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0 Last chance to order your early 4K raw AXIOM Beta – a Linux based open source camera

The crowd funding campaign for the AXIOM camera ends in just hours and has been a massive success, surpassing the funding target early. The open source cinema camera is backed by Magic Lantern, Philip Bloom and other leading lights of the DSLR community. It’s the people’s camera, taking control back into our own hands. What’s interesting is that it also unleashes Magic Lantern’s extraordinary ability for the first time outside the closed platform of a Canon DSLR. They now have hardware they…

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0 Interview with Panasonic – raw HDMI output may be coming to future GH4 firmware plus anamorphic aspect ratios in firmware V2.0

New firmware for the Panasonic adds higher vertical resolutions in various aspect ratios, making further use of the camera’s 4K video ability. For photographers also a brand new in-camera workflow is now available to extract high resolution stills from “4K Photo Mode”. For 4K video, resolution increases from 2160 lines in 16:9 for standard 4K to 2336 lines in 3:2, 2496 lines in 4:3 and an enormous 2880 lines in 1:1. By comparison…

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0 Nikon D810 video quality leapfrogs Canon 5D Mark III

The D810 now shoots better quality 1080p out of the box than the 5D Mark III. It isn’t 4K or raw but it’s good. In fact Nikon are now providing better image quality than Canon across the range in video mode. Beginning with the D3300 and D5300 which provide a better APS-C image than the 7D Mark II with less moire, Nikon have taken the same improvement to image quality…

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0 Nikon D750 video quality is a step forward, but how much of one?

At Photokina (Photokino for video users!) I briefly played with the Nikon D750. With the camera tethered to a sales rep stand and so much else for filmmakers at the show like the Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4, Samsung NX1, Blackmagic and Red, I didn’t really have much time for the Canon or Nikon areas, but I did form some first impressions of using the new camera.

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0 Panasonic LX100 first impressions review and 4K footage

For those who find video very lacking on small cameras especially the Fuji X100S and X100T, Panasonic now have a high end retro-styled compact with 4K video. The sensor and EVF come from the GX7, which in turn is quite close to the GH4 in performance terms. We are talking a gigantic sensor here for a compact, larger even than the 1″ sensor of the Sony RX100 M3. As well as…

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0 SLR Magic 2x Anamorphic – my footage and first impressions

What informs the film look? Of all the technical aspects that do, I think it comes down to three key ingredients. 24p, a wide dynamic range and a 2x anamorphic lens. I and many other filmmakers chase that look. Well, I’ve just returned from Photokina in Cologne, Germany with a surprise. 2 years on from my first visit to SLR Magic at Photokina in 2012, they are back with a 2x anamorphic lens in 2014. This lens has…

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