Blackmagic Micro Cinema vs Studio Camera – What are the differences?

Blackmagic Micro Cameras - spot the difference!

Blackmagic once again caused quite a stir at NAB with three new cameras.

I like the URSA Mini the best but here we have the old Pocket and Studio cameras reincarnated. They are a lot cuter this time.

These cameras are exceptionally innovative and certainly break all the known performance / size ratios. Although they look very similar on the surface they are aimed at very different users. I’ll now delve into how the pair of ‘identical twins’ differ in terms of personality…

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Odyssey7Q turns wimpy Sony FS700 into monstrous 4K raw crunching beast with 15 stops DR!!

Sony FS700

Super charged specs!

  • 1-60fps 4K raw to DPX format
  • 120fps 4K raw burst mode
  • 240fps 2K raw continuous to Cinema DNG (would love to see the file sizes on that!!)
  • Single 3G HD-SDI link

You won’t need Sony’s own expensive raw recorder for the F5 to get 4K raw on the FS700. The camera firmware will step it up to being able to deliver 4k over a single 3G HD-SDI connection to the affordable Odyssey7Q monitor / recorder.

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