Magic Lantern now working on Canon 70D (both versions)


Update: here’s a quick test from me confirming Dual Pixel CMOS AF works during raw recording. Check the Vimeo description for more details / workflow.

The convenience of Dual Pixel CMOS AF is now coming to raw video, with Magic Lantern now available for all 70D owners.

Previously the software only worked on a very select few 70D bodies and not the earlier serial numbers, which had a slightly different firmware revision.

Magic Lantern for the 70D can be installed from here. Check your serial number to see if you need to download version A or B.

Here’s a reminder of what 14bit colour looks like, even on YouTube you notice the difference –

The 70D is not up to the 5D Mark III level for resolution as it records to SD card not CF, but user reports say 1856×790 records for 14 seconds and 720p is continuous. That’s quite a bit better than the 60D manages.

I will soon be trying the firmware myself and will let you know the score!

Here’s a sample 70D raw video from an earlier January 2015 Alpha build of the software –

Surprisingly my 7D anti-aliasing filter from Mosaic Engineering fits the 70D too, which really helps smooth over the moire and aliasing problem this camera has.

I’m expecting good results on par with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from raw on the 70D.

Check EOSHD later in the week for my full review.