Vitaliy Kiselev requests expertise to bypass GH2 encryption

“As you may know, I have GH2 firmware now. But it is encrypted, and uses compacts UPD format [same as Panasonic’s latest compacts]. It’ll require bunch of resources and expertise to try to dump [firmware from compacts]and learn how encryption is performed. [So it can be reverse engineered]. Please publish this info with bold request for all engineers [with expertise in]NOR flash (and especially LSI with NOR) to contact me. I can guarantee anonymity if they want.” – Vitaliy Kiselev

The hack for the Panasonic GH1 increased sales amongst videographers (both amateur and professional) and almost doubled the camera’s value on eBay. Panasonic have taken the step to encrypt the firmware of all new cameras (apart from the Panasonic AF100) to prevent functionality being improved via hackers.

I believe this is a poor business decision which actually loses Panasonic sales.

The GH1 hack may have extended the shelf-life of second hand GH1 bodies and old GH1 stock left over from the period before encryption. But the impact on the GH1’s value and sales, and the number of customers who moved over from Canon DSLRs to shoot video in AVCHD 44Mbit more than compensates for the number of customers who are sticking to the hacked GH1, rather than upgrading to an AF100 or GH2.

I want two changes from Panasonic:

• Removal firmware encryption to allow hacking
• Add 25p and switchable PAL / NTSC modes like Canon

Every instinct is telling me – that these limitations are costing Panasonic money.