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Rig and lenses - 5D Mark III Raw Shooter's Guide

Recently DPReview published a very interesting interview with top Canon executives. The information is a goldmine of clues over what direction Canon might take next with their DSLRs when it comes to 4K, video and image quality.

EOSHD analyses the Canon’s executive remarks…

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Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty has revealed he approached camera manufacturers in 2011 with the idea of producing a DSLR-style model with high dynamic range and increased video quality but was turned down.

“They don’t care about the product. Their only goal is to extract as much from the business as they can. It’s incredibly short-termist, and greedy”.

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With the rise of J.J. Abrams, TV’s aristocracy has morphed into cinema’s with JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode VII in the UK next year.

J.J. Abrams comes from a family of TV industry figures, his father a TV producer and his mother an executive producer. His sister is a screenwriter. Now with a string of successful TV shows behind him, he’s had a string of hits at the box office too.

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Young Kubrick self portrait

An early self portrait of the young Stanley Kubrick, photographer - Image source: British Journal of Photography

In a 77 minute interview recorded over chess between takes on 2001: A Space Odyssey in the mid 1960′s Kubrick describes selling his first photograph, his first short and making his first feature.

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blackmagic cinema camera rewo cage

Above: my Blackmagic Cinema camera with ReWo cage – a shootout with the Red Epic is coming soon recently did an interview with John Brawley, the cinematographer close to Blackmagic Design and main tester for the cinema camera.

His experience exposing the camera goes along with what I am finding, that the Blackmagic Cinema Camera works best when you ‘expose to the right’.

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