Live coverage – Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and Pocket Cinema Camera


Blackmagic have announced two ground-breakng cinema cameras at consumer price-points.


Here’s a closer view of the 4K sensor in the Blackmagic Production Camera. So there you have it – 4K for $4k.

bmpc sensor


Meanwhile at NAB the Blackmagic stand is getting rather over-crowded according to Hot Rod Cameras!!


Here’s a rather nifty ‘x-ray’ view of the Pocket Cinema Camera. It weighs just 355g.

pocket cinema camera x-ray


blackmagic pc 4k promo

Although Blackmagic’s website still suffering from the strain of the traffic, EOSHD forum users have captured screen shots of the official brochure pages for the new cameras here


The new camera will ship with a full copy of the new DaVinci Resolve 10.0


Here’s what Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty has to say about the new cameras


Here’s a nifty 4K logo on the Blackmagic Production Camera, seen here by Hot Rod Cameras on display at NAB 2013

hotrod blackmagic 4k


blackmagic pocket cinema camera iphone

… And you thought the Epic was small for a raw shooting cinema camera

(Actually the Pocket Camera won’t shoot raw immediately. It shoots ProRes to SD card and a update for lossless compressed raw is in the pipeline for later in the year. Still amazing though)


12 stops dynamic range for the 4K Production Camera! Here’s the key specs straight from the official Blackmagic PR document…

bmpc key specs


The Pocket Cinema Camera works only with top of the range SD cards, and will record compressed raw in a future firmware update. The camera can record 1080p ProRes to the SD card.


The Pocket Cinema Camera has the same sensor as the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera but records a Super 16mm sized 1080p crop from it instead of the full 2.5K, hence full compatibility with Super 16mm c-mount lenses with no vignetting.


Here’s John Brawley on the Pocket Camera with plenty of high-res photos

Pocket Cinema Camera


The Pocket Camera has a 16:9 screen and interchangeable battery


CVP are taking pre-orders and claim Blackmagic are again aiming for start of July with the new Production and Pocket Cinema Cameras.

cvp blackmagic production camera twitter


The Production Camera is expected to be EF mount. No mirrorless or Micro Four Thirds version. The mount on the Pocket Camera will be active M43 and compatible with Panasonic & Olympus lenses.


Blackmagic’s website is down (possibly due to high traffic), just as the official press release was due to be published

blackmagic crash

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