Vitaliy Kiselev decoding Nikon D7100 firmware, discovers “LiveView Raw”


Our favourite GH2 hacker Vitaliy Kiselev has just released version 2.55 of NTools, his firmware patcher for Nikon cameras. Vitaliy says there’s references to ‘LiveView Raw’ in the firmware. What does it refer too?

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Vitaliy hacks ‘photographic’ looking 42Mbit 1080/24p AVCHD out of GH2

Hacked GH2

Above: EOSHD’s hacked GH2 with Zacuto EVF Flip and Iscorama!!

Codecs are currently the biggest weakness of DSLR video but that is about to change, and no – not with an external record but inside the camera.

The hacker Vitaliy Kiselev says he has had ‘a break-through’ – raising the AVCHD bitrate of the hacked GH2 to an average of 42Mbit – almost double the original Panasonic specification and higher than the top AVCHD PS setting of 28Mbit. And unlike the GH1’s encoder, the GH2 has B-frames making it more efficient, so for the same bitrate it delivers more image quality than other DSLRs in the 40Mbit ballpark like the Canon 5D Mark II.

Vitaliy says on his forum that the video looks ‘like a photo’ in terms of quality. The next PTools release containing the patch is due out soon.

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Vitaliy Kiselev updates on GH2 ‘project Stalin’

Above Vitaliy appears on Spanish RTVE TV on ‘planned obsolesce’ built into consumer electronics. (Second man in, via a video link)

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Russian programmer Vitaliy Kiselev has updated us via his own website on Project Lenin and Project Stalin. He has now achieved the required funding for Project Lenin, this involves un-hackable GH1 to be sent and decoded via a hardware dump of the firmware chips. The encryption unlocking methods will then be applied to Project Stalin in the hope the GH2’s firmware can also be opened up in a similar way.

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