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  1. Looks real sharp to me.
  2. This is really cool. So compact. Can this do 60p or 48p at 10 bit in raw? I love the 5D3 Raw image, but something cheaper that I could throw on a tripod would be awesome.
  3. Superior to the c300ii? 🤔 I'm mainly talking about the Fs5 and Fs7, since they are similar in features.
  4. Color and autofocus. First and Third are Sigma 18-35 1.8 - The second shot is with the 70-200 at 2.8. ISO 1000. First take, nails focus the entire path. The Sony FS5/FS7 can look nice, but this horribly lit hospital would be pretty tough. This is C300ii.
  5. Yes, the XC10 is ALMOST so good. The stabilizer is really great. I love the color you can get, but the image is a bit unreliable. In the right setting however, it looks amazing.
  6. A "match" is also subjective. The C200 does do 10bit/422 to a recorder, so there's that. Throw a video assist or a 200 dollar ninja on top and you're good. The 10 bit/422 images out of the C300ii look like alexa, so I am sure the C200 will look absolutely amazing. Clean images. I wish the C300ii had the low bit rate 4k codec the C200 has. I shoot a lot of projects in 1080 because of the space requirements. Shooting a full day of b roll and interviews is an insane amount of CF card space.
  7. C300ii sensor. No.
  8. Less is more. I would push them out at separate times, probably the better one first.
  9. Thanks. Gotcha. Come to think of it, most of the nice Digital Bolex stuff I have seen avoid those scenarios... It was overcast but well lit, pretty much optimal for the limitations you're describing. For some reason I thought you were shooting a doc or narrative with this setup, just remembered that was the Ursa Mini.
  10. This has so much nice texture to it. Curious why you decided to go with the Micro rather than a digital bolex? I know they're cheaper and you get 60p with the micro, but the Digital Bolex is pretty special. Shot this 3 years ago. The movement you get on Super 16mm zoom lenses is one of my favorite things ever. Svitar 26mm 1.1 C Mount Lens and a Som Berthiot 17-85 f3.8 Compact Zoom Lens. I really recommend the 26. Razor sharp at 2.8 and on, but a really cool look if you shoot a 1.1 wide open.
  11. I agree with the fs5. I don't think bit rates really matter when a baked mode on the 5d3 produces a better image. That sensor is also real noisy. You could shoot 1080/422 interviews to a recorder and shoot your b roll in raw. Raw seems like such a bonus to me, this camera is closer to the fs5 in price but way ahead in the quality of images it will produce.
  12. It also doesn't look like there's a viewfinder?
  13. Is the official price under 8k then? 7995.00? Well, to be fair the Canon will probably have their updates out before the this camera is even in officially released. C200 preorder is Monday? Im really curious about the color and how clean the 240p is.
  14. It will be able to output 5.7 raw is what I heard. I don't think there are any recorders currently that even offer that.