Sony A7S II firmware update to fix sunspot confirmed, available tomorrow

Sony A7S II and 1D C

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Sony have quickly addressed the A7S II’s 25p sunspot bug – firmware V1.10 will be available on November 20th.

Here’s the statement directly from Sony:

“Sony will release a firmware update for the α7S II camera on 20th November, 2015. It is designed to eliminate the occurrence of a black spot that may appear in frame when shooting in a specific set of high intensity light conditions.  The new firmware, version 1.10, will be available for download through Sony’s e-support site on the product page for model “ILCE-7SM2”

Thank you Sony for fixing the sunspot issue so promptly.

Now if on the A7R II we can have a firmware update to allow us to quickly toggle between Super 35mm crop mode and full frame at the press of a custom button, it would be an even better video camera.