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  1. They probably went with the LP-6 due to weight and size? The micro cinema always uses those batteries... Which also sucks. You know what, I couldn't tell you because I have never used the internal recording. I do like to over expose a stop or two at times to get clean shadows, I would image this is more of a problem with the low bitrate. It is seriously difficult to get the F3 to fall apart. I will say that I use the C300ii quite a bit and the image on the F3 is pretty similar, (besides crummy indoor lighting, where Canon does so well at staying bright and colorful.) I do think it has one of the best 1080p images available. You do need to know that unless you have upgraded to the 444 version of the F3, you will not be able to get 60p with the video assist. You can with the 7Q without the upgrade, but that is much more expensive and a lot bigger/heavier. Also, for whatever reason there is a bug that causes the bottom pixel to flicker when using the video assist and capturing 60p/3g. I buy directly from SWIT. These guys are really good about shipping. I ordered Monday at 4pm and they shipped it out the same day and I will have it tomorrow. I currently own a 63w but just purchased that bigger one because it was on sale. I'll probably buy another if it works out. These are seriously convenient. I have been using Canon LUTS and I am really happy with the results. I am working on a longer project that will be graded professionally, very excited to see how far we can push the files. I attached a couple stills. I think in almost all of these, I am exposing ETTR. I am really happy with how much saturation is held when over exposing. I have the F3 rigged right now but no photos... This is a very minimal low footprint setup, could be used on a monopod or something.
  2. I really like it. Nice compact recorder. Nice UI. I bought a couple batteries that run d-tap out, so I can run everything off one sony battery. You need to run that camera with a recorder. Seriously beautiful clean images.
  3. That's a good idea... I usually go up to 1/250 to get a little bit smoother slow motion. Not sure the S&Q will work in my case. I have to go into the menu and switch to 3G output from 1.5G for single SDI 60p to the video assist.
  4. Agreed. Canon is ridiculous. Heres a thought though... The Cine Alta cameras all have really nice color, F3/F5/F55, are they kind of limiting their lower end cameras by not unlocking the color the big brother models have? The F5 looks real nice to me. I love the F3 image. I suppose it is a different sensor, but how are the skin tones, green rendition, etc, so far off.
  5. The C100ii did, and that was only 3 years after the c300 was released, correct? I don't get how color is not a spec. I can't mess with that FS7 footage. How does a 6 year old F3 have a better image...
  6. DVX user has a sub forum where they would definitely be able to answer your question. I use the F3 regularly and I just assumed there was no workaround for this. Changing to 60p/422 3g/shutter speed is a serious pain when going from 24p to 60p...
  7. Fs700r, so yeah he has it. I'm not sure how he is using cine 1? Are you using HDMI or SDI?
  8. I would get a used MBA or a MBP that still has a year or so of apple care. I have a 2012 MBP with a 1TB SSD and it does great. Just get 8/16gb of ram and a solid state drive. You should be able to edit 1080 with magic bullet looks unrendered at full quality and get smooth playback.
  9. Not the case with the F5. That camera kills the FS700 in lowlight, my F3 has really low noise at high ISOs as well. Can you shoot to an external recorder with anything but S-LOG2? I was under the impression that the SDI out was locked at 4k to SLOG 2.
  10. In short, you're way under exposed when it goes dark. If the scene can handle it, you could over expose the lit portions, that way when the light dims, you'll still be feeding light to the sensor. Anything under 20 IRE on the wave form will have noise, especially when you raise the ISO up to 4000. That camera has a really noisy sensor. On the 7Q recorder, I always used a LUT that darks the image by 2 stops, effectively forcing you to over expose. I would almost always ETTR and not clip, just to push more light to the shadow areas. Are you using the speed booster? I would definitely be shooting at F2 at ISO 2000 if I were you. Shooting at 5.6 in a club at night with slow motion won't provide the cleanest looking images. One thing about those files vs your 7S2, is the Pro Res files can handle the noise reduction a lot better. If you can build the time into your workflow, Neat Video could help you out a lot with noise.
  11. I was until I heard the rolling shutter was really bad. Kind of a bummer. I predict the "C200" will compete with the FS5, so 1080p/10 bit, 4k/8 bit. Of course the Canon will look miles ahead of the FS5 because of the color...
  12. I suppose if you used that Digital 8 or Mini DV and used the analog pass through, it wouldn't stop on dropped frames or glitches. There's a few hardware based solutions as well. I've never heard of anyone getting premiere pro to work properly for DV capture.
  13. The norm in my experience has been 60-65 percent of the day rate for off days. Of course, you can probably adjust based on the client/distance. Day Rate = 1000 Travel Days = 650
  14. Yikes!
  15. 😂