Sony A7S and 4K Sony NAB announcement – live EOSHD text commentary

Sony is making some 4K related camera announcements at NAB

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Here are my running thoughts as we watch the Sony presentations…

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23:17 Sony have begun by talking mainly about the F55. The new live broadcast add-on box is on the stage. Focus on TV and documentary… retracing the tour de france on an old bike, 150 miles a day, shooting days in excess of 23 hours, lugging the F55 around on dusty roads… Why not just shoot on a DSLR? 🙂

23:18 Sony is still boring us a bit. Let’s hope they get to the interesting parts…

23:20 Sony is now telling us about the addition of Apple ProRes and Avid DnXHD to the F55. Now they move onto V4 of the F65 firmware…

23:21 New adapter for the F65 for 4K at 120fps. Nice. But pricey of course.

23:22 Sky are installing a full 4K production system, here comes the peacock feather moment. Sony marketing speak continues on full blast…

23:23 Something very special to show you…

23:24 An inside look at some IP streaming video with new Sony hardware. Let’s hope it works better than the echoing audio earlier in the presentation 🙂

23:25 Sony are giving us a tour of their NAB stand, which is still being setup. A man is speaking but the words aren’t going in. Let’s hope we touch on the interesting stuff soon…

23:26 Sony have a dual 4K (8K x 2K) projection above their stand at NAB. I’d quite like this for my living room.

23:27 Live 4K production unit tour commencing in t-minus 1 second…

23:28 News – this bit is also boring.

23:28 I have sent my servant out at EOSHD HQ to fetch a takeaway. Meanwhile the man on the shop floor has gone over to the live IP production unit. There are a lot of joysticks.

23:30 The man is wrapping up this part. THANK GOD.

23:31 Applause

23:31 Sony plan to license their IP to ‘other video product producers’. Potentially interesting news, but no more details revealed. They have moved onto talking about their own content houses. The content is not thrilling.

23:42 Still a lot of corporate tearfully boring piffle. I’ll update the commentary when something happens A7S related…

23:51 Now onto cameras…

23:53 Newest game changer reaching across both pro and consumer businesses

23:55 Sony say they have redefined their lenses strategy. Can be used for movies or stills, classic lenses via adapters. All lenses branded Alpha.

23:56 A7S!!!!

23:57 A7S stands for sensitivity

ISO 409600 max

4K HDMI video output

XAVC-S 50Mbit


No internal 4K recording – requires external recorder. XAVC-S is for 1080p internally only!

End of presentation. Coverage continues here