Panasonic GH2 1:1 crop mode changes everything again

UPDATE 2: This will give you a visual idea of the extent of the crop – [url]

UPDATE 1: Vimeo does not display AVCHD .mts files in full resolution, reducing it to a very compressed 720p format. If you are a plus user, download the original file at Vimeo here (right click this link, save as). The image above is not representative of the resolution that is being delivered by the GH2’s crop mode. That is an actually 1:1 crop to 820px wide of a frame from the AVCHD but it is heavily compressed by my site’s content management system. So watching the AVCHD video file is HIGHLY recommended.

Video page on Vimeo is here: [url]

I am seriously excited about this feature. Here are the bare facts sans sugar:

• True 1080p resolution for first time on a DSLR
• No moire
• No aliasing
• No scaling
• No binning
• No line skipping

With that, we introduce the GH2’s secret weapon – 1:1 crop mode…

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First Panasonic AF100 sample footage goes live – rock solid!

This footage is recorded by Crews.TV from the AF100’s live HD-SDI output to 100Mbit AVC Intra.

UPDATE – full HD version now available [url]

It appears Panasonic have done a superb job. This footage is only Vimeo 720p and the camera isn’t representative of the final build, but it’s totally free from the kind of flakiness we’ve been used to with DSLRs. This image shows no sign of aliasing. As a result it looks smooth, detailed and rock-solid. Another benefit of no aliasing is no moire. Fine details have no false colour.

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