How the GH2 is still top dog for video quality


NEX 5N and GH2

It is really great seeing yet another manufacturer pony up and enter the DSLR video market. I use the Sony NEX 5N when I want an APS-C sensor, 1080/60p for slow mo and it works great with my rangefinder lenses – small, and even has peaking for manual focus.

My work-horse the GH2 hasn’t been getting as much attention with the Sony and Nikon news of late so time put it back in the spot light like a frightened rabbit in car headlights. It is still the best DSLR for image quality in video mode. And that is why I recommend it so much on EOSHD. Simple.

Sensor sizes

GH2 myth number 1 is that the sensor is too small. Unlike standard 17mm wide Micro Four Thirds sensors the GH2 is wider, 19 x 10.5 mm in video mode. The Canon APS-C DSLRs are 22.5 x 12 in video mode. It’s a very small difference. In the real world you only need a 7mm wider lens to get the same field of view on the GH2 as you do on a Canon 7D. For example an Olympus F 38mm F1.8 is the same on the GH2 as 45mm on your Canon.

Usually people mention the crop factors – 1.5x for Sony, 1.6x for Canon and 2x for Panasonic. But because of the multi-aspect sensor it is more like a 1.86x crop whilst the Sony and Canon cameras crop 16:9 from a 3:2 sensor, increasing their crop factors when the GH2 doesn’t. Only the 5D Mark II is significantly different to the GH2 and APS-C DSLRs.

Depth of field

Sometimes even, the general perception is that you can’t even get a shallow depth of field on Micro Four Thirds and that your lenses are ruined! All this fuss over a 7mm difference in focal length. In fact depth of field is more dependant on aperture and the distance of the object and background to the camera.

In terms of fast wide angles meanwhile, it is true that you can’t replicate the look of a very expensive Canon 24mm F1.4L paired with a 5D Mark II. But the same goes for the Canon 7D. Finding a fast wide for APS-C is just as difficult as for Micro Four Thirds. In fact the Olympus 12mm F2 is the fastest and widest angle photographic lens for any crop sensor camera, so it is +1 to Micro Four Thirds in the lens department.

GH2 during the production of ReWo's cage in Berlin

The 2nd big myth about the GH2 is it line-skips to resolve the image like Canon DSLRs. The GH2 actually has a fully digital sensor with A/D converters on each channel, and it runs at 120fps for the contrast detect AF system. Such a fast sensor doesn’t need as many dirty tricks to deliver a clean image. Furthermore the image processor contains a scaler that intelligently bins data rather than only sampling every third line of the sensor in the first place. Yes a lot of data (especially colour samples) are thrown away to produce the 8bit 4-2-0 1080p video from a 18MP sensor on the GH2, but it is done so in a more elegant way.

The high bitrates made possible by the hack also mean that more detail is maintained at the encoding stage as well, when on the Sony NEX 5N it is smudged out.

Panasonic GH2


Sony NEX 5N


Here are some examples of where the higher bitrates (up to 65Mbit in AVCHD mode) on the GH2 come in handy. The green wavelength of light contains the most resolution in human vision and on cameras, it takes up a lot of the colour gamut. So green scenes with lots of fine detail really push the encoder. (As well as your eyes… try staring at a bright green screen!)

What does the encoder do with all that detail? It simply can’t fit it all in. The Sony NEX 5N has a great sensor and image processor which resolves almost as much detail as the GH2 (albeit it in a rather harsher looking way) but 24Mbit per second and an average 1Mbit per frame (though highly variable) is not enough to keep hold of it all on the card.

GH2 left bottom, NEX 5N right top

Now because of the lenses and sensor the Canon 600D is capable of amazing things we could only dream of 3 years ago but my goodness does the video mode need an update. I have graded the images below to boost shadows and mids. The original exposure was to protect the highlights at the end of the tunnel.

It is pretty clear how much more the GH2 gets out of the scene than the 600D. You can click the images to enlarge to full 1080p but to be honest the difference is plain to see even at 660 pixels wide on the net!!


GH2 - click to enlarge


600D - click to enlarge

The GH2 is not just top dog for resolution, it is better than the 600D for dynamic range as well.

Lastly, when it comes to rendering smooth curved lines with high contrast edges, the GH2 stomps all over everything else that isn’t a dedicated video camera. The 5D MkII, 7D, 60D, 600D, NEX 5N, everything…

Aliasing comparison

And that is with digital sharpening turned down to a minimum on all cameras.

Canon will soon replace Digic4 with Digic5. It is much needed. The 650D, 70D and 7D Mark II will be far better but I am a firm believer of shooting with what you have now.

It has thus always confused me why the Canon APS-C DSLRs were more popular for video than the GH1 and GH2. If you look at DSLR mass-meet-ups and the content on Vimeo a good 90% of people are using cameras like the 550D or 7D as well as the majority of serious paid work even when the GH2 (and arguably the hacked GH1) is just plain better for video. Their 3 year old imaging chips are laughable compared to what the modern GH2 does especially with Vitaliy’s hack.

Poor Panasonic have got the marketing and supply chains totally wrong and Canon do a great job of marketing – at least when they are not pulling the funding out from under DSLR events at the last minute (name of event redacted). Canon make sure celebrity filmmakers get to use their cameras and it is that that inspires people far more than a bunch of pixel peeping. And rightly so!

But always be aware of the facts.

About Author

British filmmaker and editor of EOSHD, Andrew works in Berlin on his own self funded filmmaking and video projects.


  1. Thanks for this very interesting comparision. I think two reasons the Canon DSLRs are still so popular over the GH2 are:
    1. The picture quality (on the 5D especially), despite being softer than the GH2, and despite the aliasing and moire problems, is just more cinematic looking than the Panasonic image which is a tad more video-like in feel. I would say the 5D has more ‘soul. That’s a purely subjective thing of course and not something you can run a test on.
    2. It is still difficult to be taken seriously by some clients when shooting paid work on a DSLR. When the camera is also as small as the GH2, that problem multiplies.

    I own both the 5D MkII and the GH2 and appreciate them both for their particular strengths. So I’m not saying one is better than the other, just that I see the value in both.

  2. what lenses have you used on GH2? Yes, the Panny lenses are VERY video, but throw some good FD glass on front, and all that goes away . . . especially with the new GOP1 hack settings. Can anyone say organic?

  3. tuliocampregher on

    Panasonic only have themselves to blame. They refused to promote the GH2 as a video device at both NAB and IBC. They think by doing so they will sell more of their camcorders. And no 1080 25p because it is not AVCHD compliant and you certainly are going to play your GH2 movies in a Panasonic VIERA LCD TV. Kamikaze marketing. Just give me QuickTime 1080p 24/25/50/60.

  4. Yes I forgot to mention the 24P problem on the GH2. Possibly a major reason why it hasn’t taken off for video in PAL land. I’m hoping a hack or firmware update will enable 25P on the GH2.
    Panasonic are you listening?

  5. Good comparisons, in the first there is actually very little difference in what the GH2 is resolving versus the NEX-5n, which just isn’t sharpened as much. On the second comparison however you see where the GH2 shines: its ability to pick up detail in areas of very subtle contrast like on grass. I suspect that it’s getting a bit more luminance data by using more pixels for binning, especially greens (I suspect Sony is using some sort of approach between Canon and the GH2 when it comes to video sampling, maybe binning clusters of pixels then skipping a line or two before starting a new cluster?) Also have to agree that the Canons (especially the 5d) have a rather beautiful aesthetic BUT if and only if the sharpening is turned completely off in the camera. Canon’s sharpening is harsh and unattractive, Sony and Panasonic both do a better job

  6. You can get away with slow apertures and zooms on the 5D’s sensor, not so much the GH2. I do agree with KJS though on paid work thing – a the 5D looks more professional, the GH2 like a toy. Put put a cage like the one from ReWo on it, a Rode or Sennheiser mic and an EVF or monitor and that is problem solved.

    The 5D does have a lot of soul… but lets be under no illusions… It isn’t more cinematic… A softer image just plays better on a clinical sharp LCD screen that’s all. Projected, or on a decent display, the GH2 looks better.

  7. All very true. Canon are promoting their DSLRs as serious video tools, Panasonic are not, preferring to concentrate on the overpriced and underspecced AF100, the only good thing about which were a first-to-market of its kind release date, and a built in ND filter. Other than that, the GH2 has better image quality for a fraction of the price.

  8. As always, good stuff Andrew.

    If Panasonic are not monitoring your site, 43rumors, etc. they are going to continue to screw up in informing the market and growing sales. That is a continuing worry, as their engineers are top notch. Panasonic seriously needs to replace some of their Japanese VPs with technology experienced and high achieving Americans or Europeans.

    @B3Guy. Have a little trouble understanding your logic over Panasonic “video optimized [HD]” lenses versus legacy or other manual glass. I use both, and with manual the biggest problem is maintaining focus within a clip. As to results, can’t say there is an “organic” difference. Can you explain your reasoning a little more?

  9. I love everything I see from the GH2, but after using a NEX-5n, the lowlight cleanliness alone has sold me. I also really like the ability to go as low as I like with shutter (1/4, etc) – something I haven’t seen on anything else non-pro.

  10. Thanks pdc. I think the Panasonic lenses are great they are just quite slow, 14mm and 20mm aside… and they are too wide. What Panasonic need next is a fast 35, 50 or 85.

  11. Great article. It was needed A LOT.
    I said all this about the new sonys on the very first moment I saw the first 1080p footage but people just wouldn’t believe me… well there you go. GH2 still unbeaten.
    Problem is that Canon will probably do the same (especially with new rumored video cameras coming) with the new DSLR. They’ll have to beat or equal the 16MP/24MP goal making it impossible (well many too expensive?) to process the data as the GH2, they’ll have higher end cameras to protect.

  12. Sandro! This article was for you ;) Remember though the NEX 5N has some cool features the GH2 doesn’t, I like both… I never said the NEX 5N was better! GH2 is my A cam, 5N my B cam but sometimes I swap depending on what I want.

  13. 720p slow-mo at 60fps on the GH2 is pretty good for resolution, almost at 1080p level on the NEX 5N… Sometimes the specs on paper don’t tell the whole story.

    But I do like the stills better on the NEX and the sensor is slightly bigger.

  14. The Olympus 45/1.8 should perform well on a tripod (no IS). I’m holding out for the Panasonic X 35-100, hoping it will be fast and ideally par-focal (but have my doubts on the latter). The Voiglander 25/0.95, perhaps a little wide for a lot of work, produces nice soft ambient light results with good bokeh, but focus-pull is tough in such lighting. MFT lens availability is only going to get better over the next 2 years. The Birger and Redrock adapters for EOS lenses should really help those MFT videographers who have such lenses.

    One issue that keeps getting thrown out is the supposed inferior build quality of the GH2. I thnik it is a lot more serviceable than we assume. I know a professional making extreme snowboarding movies who uses it exclusively, and has not had any problems. I have tied my video head on to bicycle handlebars for a rocketing ride clip down from the mountains, and no damage to the camera’s tripod mount ensued, but the road shake was really too much for the video!. If anyone is interested I have the service manual for the GH2 and the internal construction is illuminating. Some real advantages to having a polycarbonate outer shell screwed on – doesn’t deform like metal does and the camera bounces off objects better.

  15. JohnnyMossville on

    I’m generally not a fan of pixel peeping, but when it’s right there in front of you,… damn the GH2 is a special little camera. Panasonic did a great job.

  16. Could you share a bit more about the rig shown in the photo? And perhaps provide links to where one might buy them online? I’m slowly building up an entry level kit for my still unhacked GF1 (for docu shooting), and I’d like a cheap-ish matte box and follow focus to complete the basic set up (have the optical magnifier, LED lights, Zoom recorder and shoulder-mount rig for now).

    By the way, thanks for the article. It helped me stave off buyers’ remorse – after I got the GF1 I was constantly thinking if I shouldn’t have gotten the Canon 60D instead. The Panasonics offer great value for video, especially secondhand GF1/GH1/G2 which can be hacked further. Getting the GF1 secondhand meant I have more funds to put towards a wide angle lens (maybe the Panasonic 7-14mm; right now I have the Leica R 28mm/2.8, 50mm/2.0 and 90mm/2.0 as well as Zuiko 35mm/2.8 and 50mm/1.8 cannibalised from my photography set up).

    For the past year I have been depending on friends’ Canon cameras whenever I needed to shoot video. Decided to get the GF1 secondhand and keep my Canon 30D for still photo instead of upgrading to the 60D – now I have more or less the best of both worlds, I think. I’m primarily interested in street docus and corporate training videos, so the size, price, weight and video quality of the GF1 is just nice for me. Great site; I’ve been coming over regularly since I discovered it about a month ago.

  17. one of the best comparisons I’ve ever seen
    think how astonishing it would be if Pany releases a FF camera

  18. I totally agree that the GH2 is a much better camera even without the hack. However aren’t everyone’s tests comparing the hacked GH2 with the other stock cameras a bit biased? I mean we know that the hack brings in so much. Perhaps if the NEX 5N was hacked it would deliver much more. I think it would do more justice to see the unhacked version compared with 5N. I know the GH2 will still win, but both cameras would atleast get a level playing ground. And if the 5N fairs up well, how about hacking it? ;)

  19. In my opinion the GH2 is the best VIDEO camera (price point & quality) but frankly crap for photo.
    The Nex 5n is a better camera all rounder (great video and bloody great photos)
    hence im stuck with both (but end up picking up the nex 5n more)
    Hopefully Panasonic stay with the video quality but work on improving the stills aspect for future models…looking towards the pro GF but needs be great at photos in order to really make me buy one.

  20. God stuff but I think you always should make it very clear if you’re using a hacked GH2. Not entirely fair to compare a hacked GH2 with a unhacked NEX, if you’re not saying so.

  21. no, not at all. In stills the 5D wins outright, but in vid mode there is no comparison. The 5D has been marketed by all sorts of pros and some would be paid by Canon. Don’t be fooled by that DOF nonsense. As much as shallow DOF is lovely, it’s a limited choice with 5D. Shallow DOF can be a pain, and overused and over referenced, and no good for TV production purposes. GH2 has OK DOF but it’s a lot easier on the eye and it’s not a focus puller’s nightmare

    The ” film look ” LOL

    careful of the marketing men

  22. it’s not their fault. It’s their tactic and it works for them. There is no profit for them in people like us

  23. The reality is the GH2 is hacked and NEX 5N not, so… It is a factor that every review should take into account whether it is a third party hack or not, or whether Panasonic like it or not. In fact I don’t know why they don’t just have an ‘expert mode’ and give us the hack features officially in the first place! Since they are all already in the firmware, Vitaliy only has to turn them on. He’s not programming new functionality into the camera, Panasonic already spent time providing it us, and the chips powerful enough to run it, and then turned it all off! Crazy! I understand consumer needs and compatibility stuff but ‘expert mode’ would be useful to have… Rather than forcing us to buy AF100s for our ‘expert modes’ instead :)

  24. It is entirely fair and if you had read it all, I do point it out.

    There isn’t a NEX 5N hack. The GH2 hack represents the optimal image quality on that camera and it would be unfair NOT to use it.

  25. “Thanks pdc. I think the Panasonic lenses are great they are just quite slow, 14mm and 20mm aside… and they are too wide. What Panasonic need next is a fast 35, 50 or 85.”

    While I agree that longer focal lengths would benefit the panny lineup I also find the wide lineup too poor.
    A good wide lineup requires a very good manufacturer that can produce fast glass with minimal distortion. So far there’s quite a lot of distortion and only average on the fast side. Tokina’s 11-16mm zoom would be really appreciated in m43 mount. Perhaps they could even manage to make it a tad quicker for the smaller sensor size?

    High quality wides for m43 are going to be pretty expensive, I guess.

  26. Probably why noone uses GH2s is that they haven’t been in stock in the US. For the first six months since their release last December I think I had seen them actively in stock a grand total of 4 times, one of which being when I bought mine at Able Cine. But I had been keeping track at B&H, Adorama, Amazon, and other places. When instock, they’d sell out in a day. On Amazon, they’d sell out in an hour or two.

    It is really only within the last two months that the cameras have been regularly instock anywhere in the US. No wonder everyone’s singing the praise of the Canons…people have been using them for the past three years.

  27. You are misunderstanding me. Your comparison is very good and fair, I just think you should point it out that you’re not using a vanilla GH2. There’s lots of filmmakers that doesn’t know anything about any hacks.

  28. I’d like to see some low light comparisons between the 5n and the gh2, or at least some comments as to which ISO settings in each would deliver comparable noise levels

  29. The “16:9 sensor size comparison picture” contains failures.

    A fullframe sensor is not such big compared to APS-C.

  30. Video in 5N is not great even compare to GH1, I am disappointed that even my friend’s 600D is offer better videos (with magic lantern) than 5N

    Either way NEX haven’t been hacked, and don’t think anyone will want it, especially after that PS3 hacking fiscal which the guy got sued hardcore by Sony, and have his place ransacked by authority. Sony is very protective of their stuff.

  31. “Video in 5N is not great even compare to GH1, I am disappointed that even my friend’s 600D is offer better videos (with magic lantern) than 5N”

    You joke right?…ive owned a hacked GH1 and played with a 600D and the 5N out perform these two..this is from a guy who LOVED his GH1.
    GH2 + Nex 5n…the only two very best dslrs for video right now.

  32. Great Article!
    i have 2 things to ask you:
    1 – will be there a mirrorless full frame camera!?!?!?….i really want to exploit the Full Power of my old lenses..
    2 – there is no way i can access to your site using the Yahoo link ( in the old site i’ve used just the Yahoo sign in) , so today, i had to use the Gmail link…do you know why?

    thanks in advanced

  33. great article…I’m using a GH2 to eos adapter that you had recommended…but then you had mentioned potentially buying an adapter with a tripod mount for heavier lenses…can you point me to one of those? Do you use an adapter with a tripod mount with your samyang 35mm 1.4? Thanks!

  34. My work is almost completely low light work where I can’t use lights! For me low light is a HUGE priority. I wonder which camera is best for my purposes. I’m not so worried about ergonomics or ease of use. Low light Image quality is my main issue. Should I be looking at GH2, Nikon 7100/5100, Canon 7D etc or Sony 5N?

  35. yeah I joke, said the guy who still own GH13 and 5N. I’m just stating my own experience. Maybe 5N fit your criteria well but not for me unfortunately. Picture wise 5N is very good which I use it mainly for taking pictures.

  36. We still have to wait for NEX7 (without the translucent thing of A77) comparison and then the new Canon(s)… this year and its fresh wave of sensors and processors it’s not finished yet. For the sake of progress I hope that GH2 will loose the crown :-)

  37. @Andrew
    What I’d find interesting to understand is why, when the GH2 is apparently still such a great camera, the AF100 in your eyes is such a disappointing product? Aren’t they roughly based around the same sensor & image processor? Or is it too easy to describe the AF100 as a GH2 packed into a video camera?

  38. For me the AF100 is disappointing for no other reason than for an extra $5000 you get an older sensor and inferior image quality over the $1000 GH2. I also dislike the form factor, bigger and bulkier than it really needs to be.

    At that price point cameras are up against a range of different competition as well, like the Sony FS100.

    I rate the GH2 so highly partly because what it offers for the price is extraordinary. This site is more geared toward aspiring filmmakers than cash-rich pros which is why I don’t really have an interest in commercial filmmaking tools like the AF100 unless they offer something more. Aside from better audio control and an ND filter I really can’t personally see why I need one, and the draw backs of the body size, weight and expense more than outweigh the extra features.

    If you have $6k I recommend the Sony FS100 instead of the AF100, it really does soundly beat it for image quality for a similar price…. Although it is still FAR from perfect… No built in ND and the ergonomics & tactile feel are both incredibly poor.

  39. Resolution in video mode seemed slightly higher than NEX 5N on the NEX 7 I tried at the IFA, have the footage on my drive! There wasn’t much difference however.

  40. It was just a minor complaint. Yes it’s in the article but I still don’t think you’re pointing it out enough. I guess the hack is very important for your test but there is no mention of it in the headline, first paragraph or on the pictures. The way it is written now it’s kind of buried down in the text and the vital bitrate paragraphs are SEPARATED in the layout but are needed together.

    Ok, now I’m done…

  41. Yes, I understand. Actually the FS100 is probably going to be my next camera later this year, so there you go :)

  42. If we can compare hacked GH2 then we can throw in the game the AF100 with 4:2:2 color compression, 10 bit external recording… can’t we?

  43. If you wonder why I’d love to see a comparison with unhacked GH2 is to help understanding if the extra detail is more due to compression or image processing during acquisition.
    We still do not know if Nex-5N does line skipping or pixel binning or something different.

  44. No you god damn idiot. Are you failing to grasp even the most basic logic here? That is a completely different camera costing $6000 and the external recording via HD-SDI requires another very expensive chunk of hardware. It hardly looks very much different to the internal AVCHD anyway from what I have seen.

    The GH2 with hack does not cost anything extra. It is the same hardware.

    Maybe since the 600D has CineStyle now we should only compare it to the Arri Alexa!??

  45. I have had it with these image quality comparisons. What this is meant to show is how the GH2 with optimised settings (yes that means the hack and optimal picture profile) compares to the NEX 5N with optimal settings, the absolute performance from both sets of hardware costing the same amount of money.

    It is so frustrating to read some of these comments.

    There are plenty of comparisons between the GH2 unhacked and hacked on Vimeo, I don’t see the point of comparing them at all. Just hack the GH2!!

  46. Why do you want to see out of the box picture quality? De-tuned, unoptimised?

    Is it some brand war thing you want? Or real world performance as you will use the camera?

    I am not interested in brand war dick swinging competitions and I feel that is what you are after. You won’t be getting it here.

  47. Well don’t say I didn’t warn you. As it happens, one of my pet hates is when someone takes up my time to ask for advice with the sole intention of ignoring it.

    Be my guest buy the inferior camera and waste your money. There are plenty of better options out there, FS100 just one of them not to mention the new Canon EF / PL digital cinema cameras just around the corner.

    Some people are so incredibly ignorant it baffles me.

  48. I think he is taking your advice. “If you have $6k I recommend the Sony FS100 instead of the AF100″ – he’s getting the FS 100, and saying that he understands.

  49. Now really.. “god damn idiot”?? For WHAT??? Dude, you miss your pills? This is not LOGIC, it’s merely your point of view. I’m not doing comparos here, you are and if it’s a “completely different camera” how come YOU did compare apples with pears? I think no one will spend $6000 and use it just like that, you may rest assured.

  50. As you recommend to definitely hack the GH2, I wonder if you could recommend the settings which you use?
    There seem to be so many different options and test results on Vimeo that it’s confusing. Have you found reliable settings which you have settled on (for the time being at least)? I know I should trawl through the personal view forums and try and make sense of it all – but I am hoping you can give your opinion on what is best (improved picture quality plus stability) at the minute?
    Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question which doesn’t have a simple answer – but I’m new to this.

  51. I think the point is andrew is that the 5n isnt hacked/hackable and comparing 28mb out of the box 5n footage to high bitrate “optimised” hacked footage from GH2 is considered unfair to make any comparison.
    Of course thr GH2 resolves more detail “out of the box” anyway (in 24p mode for sure) and better video than 5n.
    Im personally bored by these comparison videos as I think GH2 and 5n are BOTH great video tools and cameras.

  52. Has anyone compared how 5D/7D and GH2 footage hold up in grading? My experience is that they are roughly the same, but when pushed hard the compression patterns are very different, not sure which one is more pleasing to the eye.

    Must say I’m a big fan of the GH2, the major downs in my opinion are the cheap built quality (which you have to expect in that price range), the resolution of the monitor (not a problem with external monitor) and the lack of 25p. I’ve shot a lot on the 5D and I really prefer the M43 sensor size to “full frame”.

  53. @markus
    These are two videos I recently made to try and somewhat compare the t2i ( with the cinestyle profile) to the hacked gh2 ( 44mb with Smooth settings and everything at -2 ). I only pushed the blacks and whites using levels, adding no more color. (too bad that it was not similar light ).
    gh2 –
    t2i –

  54. Well in your defense; It’s one letter difference… Maybe they should be a bit more original in their name choices; The Sony FireStarter 100, Panasonic AlmightyFalcon 101, or something like that.

    Anyway, my intention in asking for your advice has a sole purpose for me, which is; Informing myself with a valuable opinion of another person.

  55. LOL!!!!! you really made EOSHD mad. I’ve never seen such a fast hot temper blogger. this is why many people are never coming back to EOSHD.

  56. I think there is a misconception regarding “cinematic” quality in that it is assumed shallow depth of field makes it more cinematic. If you look at any movie you will see all kinds of depth of field and it is this that helps us “focus” on what is important. Yes the 5D has a very alluring quality when you knock everything out of focus, but give it deep depth of field vistas and I would hazard that there would be far more mush than the GH2 has. Moire and aliasing plague the Canons and although there are work arounds this seriously limits them for acquisition. Not to say the GH2 is perfect. It isn’t but it’s pretty bloody good when you allow for some of it’s failings. I still feel that certain of the kit lenses are too sharp and produce ugly antialiasing artefacts, but this falls off if you use older FD glass and my favourite the Voigtlander 25mm .95.

    But the single most thing I love about the GH2 is that it looks like a consumer camera. It doesn’t attract attention and hides itself away, yet is able to produce professional looking material. In this day and age that is a huge bonus. Just look at how certain photographers were singled out in the London riots and had their gear either smashed or nicked. Also I can get a huge kit with many lenses in a small backpack. Try doing that with a Canon.

    I went with the GH2 ultimately because of price. It allows me to get more kit for my money, including lenses etc. This is a side line for me. I really couldn’t justify the Canon route because I knew it would be prohibitively expensive. I have a pretty full set of FD glass, some great, some not so good, but the characters of each lens still add something and although they are a bit long in the tooth they are still pretty decent glass.

    However if I had all the money in the world I would definitely have both for the options they bring. Maybe I’ll get a second hand body one day. Who knows


  57. With 1080p60 now available on DSLR’s like the Sony A77, I am wondering how much the lack of 1080p60 support on the GH2 is holding it back. Do any of you have any insights into this? Is it possible that the firmware on the GH2 can be hacked to support it?

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