.88. The Ultra 0.74x version for E-mount fits the A7R II and turns the Super 35mm mode into full frame, with the benefit of 1 stop gain in low light and a further 1 stop gain in noise performance over the pixel binned full