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Panasonic GH4 4K

Pros are wondering what the benefit of 4K is to them in terms of overall image quality, when mastered and delivered for 2K / 1080p. A lot of work is still shot in 1080p and cameras like the Canon C300 are the workhorses of the moment.

In the case of the GH4 it may appear from the specs that it’s just an 8bit 4:2:0 camera internally.

Actually the theory is 8bit 4:2:0 4K material from this camera can be taken through a workflow in post that converts it to 10bit 4:4:4 1080p – with all the smoother tonality, better colour and workflow advantages that format brings. This is a big leap for 1080p based on the much more expensive C300 which only does 8bit 4:2:2.

I asked Go Pro’s David Newman (Sr. Dir. Software - follow on Twitter) whether this theory was correct…

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KineRAW MINI is now available to order from Kinefinity’s official European reseller

Kinefinity are at BIRTV in Shanghai this week. Dan Chung has been there to speak to Kinefinity and the European dealer HD Videoshop now have more details on the MINI upgrades in the pipeline.

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resolve 5d mark iii raw

A professional workflow for 5D Mark III raw is now available.

GoPro CineForm Raw offers 10:1 compression and can be edited directly in Adobe Premiere and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 9.

Adobe Cinema DNG brings a Blackmagic Cinema Camera style workflow to the 5D Mark III and is ideal for grading uncompressed raw in DaVinci Resolve.

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As well as having the coolest name for a camera ever conceived, this is a camera that kind of makes you wonder what the Japanese camera manufacturers have been up to all this time. Although the 720/120fps mode is shared by Panasonic, the GoPro team have smashed a number of barriers here in terms of 4K / 2.7K resolution and processing power in such a small camera, for a frankly unbelievable $400.

EOSHD takes a look at the new HERO3 camera.

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