Rumour: Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro with full frame sensor may be announced

I have information that Blackmagic is working on a full frame camera. There is an announcement tomorrow, July 16th of new camera developments. Take this rumour with a pinch of salt but two and two together and stranger things have happened.

Time for a Pocket Pro?

9am PDT (LA time) will be the announcement time, to be streamed online in the video above.

The source (who has been in touch previously) told me that the Sony manufactured full frame 6K sensor from the Sigma Fp will go into a Pocket 6K Pro, which shoots BRAW from the full pixel readout of the sensor.

There’s no further detailed information about the lens mount or form factor, but as with the URSA Mini Pro, ergonomic improvements and a higher price might be an aim for the new model. If it is $3000 I’d like to see both an articulated screen and professional interchangeable mount, which would take custom locking mounts for Canon EF, Leica M, Nikon and so on.

The great thing about this solution is that Blackmagic could design it themselves without the need to seek a license to use an existing full frame mirrorless mount like Canon RF or Sony E-mount. The more openly used Micro Four Thirds mount doesn’t fit a full frame imager, although it can support a 1.5x crop Super 35mm size sensor.

It might be that tomorrow’s announcement is more minor. We’ll see.

However my source has been right before, so the information that Blackmagic want a part of the full frame market is quite credible. I rate it 8/10.

If the Pocket 6K Pro with full frame sensor comes out, I also hope the battery solution they use can support longer record times. This has been a weak point with the previous Pocket cameras, and they’re not very “Pocketable” with a V-lock on tap. I like my cameras mirrorless size, with a good EVF.

The mirrorless market is crying out for BRAW and ProRes 10bit 422 internal recording.

I think $3000 for these features in a sensibly designed body with full frame sensor would fly off the shelves.