Preview of future site changes

Thanks to you, is growing rapidly and I have some ideas on where to take it in the future I’d like to share with you! But first, I am excited about going to Philip Bloom’s London meet this weekend (14th August). Do come along if you can and talk about DSLRs, and shoot some great footage.

Are you from the UK and attending? Do let me know in the comments below this article, and if you can’t put a face to, use the photo below and replace the background with a rainy London skyline, or see this video interview!

So what are the changes you can expect from next month?

In September I’ll be at Photokina 2010 which only comes around every 2 years and this year is going to be exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it hails the dawn of the DSLR video 2nd generation. EOSHD will have a new section of the site to cover the news in Germany at first hand.

Later this month I am going to launch a project called Isgo. will be a creative ‘collective’ of skills. Through this a group of people will seek work and pool their talents in the areas of DSLR shooting, illustration, web design, branding and marketing. You can hire Isgo or EOSHD to shoot your project, to design your website or brand your business.

As an example – Video.Isgo will be our brand for creating adverts, music videos or corporate videos for businesses and individuals. The 2nd phase, Creativity.Isgo will allow networking of skills and for many more people throughout the world to join the collective and to seek work together as a team.

I believe the idea is really well suited to filmmaking too. I’d like to create a feature film, or a documentary by banding together lots of talented people with complimentary skills. And as the old Nike ads say – Just do it.

The DSLR revolution is the perfect excuse to do things differently.